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  1. In the engine area there is on left side (driving direction) the big fuse box (next to the batterie) the numbers of the fuse slots are from front to rear middle row 26-25-24-23-22-21-empty-empty-20-empty-19-18 #20 is DEFOGGER (petrol and diesel engine) 30 Amps next the blue relais #18 is MIR HTR (mirror heater) 7,6 Amps #21 is EPS (power steering) big 50 A
  2. The sales figures in the past year was better for the iQ than the iQs new on the street in Germany. We have "only" 14954 iQ including the diesel version.
  3. LA-LA

    Headlamp Bulb

    Is is not important how much power you need (watch it only for the wirings-heating) to light the bulb - you need higher lumen/candelpower. And the HIDs are not better, than the original HIR2.
  4. Isn't it the ABS vibration?
  5. LA-LA


    Toyota (Germany) has "official" lights!
  6. Yes, all new passenger cars in all US-states need the TPMS (tire Pressure Monitor System - great word for a simple thing). The main problem in the US is that you CAN´T refill your rubber rings on gas station - they have NO possibility there. :!Removed!: The North-American Version of the iQ (Scion) has this feature as standard.
  7. LA-LA

    Toyota Badge

    Easy to remove. Hairdryer (use only warm, not hot) and then with a fishing line (snell?), plastic line 0,2 -0,5 mm behind the logo and remove the glue / gum good luck
  8. LA-LA

    Boot Light

    I have added three lights to the poor original LED-Interior light. Number 3 is in the boot lid, so it gives light to the rear interior area and behind the car if the back door is open. The lines are fixed to the LED-Light. I used old AUDI-10Watt /5Watt units.
  9. First of all what rims do you have: 5,0J x 15" ET45, LK 4x100 --- 175/65R15 --- no extra work --- SERIE / STANDARD 6,0J x 15" ET38, LK 4x100 --- 175/65R15 --- no extra work 6,5J x 15" ET38, LK 4x100 --- 175/65R15 --- no extra work You have the Standard 5,0J???? (there are different sizes in some countries!)
  10. All Scion iQ have REAR DRUM brakes, but ONE more airbag! In some countries in Europe the Toyota iQ has NO rear discs too!!!
  11. Toyota can - MUST - help you. We have several cars in Germany with this problem. (Austrian and Swiss drivers reporting too).
  12. Now the iQ-DRL from Toyota are available for 279 EUR only for the parts. (they are dimming (flashing, mainlight, big beam)) let us turn the lights on.
  13. iQ PERFORMANCE DATA 0 - 62 mph 1,0 : 5man * 14,7 sec * max 93 mph 1,0 : multi * 15,3 sec * max 93 mph 1,3 : 6man * 11,8 sec * max 106 mph 1,3 : multi * 11,6 sec * max 106 mph 1,4 : 6man * 10,7 sec * max 106 mph (w/o limiter 126 mph)
  14. The new official iQ "parts" >>>
  15. Hello seno01, Some words from my side Problem 1) the service must fix this Problem 2) a real problem, the dealer must find the problem Problem 3) lets check the front left and right “domes” of the wheels Problem 4) the rubber flaps in the rear sill (they are for the overpressure in the car) opens sometime and you can hear the outside noises Problem 5) let the change the seals again Problem 6) rear disc rust is normal Problem 7) iq lamps have all this problem, replacing is no help
  16. @cyker Sorry, but 2,87 Liter/100km is not possible with iQ on regular streets!! I have done 2,8 Liter/100km (best weather, outside city, very slow, no aircondition,...) only with Prius. * 8,25 UK g = 37,7 Liter and 811 miles = 1305,1 km
  17. 92/21/EWG 1.2. fully laden (under the conditions referred to in point 4.2.2), by means of calculation, taking the following into account: - the seat, if adjustable, must in particular be moved to the furthest back normal driving or seating position as indicated by the manufacturer taking into account only the longitudinal adjustment of the seat and excluding seats used otherwise than for normal driving or seating positions. Where there are other possibilities for adjusting the seat (vertical, angled, seat back, etc.) the adjusted positions must be as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. In the case of suspension seats, the seat must be locked in the normal driving position as specified by the manufacturer, - the mass for each occupant (driver included) is taken to be 75 kg (68 kg + 7 kg of luggage); - the mass of each occupant is to be applied to the R point of each seat. Luggage is to be evenly distributed in the luggage compartment; - any load in excess of the conventional load must be distributed on the seats and in the luggage compartment in the proportions laid down in the second indent. http://eur-lex.europa.eu/Notice.do?val=186073:cs〈=de&list=307233:cs,307232:cs,307231:cs,415120:cs,206995:cs,186073:cs,415466:cs,185543:cs,185037:cs,&pos=6&page=1&nbl=9&pgs=10&hwords=92/21~&checktexte=checkbox&visu=#texte|
  18. The EC Certificate of conformity figures (2009) for the iQ DIESEL: 12.1 Mass of vehicle with body work of running order = 1020 ~ 1050 kg 14.1 Technically permissible maximum laden mass = 1285 kg 18 Maximum mass of combination = 1285 kg The wet figures include 68 kg + 7 kg for the driver (92/21/EWG)
  19. LA-LA

    Sales Figures!

    Here are the new car regs (Neuwagenzulassungen) from Germany month by month since launch. Now a total of 14.463 iQ.
  20. LA-LA

    Back Ache

    Your seating position is not the best for you. Have you changed the angle of your backrest/seatback??
  21. LA-LA

    Iq Glove Bag.

    The deco-piece is outside 35 cm x 24 cm x 4 cm (curved). All iQs have it as standard in Germany, but dont put things in: it is only fixed on four poppers / press studs. Popper size?
  22. Thanks David23 for your polite answer. Some words about HIR2 bulbs: HIR2 bulbs are based on a patent by GE (General Electric) in the year 2000. The goal (from GE) was to launch a bulb with 75 % candle power of a „"Xenon burner“ with a marketprice of 25% of a Xenon lamp. They developed the HIR2 (Halogen Infrared Reflecting). In comparison with a HB4/9006 lamp (1000 Lumen) the HIR2/9012 has a candle power of 1825 Lumen. The color temperature is 3800 Kelvin vs. 3100 Kelvin. And the lifetime is 800 h vs 1000 hours. (both with 55 watts / 12,8 Volt). HIR2 has only one filament, there is a reflector for full light (high beam) and low beam. This advantage helps the lifetime of the lamp. So what is better for iQ?? high priced: HIR2 (9012) by 12 V >>> 1355 Lumen or cheaper: HB4 (9006) by 12 V >>> only 825 Lumen????
  23. Your manual is telling this: It is only HIR2 for the mainfrontlights and H11 for the foglights. With H4 or H7
  24. LA-LA


    Toyota is recalling about 21,000 iQ in Japan to fix the braking system plus another 12,000 exports in other countries including Britain. "The concern relates to an inadequate cleaning process during manufacture of the brake tubes which could lead to foreign material passing into the brake master cylinder," Toyota (GB) said in a statement. "This could lead to brake force reduction and increased pedal travel." LEFTHANDVERSIONS are NOT INFLUENCED!
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