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  1. I recently changed the gear box on my corolla and the gear linkage won't go back to normal I'm getting 3rd 4th 5th reverse , anyone encountered this before ? Thank you
  2. what would i need . i know the mounts are the same . but would the rest just fir into place ?? thanks dudes
  3. what would i need . i know the mounts are the same . but would the rest just fir into place ?? thanks dudes
  4. I am also after some stickers for my t-sport, can you recommend any? hmmm jdm vinyl?? let me know what u think of these i also have the nurburgring on mine :)
  5. thanks dudes . much appreciated. i have the dvd player grounded. i wont be playing it much just realy for show. i gonna try the x box and see if i can wireless for the live then i will offically live in my car ha ha
  6. ah brilliant tanks u. that will be my mission for the week.
  7. i have an old slim line ps2 sitiing in the wardrobe and i thought to myself that would be deadly in the car. could i hook it upto the dvd player ???
  8. how ya dude i seen your car at heat wave looked sweet. i was gonna say hi put didnt know who ya were . how ya get the car in ?? p.s. love the car

  9. do something different, do the usual suspects lowered, induction short shifter, nice body kit, wrc wings, racing seats, preferably recaro, turbo engine or 20 valve bzr engine, if u looking to spend alot of money get a respray whatever colour u wanted. go for something that stands out. i did a wide arch kit on mine with a wrc theme and street theme. but my project aint finished yet. the website were i got all the work done was icetronix.com they got good stufff.
  10. nice 1 dude, i know te engine mounts are the same only difference is the manifold and looms i think ??
  11. ah i know yeah see my plan is to do the enigne transplant , front mounted intercooler, cams valves, the works strip it and use it as a track car even though my road car is quicker just anotherproject too much time on my hands
  12. hey dudes i managed to pick up an e11 1.3 for 200 euro, my plan is to turn it into a turbo with a glanza turbo engine i just wondering will it fit ?? thanks dudes
  13. ha ha yeah dude i copped the hid kit coming down the road. i seen ur car and i was like do i beep or flash or what ha ha nice car dude
  14. hey dudes i just wonerding is there any toyota owners club stickers available ??? probably a stupid question just i would love some thanks dudes
  15. hey dude i got it done in my car and its a dream come true well to me anyway. it takes some time but its worth the finished product
  16. ha ha that was me :) i seen your car from a distrance and i was like oh i know that car , wiat thats that dude on the net ha ha i was late for college when i seen u p.s. car looooooooooooks sweet in the real world ha ha
  17. check your fuses if not new horn my friend
  18. sup dude i love the pics looks deadly. the glanzas are sweet looking stick a front mounted intercooler on em and they be deadly i know guys who did it and no stopping em take type R civic s and all . deadly pic
  19. hey dud try rota' website they are not as expensine as other brand sand just as good, very nice wheels gt3 wheels may suit the rolla :)
  20. Car looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeet alot of effort whent in to it i can tell looks very nice , good too see another irish corolla on here looking sweet
  21. so far i got my dvd player, i am in the process off getting 2 speakers and a box for the boot but i waiting too get the material thats on my seats, then an amp i have 6x9 for the parcel shelf but doubt ill stick em on , they philips and prob just have it looking swet i never use the boot al it holds is a school bag and a rugby ball:)
  22. sup dude, what i suggest is too buy a crashed gr6 or 20 Valve levin then do the engine tansplant that way you'll have all the engine componemts and engine mounts that you will need, i did it with my 98 Rolla, the engine bays aint much in the difference size wise, it should fit no prob, just make sure the engine is running smooth before purchase and happy motoring
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