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  1. Further problems I've had since my initial posting include - Intercooler tube blew off turbo causing a HUGE loss in power and another trip to the dealer. (noise scared me half to death when ut happened too!) - 2 sets of wheel nuts to replace the rusted ones. - Reverse parking sensors stopped working. - Wheel alignment completely out after new tyres. I'm married to this thing for another year and then I relish the prospect of getting rid of it and buying a proper car.
  2. Sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your Verso. My dealer has not been able to fix the wheel alignment. It always pulls to the left. I have just got used to it. My woes continue - it had a new clutch yesterday and today I notice that there is a "grinding" sound coming from the front suspension on full lock! I have no faith or trust in the car and I will make sure my RAC membership is always up to date as I fear it is just a matter of time. Regardless of what the Toyota fans say about these cars, I think they are lemons!
  3. Thanks for your comments. The fact that Toyota ARE renown for their quality make the issues I have experienced with mine all the more annoying and unexpected. This is the first Toyota I have owned, as I've stated, so I can only comment on the quality of that particular vehicle as representing the brand. The Focus I owned prior to this vehicle was faultless and was only traded in for the space, practicality, design and "quality" of the Verso to look after a growing family, prior to the launch of the Kuga I might add which will be a contender to replace the Verso.
  4. I have had my Verso 2.2 SR for 12 months now. In that time I have had the following issues: 1.) Odometer/trip computer etc. replaced 2.) Wheel nuts replaced as the originals rusted. 3.) All four wheel hubs treated as they were rusting. 4.) Wheel alignment problems. 5.) Uneven fitting dash consoles. 6.) Various rattles and clunks of unknown origin, mainly from the dashboard. 7.) Gearbox leaking oil requiring seal replacements. 8.) New clutch. 9.) What next it's only been a year?! One of the main reasons for purchasing this Toyota was because of their fabled quality, durability and reliability. Have I just had a Friday afternoon car or is this REALLY what Toyota is about? The car hasn't even clocked 10000 miles yet. I think this will be my first and last Toyota. On the plus side the staff at the local dealership have always been very helpful and courteous.
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