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  1. Hi, iv bought some 6.5" components to replace those in the door. they have a mounting depth of 65mm. after some research iv found i need a to space them at 35mm to stop them touching the glass. will this cause problems when refitting the door card, or will they fit behind ok? and advice would be great thanks :)
  2. Hi, my brother has made me a de-cat pipe out of a spare cat and midsection he bought off ebay, as far as im aware fitting this will make the eml come on. i read in a previous post that a 02 sensor step out device is needed so the light only comes on when there is a real problem, but where do i buy one of these from? a google search gives no car related searches :D
  3. did you get the problem sorted in the end?
  4. the bumper can be split but has to come off to get to the clips. I did it in two parts, first drilled out the mesh, then used a rotary file to get the shape. its not as easy as i at first thought it would be as the bumper has a rubbery compound to it and melts very easily giving a very rough finish, even a very small file left scratches so i used a blow torch to burn the excess plastic making it hard enough to rub off. The red plastic underneath was just simply cut out. I went with this mod because i couldn't find anywhere behind the grill where there is room.
  5. Hey just finished off my bumper mod for an air intake. thought id share it with you, not seen it done before :D as you can see iv fitted it to the air box so all air is drawn from the bumper, and secured with a piece of silicon hosing from my brothers old glanza :) iv also replaced the standard filter with a high flow K&N. Iv definitely noticed a difference especially 40mph+
  6. everyday driving 37-39mpg, but if i try hard i can keep it above 45mpg (town driving)
  7. just watched a video guide online, seems pretty straight forward...just need some electrical contact cleaner :)
  8. mines ordered now so il let you know how it is. Im sure cleaning the sensor regularly should prevent any oil build up :) is there any guides to do this properly?
  9. cheers guys, i tried to get a blitz one but im having trouble getting one...so k&N it is :) im sure i shouldnt have any issues, they must sell millions!!
  10. is it true that oiled filters such as k&n ones can affect the MAF sensor?
  11. has anyone removed the front bumper of their tsport (facelift model) before?
  12. my brother is currently working on drilling out the grill next the the front right fog light so an air intake can be put behind it. but as u know the front bumper is half painted and half grey insert. i wondered if the two can be seperated to allow him to take off the grey plastic and make a better job of the drilling with it off the car. thanks
  13. i cant find the guide for the speaker change, only the headunit guide :( can someone link me please.
  14. so no one has changed the door speakers in their yaris t sport?
  15. Hi, iv alreadly done a bit of an audio upgrade with a 12" sub, 6x9s and two 500w amps. But i now need to upgrade the factory door speakers to balance out the sound and improve the overall quality. only thing is im not quite sure what size i will be replacing them with so can anyone help me out? cheers :)
  16. i got mine from motorsport, or motorsport world? try googling it! or ebay, etc. swapping them may be a pain if you no nowt... try a few local service shops as they may change 'em for you for about a hundred notes... most will! iv just had some pi sports springs fitted, lowers the car 40mm, iv found its improved the handling significantly and only cost £112 from potn.com with free delivery. lowering is an easy job and could be done yourself no problem if you read up about it first. hope this helps
  17. only just read this properly and just noticed its on 'wanted'
  18. cheers, can anyone confirm that the sr and tsport have the same airbox, dont want to be wasting any money :D
  19. can you get those for the t sport? and where from at that price? thanks
  20. hi, im looking to replace my airbox panel filter and thought while im at it i may aswell go for a performance filter and squeeze a little more power out of my t sport. Has anyone had any experience with performance panel filters and is there any filters you can recommend? im currently looking at the k&n one but am put off by the reports of oiled filters affecting sensors etc.
  21. yeh problems solved, iv got two little pieces of carpet on the boot sill so i dont scratch the paint if i lift anything heavy into the bot. turned out one of them got caught in the boot allowing it to latch but not close fully, enough to make the car think it was open :) thanks
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