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  1. Hi, can anyone shed some light on a very annoying problem. I recently bought a 1997 Corolla 1.6gs 3 dr. 35000 miles on the clock(genuine) Have had a service and new clutch fitted before purchase. Problem is, starting off is a pain, jerky, and the revs die when slowing. I also only get 230 miles to afull tank if I am lucky. Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Is that sort of mileage common for other people with the same car. Any help or idea's would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Stokesy.
  2. Hello to everyone. I recently purchased a 1997 corolla 1.6gs 3dr, thought I was onto a winner as it has only done 35000 miles (genuine). I am getting extremely poor mileage (230 miles to a full tank, not driven hard), have had new plugs and filters, new clutch fitted before purchase, the drive is awful in low gear. Starting off is jerky, and the revs die when slowing down for junctions or stopping. This problem is intermittent, very frustrating. Does anybody have a clue? What do other people with the same vehicle get (mileage wise) for a full tank, mix of urban and motorway driving. I am considering getting rid of this car, which is a shame, first toyota I have had, and only 35000 miles. Any idea's would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Stokesy. :( :( :(
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