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  1. Well, I soused it in plus gas last night.. I really think I'll pay someone else to bust their nads on it. I can't remember being defeated like this before but I've had enough of it this time.
  2. Thanks Unc. I've tried most of the things I've had suggested (I dont currently have a blow torch) and I've finally lost patience so off to the mechanics it goes.. bit of a blow to my manly pride but i'll bounce back with the support of my loved ones. :(
  3. Hi. Thanks for your reply. I tried lightly tapping it yesterday. No luck. Today, if the weather clears up, I will be trying the 'hammer the b'jesus out of it' method. Is that from the Haynes manual? I've always found Haynes world never has any corroded-together-parts in it. Wish I lived there!
  4. Hello everybody I haven't been here for a long time - mostly because my Aygo has given me such trouble free service up till now! I'm after some advice now, however. I'm replacing a worn rear bearing on the driver's side. The drum is off, and I've removed the four bolts on the rear of the plate (that look like they're all that holds the hub in place) as well as the abs sensor. The hub itself is still stuck firmly in place for some reason. Before I set about it with a mallet, I thought I'd be as well to ask on here whether there is anything else holding it in place. It looks as if it should come out without needing to disturb the brake shoes - is that right? Anyone have any advice to offer?
  5. £8000 for a new car's nothing! lol I might be out of touch, but mine's got a shed load of 'mod cons'; ABS, leccy windows, power steering, air-con, about a hundred air-bags and oh, I don't know, other stuff as well. There's plenty of little niggles (see above) but I don't think anyone's mentioned anything big. It's the best go-kart I've ever owned! :D
  6. Did the guy say that in the ad? If not, I might try getting a refund if it were me. It's hard to see where you might get that part, because anyone who acquires a rev counter, say from a scrapper, will be taking that bit too, so it's hard to imagine any of them floating around on their own. Part of me can't help wondering whether the guy who sold it spent a bit of time in the same search before turning to ebay. :(
  7. Until you get a dog, or take up smoking. (or both)
  8. Bah! In fact the more I think about it, the less satisfied I am with my scrappy "stick em anywhere" approach. Can I really be ubikd to yank the whole front off though? Do I have time, more to the ppoint? Jan, your truck horns must make the whole car vibrate! EDIT: ubikd??? that's not what I wrote!!!
  9. Thanks! Found it eventually and got to it by removing the plastic stonguard underneath the bumper. First prize for tidy installation goes to you, lol! Bit messy, but now I can rebuke transgressors with confidence! :D
  10. Putting some air horns on the aygo to replace the embarrasssing bip bip that toyota thought adequate. It's all going great but I'm going to have a problem soon when I have to link the original horn wires up to the new relay. I can hear the horn's on the driver's side somewhere I think, but to save a load of fruitless dismantlement, can anyone tell me; a)where it is or b ) where's a good site to tap the horn wires? Much obliged..... :D
  11. lol, if you keep the leather in the boot, that might not work! :D
  12. Tcho. no high horse, just prefer not to be judged. It's MY choice. I normally wear the !Removed! thing anyway just not always. This was a friendly discussion before that. Why don't we go back to that?
  13. I don't have kids, and I find the best way of avoiding a serious accident is NOT to drive like a numpty. I've been driving nearly as long as you've been alive, and I'm still here, so save your insults for someone else, woman.
  14. Well, because it's really irritating, and because, sshhhh, I don't always choose to wear the seatbelt
  15. very good, I think the red light is enough, but sadly this also turns off the headlight warning beep on my car. I'm a serial headlight leaver-on, so back on with the beep.
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