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  1. I worked at the burnaston plant when my corolla was made, perhaps i sealed the door seams lol
  2. Guys, I collected some oil and a filter the other day, but the oil filter is like half the size of usual ones. This one is like 4 inch long where usually they are like 6/7? Do i have the wrong one before I fit it? Cheers
  3. Scott yours does look nice, I remember seeing those pics before here are a few pictures off my phone: I have found that the front arch liners are catching the tyre slightly so will be sorting that during the next day I have free. Just debating on next mod
  4. Still not got any better pics, sorry. There 18x7.5 with 225/40/18. I am getting a slight rubbing from front which I need to sort, hopefully its just the arch lining
  5. But you have a 2005 model, il need to jig the face lift front bumper to get it to fit my pre face lift. How much you get the bumper for?
  6. Yeh, I was worried about weight, these weigh 20kg each, standard ones were 15.5kg
  7. Yeh looking nice, but whats up with yours? I need some FL skirts too :-(
  8. Not rota's, these are the cheaper alternative's Inovit ST. Took the nasty stickers off straight away
  9. Hey guys, been busy today fitting these, real happy with them: Il take some better pics soon, what you think to them?
  10. LOL IMO - In my opinion IMHO - In my honest opinion
  11. Well Store called me today saying they had dropped one of the rims and dented it, and that they couldn't get hold of another So I kicked up a stink and now they are sending me a set of white st's in 18" for just £20 extra :P they should be here by Thursday
  12. Currently on 345 miles, still no fuel light :-)
  13. As title, oil is being changed on Friday, but what am I replacing it with? Searched but seems some use 10/40 and others 10/30? Thanks
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