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  1. Mang thanks guys, I guess you are saying that the noise is caused by the strap scraping the edges of the hole in the door, rather than anything inside the door needing attention. I've sprayed lithium paste around, which has improved things a bit, I'll concentrate more on cleaning the underside of the strap.
  2. Hi Paul, thanks for replying. The noise appears to be coming from inside the door panel and is associated with this shaft. See pics. Tx, Neil.
  3. Hello All, My 07 D4D-TR driver's door has started squeaking and grinding badly when the door is opened/closed, so I'd like to grease it. Can anyone give instruction on how to get to the mechanism, how to get the door panel off? Many thanks, Neil.
  4. Not the wipers, but they do click a lot. I'll take a look at the air mix servos.
  5. Hi All, I have an annoying loud clicking noise coming from the central console area. It's irregular and is louder than the indicator ticks. I have tried turning off the A/C and fan, and I have also removed the CD and Map disks. It will stop for short periods before starting up again. It stops completely when the engine is off (Duh!). Any ideas what's causing this? 07 D4-D TR. TIA, Neil.
  6. Thanks Gazza, I'll take your advice and take a look later in the year.
  7. Hi, 07 Avensis D4-D TR. My nearside headlamp cluster has a load of condensation in it, any ideas on how to get rid of it and prevent it coming back? Thanks, Neil.
  8. Ok, I am prepared to admit to being thick. I pulled off what I thought was going to be the fuse cover from the rhs of the vehicle, expecting to see a pile of fuses, as per loads of Google images, but instead I found this. I have the hardwire kit to go with the dashcam so I'm looking for a fuse to plug it into. Is this where I should be looking?
  9. I have no intention of carrying a member of the Harlem Globetrotters in the back of my car! TBH I may remove the display and put it in the boot, it's superfluous as the beeps give enough indication.
  10. Reversing sensor fitted, dashcam later when I have the hardwire kit. Thought you might like to see where I installed the display. I figured that display or not, I would always either be looking back or throught the rear-view mirror, so the obvious place to put it was in the back. OK, if you want to read the numbers some look odd upside-down, but 1, 0, 3, 5 don't look wrong upside down and reversed. I'd be going for the beeps and leds anyway. Saves running the wire from the boot to the dash, and looks cool. Thanks for all the help guys, Neil.
  11. Yes, pointers would be good. I notice that access to the left-hand cluster is more restricted than the right. Did you cut into the loom near the cluster? And where did you find the entry point into the car for the sensor wires?
  12. Changed my mind, this one is the same but comes with silver sensors, one-day free Prime delivery. £10.98!! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01G2FOFHK/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00HNM65AM/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I had no idea they were so cheap - I've just bought this from Amazon.
  14. Thanks CGM, I'd appreciate that. What reversing sensor lit are you using?