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  1. Hi can anyone with a st185 tell me whats on the water outlet. Im desperate to know and can't find one like mines. The sensor with a single white cable is not connected to anywhere, i think its for the a/c temp ??? Theres another sensor there with a spade type conector on it, once again this isnt connected, i think its the temp gauge sender ? Theres a blue connector which looks like its supposed to go on the spade but im not sure ? Any help would be great, spent hours and hours on this !!!!! Another thing is the speed-o doesnt work it sits at 25 but when the ignition/ car is on, it goes to 0 where it stays. Thanks.
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  3. Hi folks. On the water outlet theres the temp gauge sender and i cnt get it to work i started fiddling around and found a wire that made it work, but it was meant for the one along from it, does anyone know what it is ? I was told it was the a/c temp sensor or the cold start, it is hard to start when its cold though ? There isnt anything on the loom for the temp gauge sender and im really stuck on what to do as it no longer works on where it was. The speedo also doesn't work, though it is a jap import and had a converter on it, but now iv put in a british gearbox, the gauge sits at 25mph but goes and stays at 0 when the ignition/ engine is on. Im guessing the british one may be different ? Cable/electronic ? I did get the error code for the water temp sensor but it went away ? The only other code im getting is for the speed, vehicle speed sensor and/or circuit ? Any help would be great and very much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Well looking at it from that view, id suggest knockhill wheres theres plenty facilities. i think theres even a petrol pump. Maybe an idea is to rent out a huge gazebo and tea/coffee facilities. If we had enough interest we could even see how much it would cost and split it, for example if we got 50 ppl going and paid £10 each on entry .... Worth looking into I'll leave it to the events organizer to work something out, i think if we get the numbers we could have a good event and maybe even make it regular. Thanks.
  5. Yea, but i mean i just thot i would mention it to see the interest on it. If we got a decent amount of numbers an just take it from there. Crails quite a bit out for some people, but its up to that idividual to decide. If the majority of people are within 100 miles for example we could try meet somewhere in the middle. Maybe post a topic and start a wee petition thing where you could say yes/no and put your choice of location and take it from there. Could maybe eventually turn into big meets and or get a stand at crail, knockhill trackdays, etc. Worth a try ! Thanks.
  6. Hi, i have recently put a new engine in my car. I got error codes and upon looking into further found this, First code was for water temp sensor, which has now gone away ?? Second was the water temp gauge sender. which came after the temp sensor one went. Kinda need this gauge ??? and theres nothing on the loom to connect it up to ??? Third is the vehicle speed sensor, which means i dont have a speed-o. Kind need this too. The car has an oil leak which is tempromental ..... but i always check the radiator and oil before i drive it and there both fine. could it be gearbox oil ? I need these things sorted so i can be sure its ok. Any help would be great
  7. Hi, not sure but i do know these are st185 gearbox codes. E150F - 4.285 final gear ratio E151F - 3.933 final gear ratio E152F - has close ratio on the 1st through 4th gear and 4.285 final ratio The most common amongst these is the E150F.
  8. Hi, these are your error codes. 22 - water temp sensor, circuit etc. 24 - air temp sensor within inake filter housing, circuit etc 31 - MAP sensor, test or replace. This would explain your erratic revving, due to air/fuel mix ratio. Be sure to reset your ecu after fixing these by disconnecting the batt for 15 mins and then re-check for error codes. If your car goes into limp mode you will know straight off, just run her smooth and she will free up after 10-20 mins. Re-check codes again after a good drive and if the light flashes a constant on/off then your good to go. Hope this helps.
  9. Still cant figure it out she runs fine getting two error codes but cant solve them water temp sensor, its fine but theres no water temp sender wire in my loom ???? is there a way to splice it in as id love a temp gauge !!! Vehicle speed sensor, speedo doesnt work either. Other than that the car runs sweet, but im scared of driving her incase something goes wrong. My vacuum/boost is all over the shop, going to fit a boost gauge the now and see it better, seemingly it should be 17-21 vacuum on idle ? And 7 psi in 1st and 2nd then 9 psi there after ? See what its saying, does drink the fuel though guestimating iv done 60 miles for £20 of fuel 20, ish mpg ?? Any help would be great, just want her running perfect now :) Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone. She passed her mot and she is taxed and running. I have a problem tho, theres a juddering when the turbo spools up, sounds like an air leak gonna hook up a gauge, think theres a couple of vacum hoses out or something ?? Its been suggested to me to service it again then take it out for a good drive to settle it in, but im clueless and its been so long, im dying to drive it properly !!! Going to get dizzy cap, rotor arm and spark plugs from toyota tomorow. Also got new ignition leads. Oh and new jubs for the pipes etc, see what happens then. Anyone know anything it could be and/or have any suggestions ? Thanks.
