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  1. has any one got a diagram for serpintine belt replacement where the tensioner is etc and waterpump change
  2. where is the nuts and bolts assembly is it handy to get at
  3. where is the nuts and bolts assembly is it handy to get at
  4. i am getting a creaking sound from drivers side dash board, it sounded like the metel of the windwipers was chatering at the wind screen put i checked that out and it wasnt that. it is very annoying anyone had that problem
  5. thanks lads for replys cheers
  6. thanks pal for reply, the coolant has not been changed for about 3 years 050,000 kilometers there is 210,000 on her now. i am a taxi driver who lives about 80 kilometers from work which explaines high milege on clock.since coolant has not been changed in a while might explain how air lock has crept in over time.if i was to replace coolant what coolant do i use and is there a drain plug to drain old coolant out, is it a big or small job
  7. hello guys, when i start car in the morning , i am hearing a trickle of water coming from air blower inside the car when first starting up then it stops, the car runs okay , it only happens when car is first started up or left lying till cold.there is no coolent loss or white foam on dipstick. other taximen on the road have said its the head gasket . has anyone experenced this.
  8. thanks lads, justed passed nct ,i fitted new shoes on weds, i adjusted everything , i done a handbrake on gravel and compared the 2 skid marks for the same lenght, the new shoes were bosch genuine toyota shoes as well , i did not replace springs used old ones and greased the back plate, but i passed luckily 43% justed under the 50%,i tought i would of been as low as the 17% imballace the previous year, does anyone know if i could have balanced them out a bit better, it also was raining would that affect the accuracy of the machine aswell, justed seemed like a lucky escape under the 50% marker even with new shoes been fitted.
  9. lads does anybody know, the brake shoes seem to be the same size thickness leading and rear shoe, is this right for my model,because on youtube on different model cars it is said that the leading shoe is said to be bigger or thicker than the rear shoe
  10. thanks lads, i will wait till later to get advice , after installing new shoes, whats the best way to adjust the rear wheel adjusters to get a ballanced handbrake
  11. lads , i was on about the parking brake fail over the imballace in the parking brake 75%, i am working on it now and removed the calipers but cannot seem to get disc/hub off i have backed off adjuster nut and slackened handbrake at handbrake end, do i need a hub pullers or is it bolted on from inside
  12. thanks lads for all the replys , i have till 19 feb for a retest , so i will get to work on them over the weekend , i am a taxi driver who drives from laois to dublin 4 days a week, which is 80 kilometers each way , i work in dublin , thats how the milege has clocked up, i will let you guys know how i get on many thanks
  13. justed failed nct or mot across the pond, my parking brake was 75% inbalaced , the tester said it could be something stuck and said that the shoes might not need to be replaced,there is a disc on the rear and shoes as well which operate handbrake, they are in the wheel hub, i have relaced pads before , but never done shoes or adjusted them in the hub, i adjusted handbrake cable at handbrake end to 7 clicks prior to nct test, any body have any ideas on whats causing the inbalace , tester said it could also be the cold weather recently that we had causing things to stick on one side its a 2008 d4d avensis with 195,000 kilometers on clock any ideas would be much appreciated.
  14. thanks pal for the reply, the engine management light has knocked off by itself the other day,problem seems to come and go now ,when ticking over it knocks off,then refushes to start then starts and drives perfect
  15. hi lads,problem with d4d avensis 2008 2 litre timing chain model,when at lights it will sometimes wont go over 10 kph for about 50 meters then all of a sudden the correct power kicks in and you are back to normal. also it cuts out as well a few times.but then it drives perfect with no problems as before. this has happened coming and going a couple of times in the last few days.also the engine management light has come on for about 10 mins and then turned back off.any ideas lads, i was thinking bad fuel filter,dirty egr valve ,bad disel fuel,any ideas lads
  16. cheers lads for replies,its a timing chain d4d engine so dont have to worry about the chain replacement. its not the internal chain replacement as will last life of engine, the water pump is run from a separate drive belt that runs ,power steering,alternater and air conditioner just wondering on milege for replacing of drive belt and is there a milege replacement for them as car is up to 167,000 kilometers or 100,000 miles
  17. i cant believe that there is nobody out there, that cant answer that question
  18. hello lads ,i have 165,000 kilometers on the clock just wondering on service life of waterpump and drive belt, timing chain does not have to be replaced waterpump is driven by the drive auxilery belt just wondering is it handy to do and whats the service life of belt and pump. its the 2008 d4d 2 litre model 6 speed gearbox with timing chain engine
  19. is it handy to replace rear brake shoes for handbrake on avensis d4d ,there is 170,000 kilometers on clock there is a noise from shoes , handbrake going up very high i was just wondering should they have been replaced earlier, there is also discs on the rear as well
  20. lads just a quick question does the 2008 avensis d4d timing chain model, it has discs on the rear brakes but is the handbrake controlled by shoes in the rear drum or the pads on the disc
  21. does anyone know how the rear seat can be removed is there a clip to press down or anything 2008 model d4d 2 litre timing chain engine 6 speed manual model
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