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  1. I have a corolla 1.4vvti, 76k on the clock (X reg 2000) get 42 mpg if driven steady, run it on Shell V Power as other fuels affect economy dramatically. I have got to thank georgeincanada for the exceptional post. Got this car off my Dad and has always pinked especially at 70 - 80 mph and pulling up hill. It would stall on set off if revs not kept above 2000, would be underpowered when running air con. Engine management light has been on since Feb this year. Read Georgeincanada's post and immediately went to my car and took out the air mass flow meter, noticed the sensors were black and cleaned them with a can of windscreen cleaner ( aerosol type, high alcohol content and guaranteed to leave no residue) and a very fine cloth. I can't believe what difference this has made, no more pinking, now only require low revs on set off, 600 rpm on tick over, no loss of power when air con running, takes off a lot quicker and runs very smooth. I would have never guessed something so insignificant could make such a big difference and to top it all after 50 miles the engine management light went out, total outlay £0 and about 10 minuets of my time, can't get better than that. Just waiting to see how my economy will be effected (poss not that good at the moment as I keep pushing my right foot down to test for pinking as I can't make it do it now) Keep up the good Work George and if your ever in the UK I owe you a Beer or two. Regards Highwaysman P.S. Does my Toyota have a timing chain or a belt, I’m 95% sure it’s a chain but the dealer confused me by saying it was a belt?? As I can gather from this site diesels have the belt and petrol have the chain, is this correct?