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  1. hello all i brought a brand new gen 3 along time ago now (4 Sep 2010) used it as a taxi been great looking 200,000 miles one fault. thinking of getting a Gen 4 what the worse mpg u guys with the Gen 4s getting around town please Ryan smith
  2. Steve

    Happy Birthday RNS!

  3. So my led lights are ok then. :) about time i wont a villain on here
  4. hey just seen them pics don't look far different to my prius i got the LED lights. i get a few other taxi driver moaning at me about being to bright. but the 2 in question moan about everything. and all honesty i don't care about bright head lights i get more fed up with people who don't have lights that work or to dim and so on alot of people are to lazy or don't know how do change there bulbs
  5. RNS

    Our Taxi's

    i always had red cars and well.... normally when me and dad come to sell out cars there not worth much anyways to many miles on them.
  6. RNS

    Our Taxi's

    me 15,000 i still only work part time due to me knee :( dad 17,000 yer i am happy with the car... TBH i dunno how the black cab drivers get on at 28 to 32 mpg.
  7. RNS

    Our Taxi's

    hello all just a pic of both our cars together there going great as taxis... dad as just beat me on the mpg so far he got his up to 70.5..... not bad for 12 hour shift around town.(180miles) PS. mines the red one ;)
  8. RNS

    Gen 2

    best i can find is a colt but the road tax is alot more and at the min there a 4.5% cost differences between the fuels
  9. RNS

    Gen 2

    thanks for all ur input.... ill talk with him later.... i am starting to wonder if there any other autos with good MPG out there... when i was thnking all that came to mind was the prius. with road tax and mpg nothing beats it.
  10. RNS

    Gen 2

    i got the camera on my gen 3 its very good. ill ask the garage when we go.
  11. RNS

    Gen 2

    thanks for that... where going to look at this one http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201105378656806/sort/locasc/usedcars/price-to/8000/model/prius/make/toyota/radius/1500/postcode/ng200jj/page/1?logcode=p seems ok on the face of it...
  12. RNS

    Gen 2

    hello all... a friend of my is looking at getting a Gen 2 prius..... what sort of things should we/him be looking out for IE any known faults with age or wear...... and do u think its ok to get one that done over 100,000 miles once again sorry about my spelling.
  13. hello there i dont come on the yaris part of the forums untill now i own a prius..... but a friend of mine is looking at down sizeing hes got a mondeo tdci auto at the min and the 2 cars he likes are the yaris 1.3 auto or the 1.5 colt auto. what do u guys think to the yaris auto ? ps sorry for my spelling
  14. RNS

    Dad's New Taxi

    i am tryin to get him to join the forums..... but not getting very far.
  15. RNS

    Dad's New Taxi

    hello all. after the success of my prius as a taxi my dads gone and got one as well... sadly the same colour but what can u do a :) ps are mub flaps worth it ?
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