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  1. In the engine area there is on left side (driving direction) the big fuse box (next to the batterie) the numbers of the fuse slots are from front to rear middle row 26-25-24-23-22-21-empty-empty-20-empty-19-18 #20 is DEFOGGER (petrol and diesel engine) 30 Amps next the blue relais #18 is MIR HTR (mirror heater) 7,6 Amps #21 is EPS (power steering) big 50 A
  2. The sales figures in the past year was better for the iQ than the iQs new on the street in Germany. We have "only" 14954 iQ including the diesel version.
  3. LA-LA

    Headlamp Bulb

    Is is not important how much power you need (watch it only for the wirings-heating) to light the bulb - you need higher lumen/candelpower. And the HIDs are not better, than the original HIR2.
  4. Isn't it the ABS vibration?
  5. LA-LA


    Toyota (Germany) has "official" lights!
  6. Yes, all new passenger cars in all US-states need the TPMS (tire Pressure Monitor System - great word for a simple thing). The main problem in the US is that you CAN´T refill your rubber rings on gas station - they have NO possibility there. :!Removed!: The North-American Version of the iQ (Scion) has this feature as standard.
  7. LA-LA

    Toyota Badge

    Easy to remove. Hairdryer (use only warm, not hot) and then with a fishing line (snell?), plastic line 0,2 -0,5 mm behind the logo and remove the glue / gum good luck
  8. LA-LA

    Boot Light

    I have added three lights to the poor original LED-Interior light. Number 3 is in the boot lid, so it gives light to the rear interior area and behind the car if the back door is open. The lines are fixed to the LED-Light. I used old AUDI-10Watt /5Watt units.
  9. First of all what rims do you have: 5,0J x 15" ET45, LK 4x100 --- 175/65R15 --- no extra work --- SERIE / STANDARD 6,0J x 15" ET38, LK 4x100 --- 175/65R15 --- no extra work 6,5J x 15" ET38, LK 4x100 --- 175/65R15 --- no extra work You have the Standard 5,0J???? (there are different sizes in some countries!)
  10. All Scion iQ have REAR DRUM brakes, but ONE more airbag! In some countries in Europe the Toyota iQ has NO rear discs too!!!
  11. Toyota can - MUST - help you. We have several cars in Germany with this problem. (Austrian and Swiss drivers reporting too).
  12. Now the iQ-DRL from Toyota are available for 279 EUR only for the parts. (they are dimming (flashing, mainlight, big beam)) let us turn the lights on.
  13. iQ PERFORMANCE DATA 0 - 62 mph 1,0 : 5man * 14,7 sec * max 93 mph 1,0 : multi * 15,3 sec * max 93 mph 1,3 : 6man * 11,8 sec * max 106 mph 1,3 : multi * 11,6 sec * max 106 mph 1,4 : 6man * 10,7 sec * max 106 mph (w/o limiter 126 mph)
  14. The new official iQ "parts" >>>
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