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  1. I worked at the burnaston plant when my corolla was made, perhaps i sealed the door seams lol
  2. Guys, I collected some oil and a filter the other day, but the oil filter is like half the size of usual ones. This one is like 4 inch long where usually they are like 6/7? Do i have the wrong one before I fit it? Cheers
  3. Scott yours does look nice, I remember seeing those pics before here are a few pictures off my phone: I have found that the front arch liners are catching the tyre slightly so will be sorting that during the next day I have free. Just debating on next mod
  4. Still not got any better pics, sorry. There 18x7.5 with 225/40/18. I am getting a slight rubbing from front which I need to sort, hopefully its just the arch lining
  5. But you have a 2005 model, il need to jig the face lift front bumper to get it to fit my pre face lift. How much you get the bumper for?
  6. Yeh, I was worried about weight, these weigh 20kg each, standard ones were 15.5kg
  7. Yeh looking nice, but whats up with yours? I need some FL skirts too :-(
  8. Not rota's, these are the cheaper alternative's Inovit ST. Took the nasty stickers off straight away
  9. Hey guys, been busy today fitting these, real happy with them: Il take some better pics soon, what you think to them?
  10. LOL IMO - In my opinion IMHO - In my honest opinion
  11. Well Store called me today saying they had dropped one of the rims and dented it, and that they couldn't get hold of another So I kicked up a stink and now they are sending me a set of white st's in 18" for just £20 extra :P they should be here by Thursday
  12. Currently on 345 miles, still no fuel light :-)
  13. As title, oil is being changed on Friday, but what am I replacing it with? Searched but seems some use 10/40 and others 10/30? Thanks
  14. Cheers, should be good. The standard rims are soo *****e imo. Just have to take the stickers off the inovits
  15. Well after much consideration ive decided to keep the cts. I have today ordered some Inovit st's. Not everyone's choice but for the price I couldn't complain (£470 delivered) Il get some pics up once there on, only problem is there black with red lip.. Hmmmmm, we shall see Just thought id waste your time by telling you lol
  16. Sorry about that mate, do you wanna buy a t sport? :-)
  17. As title really, will I need the code if I put my own oem unit back in the car?
  18. can you post pics of the damaged one? and I don't get what your saying about the bolt issue? /cheers
  19. Use the search, there is a guide. I did mine a few weeks back and it took 15 mins.
  20. Looks good but I think youl get bother from the police. And would image the T sport coilovers would fit straight in a non t sport e12!
  21. how did you prep the engine cover?
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