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  1. Hi Rich, hertsnminds sound right. To add, I recall that you must be stationary otherwise you cannot change the Settings ( Health & Safety restriction I assume )
  2. Hi peeps, Vandals recently broke my driver side window The windscreen company changed it and it all looked ok. However I noticed that there may be a slight difference in tint ( or is it in my mind ?) Checking the other windows they all have the code Toyota Duracam E17 43R-00097 9.... ... whereas the replacement has the code E17 43R-00097 8... . ( yes the dots are there too). Can anyone pls tell me if the 8/9 maybe implies the tint ? Or is it something else ?
  3. After much deliberating I went for Tyrol Silver. Cobalt Blue was nice too but delivery was much later so it would have been subject to the price & VAT increase.
  4. Yes - Verso is not a huge car unlike some normal saloons eg Rover 75 - my previous car was 4750mm, so I actually went to an MPV which was shorter but much more versatile ( due to the height ).
  5. Note sure. Mine was a 2006 model. I read many of the comments on this forum and thought must be only a few cars affected. Won't happen to me. WRONG. I had to give that car up (got out with a loss). Please make 100% sure that its fixed in 07 model. Otherwise if you can stretch the cash go for a new/nearly new 09. The (cvt) auto has had good reviews.
  6. Hi spicy I recently bought the verso tr in Decuma Grey and I have to say it was a great choice. Of course it's really a matter of personal choice, and the choices on offer were all pretty good except the cobalt blue,which I really disliked. see attached pic of my Verso. Thanks you for the picture ...its quite a dark grey isn't it ? Does the interior (colour) change depending on the exterior colour ? I assume your interior is black ?
  7. Thanks I had an Ixion Blue old version verso which was nice but a bit 'feminine' maybe (for a male owner) ? Would you say the Cobalt Blue is a bit more manly looking B) !? Have you had any issue using your local dealer (since they don't have your history/when you bought) as it was delivered from another dealer. How does that work ? eg Will they let you know when the car is due to be serviced ?
  8. I have (I may have seen the blue, but definately not the grey). I know colour is a very personal choice but was still interested to see what forum members would pick out of the two. What colour have people who have bought the new verso gone for ?
  9. I am seriously thinking of buying a new verso 1.8 CVT in Decuma Grey or Cobalt Blue. I am thinking of buying online so may not get to see these colours in reality. What colour is best ? Does anyone have any pictures of the two colours (apart from the New Verso brochure) ? I previously had a MMT (that was a complete nightmare !! ). However the Verso cannot be beaten for versatility, so I'm pumping in (lots) more cash to get exactly what I want/need.
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