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  1. Thanks for replies re; aerial.Car went back to garage yesterday for a closer look. Something has snapped inside the aerial bracket that's mounted on the roof - so an aerial will no longer fit into the socket. Toyota have agreed this can be replaced under warranty. (Hurrah !) It's booked in to get fixed next week.
  2. Last week, the aerial blew off my car on a windy night (10 reg Yaris). The car was parked at the top of my driveay, so I don't think someone snapped it off. I kept the aerial, but it wouldn't fit back into its socket. It didn't look damaged, but I took it to Toyota dealership to see if they could fix it. Without looking at the car, the person on the service desk said it had actually snapped & would cost £360 to replace. The aerial just costs £30, but apparently the unit on the roof needs replacing which involves taking off the lining off from inside the car etc. Is the price right ? Thin
  3. I have real problems when I fill up at Sainsburys. It takes an absolute age to fill up as the petrol just keeps shutting off. However when I go to Esso, it's no problem. :)
  4. Excellent advice from forum. My local Toyata garage replaced the heat shield today & the rattle has gone. thanks :)
  5. Good morning I'm new to Toyota Forum, so please excuse if I make mistakes. My 2008 1.3 SR has developed a very obvious exhaust rattle when my car is idling. It occurs when the car is warm after 20-30 mins driving & I notice it at junctions, traffic lights etc.. It's not obvious when accelerating, but it may be that the general car noise hides it. It's been checked by my local Toyota garage once, but they couldn't find anything wrong. I am taking it back this week & will ask them to drive it on the road, rather than just look at it whilst on the ramps. Otherwise the car is fine.
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