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  1. Love the blue colour... It's ace... Might be trading mine in soon ;) Hope you have as much fun as I do in my iQ... best car I have ever owned :D
  2. As much as they might be a pain they have got to look better than the standards wheels in silver! Just thought I would have a bit of a change... If not... trade in for a newer one ;) Just been Toyota... They now have electic blue iQs :D
  3. I've had mine since June 2009! So if I took mine back to the dealers next month, do you think they would allow me to upgrade mine after putting another deposit down!
  4. Hey hey!! Been a while since I've last log on! I currently have an 09 plate iQ in black... But I want to do something different.. Do you think it would look right if I had the standard wheels painted white? Or could someone photoshop a black iQ with standard white wheels/? Thanks
  5. They are good and a lot of people liked it at the meet the other day :) Thanks Gaz haha!
  6. Ha I know should of said but I was there :) Well I will leave it this time :)
  7. Haha thanks guys :) Will see what I can do for the weekend! Will let you know if I come or not :) x
  8. I will see what the funds are like and may just join you! Will try and find a friend to drag down with me :) Can't come down to pod this weekend I'm afraid SJ.. I'm having an op on Thursday so won't be able to drive on the Friday :(
  9. Jess_IQ


    Mine was orignally ordered in silver.. never saw one in life. Ended up getting it in black and it is really nice.... ***** to keep clean though lol
  10. Hou I would love to come to the JAE but I have a wedding on the Friday so I maybe a little worse for wear on the Saturday :( Is there anymore weekend things going on after that though. Would love to come and join
  11. Haha yeah maybe! Will try and make some of the meets after September :)
  12. Hou I don't scare easy luckily enough ;)
  13. Wish I could have stayed longer but will do next time ;)
  14. Sorry I didn't stay as long but still nice to meet a few of you! Made me feel welcome! Will deffo try and make it out again some time :)
  15. Jess_IQ

    Iq In Detail

    17. ? 18. Handbrake button 19. Something on the door?? lol 20. Button off the 'glove box' 21. Back window 22. Going towards the wing mirror? 23. Wing mirror 24. Front head light?
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