  11. Hi, its been a while but it's almost done !!!! Just got radiator and battery to hook up :) getting mot'd and taxed this saturday so hope it goes well. Its got a re-built 3sgte in it with 5000 miles on it. Keeping it standard for a bit then get a few upgrades and service it again :) Had the car on the ramp and ***** theres not a mark underneath, prob cause it hasn't seen much of the british roads lol Let you know how she runs on saturday :)
  12. Hey i'm a scottish member too. Get me on that list !!! I've put up a post for a meet at crail please have a read at it ! Would be a good night if we got a decent amount of people. So yeah read it and reply to say your interested !!! Then il contact crail and post the information regarding the meet !!!!!!! Thanks.
  13. Hi, having noticed theres alot of interest around crail i was gonna suggest a toyota meeting there on a sunday evening. It would be after everyone goes they keep it open. If theres enough interest il contact them and see what they say and take it from there. So please if anyone is interested plaese reply and say ! Just imagine ....... all them toyota's !!!! Thanks.
  14. Hi, i have recently discovered that the engines are more different than i thought. All the connectors etc are different and the loom has extra bits here and there and vice versa. Ive put the original jap loom on the british engine and changed most of the parts, really just the bare engine im using. Will this effect anything using this british engine in a jap car ? Also progress is coming along nicely, not that good with mechanics but learning as i go with help from my brother. Seems like a huge job but taking it in stages :) Should be up and running perfect for the 1st of july ( need tax ) !! Was going to remove the air-con but i like my comfort !!!!! I am looking for a nice set of wheels for it, something "rally" iv got an idea of the ones i want, something like these (below) hope it works !!
  15. Hi, im not an expert in this but i have seen a minter of one sale for £3,200 but this was a fresh import, had full service history, 50,000 ish etc was immaculate. Im guessing there will be a buyers guide somewhere but between sorta 1500 - 3500 for one depending on condition. This is based on what i have seen personally. All depends on how much it's worth to you as a buyer or seller. Thanks
  16. Hi, thanks you and i will keep you updated :) Was just wondering on what fluids to use. Think its 75w90 fully synth for trans 5 litre 10w50 fully synth for engine 5 lire and toyota red for coolant 5 litre What brands are best? I was told miller for trans and mobil 1 for engine ? How do i top up the diff oil and do i just use the same for the trans ? Thank you
  17. Hi, done a bit of research and found out this. The pcd is 5x100 offset between 35 - 38 and bore of 54.0 The only cars i know that have the exact same fitments are, Celica from 90-current ( gen 5,6 and 7 should all fit ) Avensis Camry 90 only Carina I should think to look for st205 wheels and keep in mind the offset and it should be fine. Or look for gen 7 wheels and make sure the offset is ok. Iv got gen 7's on mine and its fine tho they dnt suit the rear as its widebody, could get spacers but would rather get wheels to fit perfect. You could also use for example impreza wheels with spigots. Hope this helps,
  18. Just a wee update. I have decided to buy this engine and it is currently getting fitted. Got a new gearbox and transfer box too. My gearbox was wierd in 4th, so i just got a new one. I should have it back this weekend hopefully :) It's also gettin a full service etc. It turns out the cause of the cracked block was the temp sensor in the bottom of the rad wasn't in correctly ? So no chances this time everything is getting checked over twice. !! Thanks.
  19. Hi, i have the same problem !!! I was told that the pcd is 5x100 so i found a set of wheels with that fitment only to realize the back wheels were tucked too far under the rear arches. I was going to get spacers, then someone said not to something to do with rolling resistance or something. Apparently the best size for the wheels are 15x7 with 205/50's or 17x8 with 215/40's But i dont have a clue either, keep wanting to get new wheels but seems harder than i thoght !!
  20. Hi, i have just been offered a st185 engine ( including everything manifolds, turbo etc. ) Which got a full re-build to standard spec costing £2000 ( reciepts to prove ) only 5000 miles ago. Is this worth buying and putting in as standard? In saying that i could just put the pistons and clutch on this new engine and im where im wanting to be, just with a potentially better engine and less in the pocket. Ultimately meaning it will be longer before i can do my "stage 2" mods, but atleast il know everything is 100% ? But then again, even if i put this standard rebuilt engine in just with the rps clutch, i wouldnt have any problems to get it to 320 ish with injectors, mapped etc. So keep my one and get it fixed ( forged eventully upto 300-500bhp through time ) or get this new en which has had a rebuild (and keep it to 320 ish ) ? My budget would be around 1500-4000 depending on whats best. Thanks.
  21. Sorry seen this forum and had to say ... I own a GT4, same sorta rank as a "scooby" rally pedigree . And my mum owns a 300zx, same sorta rank as a supra GT cruiser. Luckily i don't have to decide :) but i would rather have my gt4 anyday for the agile 4x4 grip. However, if i was driving motorways all the time, you can't beat a big mountain of torque like the 300's or supra's etc. Your choice, completely different cars. I know i would pick the supra though as in MY opinion it looks better, less supra's than scoobs. Plus, its a toyota :)
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