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  1. Hi Roko, Sorry about my late reply. I discussed the AUX-input with a connects2 kit in another thread. (http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99688&st=0&p=929972&hl=yoast&fromsearch=1entry929972). The connects2 kit was £49.99 and fitting it was £20 at Halfords. The main advantage of asking them to order and fit it was that it was all in one hand. One thing you should be aware of is that the CD-Changer input will be used. This means that the CD-Changer will be disconnected. I do not mind, I use an MP3-player (in my Garmin-satnav actually) rather than CD's. The post I refer to has some pictures of the setup. Basically, an Earphone connection is where the signal input is provided. You can plug any source of music in that has a standard earphone connection. When installed you should ask to put a powerlead in as well (either a car-plug, or a USB one seems most versatile). cheers, Yoast
  2. I'd take it back to the dealer for two reasons. a. Keep the car squeaky clean. No grease spots. b. Dealer is probably friendly about it, and on the off chance it is a recurring problem; it was signalled when discovered. just my 2cents cheers
  3. With the demise of our car I was looking for a replacement for the Garmin disc. Was in Lidld yeserday and bought a wee metal plate on double sided tape that has "No Advertising" written on it. Scraped off the lettering and presto. A great metal plat for the suction-cup. Better than all the plastic alternatives available and at £0.79 rather than £££££.
  4. yoast


    We bought another Verso. It feels great to be rolling again. The insurance gave us quite a bit of hassle. I'll not bore you with the details. We will have to addd another Towbar and CONNECTS2 aux-in, but then we have a comparable car. The new one does have Bleuooth, but we did not get that installed in the old one. The SWC is nice, but it is a set that does not do music so we cannot play over Bleutooth (then we could just skip the AUX-in.). Thanks for you kind words and support. Yoast PS if anybody is looking for a spare boot-cover, we have one. We had not put it back in the old Verso when that one got burned.
  5. We bought it. We'll replace the CD-Changer with just a connects2 AUX-input. Feels great to be rolling again
  6. I would agree with the idea of playing video files rather than DVD discs in the car. I used an MP4 Player with 16 GB of SD card storage (2x8GB). It held plenty of Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry, Charlie and Lola as well as Toy-Story 1& II, Stuart Little, Pippi Longstocking etc.. Advantages: You do not race around with expensive discs, but with backup-copies. The units & storage media are much smaller and use less power. Disadvantages: Learning curve of ripping your DVD's. Units can currently be expensive or hard to find. just my 2cents. Yoast
  7. Thanks for your help. If the car has no AUX-in I will have a connects2 fit so I can play the Satnav & mp3 player audio over the six speakers. Unfortunately, that may mean disconnecting the CD-changer. An 8Gb SD card in the Garmin will hold about a 100 CD's as MP3's.
  8. Thanks Mike. I hope the 2007 one will have the same. t hasn,t cause its the pre-facelift that has not wma/mp3 the facelift verso is from June/july-2007 Thanks for the clarity. Should still be a nice car :-)
  9. Thanks Mike. I hope the 2007 one will have the same.
  10. We are considering a Mar 2007 Verso TR (A decent deal came up), because we need to replace our burnt-out Jan 2006 T3. We also looked for Mazda5's and other comparable car, but we found that we like the Verso best. Yhe TR appears to have extra gadgets (Bleutooth, six speakers, tinted glass and aux-in). I have a couple of quesions which I hope you may answer. I have not been able to determine which Owner's Manual is applicable (On the Tech-Docs in AIM http://techdoc.toyota-europe.com/Aim.aspx?menuitem=2). For the Bleutooth and the audio. Can you help? There are Bleutooth UIM, SWC and a Bluetooth-English downloads as well as a THF Universal Phone manual. If you have a comparable Verso TR maybe you cna answer these questions. 1. What is this aux-in like (small headphone jack? RCA connection?) and where is it located? (on dash?). 2. Does the TR come with MP3/WMA disc capability? 3. The description says 6 discs: can the changer read MP3 discs? 4. If there is a changer, is it built into the head-unit or located elsewhere (under the seats?). Thanks for your help. Yoast
  11. thanks. £80 + labour per wheel it is. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the tip (particularly about reversing). Should the discs need replacing, how costly is that, more or less? It may affect the decision or price. Thanks.
  13. We've testdriven a Verso 1.8 T3 today of 2005. We'll also have some test-drives in a Mazda5 tomorrow. It felt great to drive a Verso again. I did notice that the brake-discs were rusted (particularly left front).The full service history did not reveal their replacement before (I expected under warranmty). This leaves the question: How much is it to have the discs replaced? and how do you establish that they need replacing? Do you have any experience with it? Thanks for yoru help. Yoast
  14. yoast


    Thanks for your sympathy. We do hope to get a comparable Verso asap. We may have to go for comparable like Mazda 5 series, Vauxhall Zafira.... if you can call those comparable. We'll probably need to dig in to the savings, just hope the insurance will not be too bad. The value was agreed on insurance (in June). I just hope to get a comparable Verso and stay on the forum :-)
  15. yoast


    The fireservice informed me that this has ben happening in the North part of the city since a couple of months ago. They also indicated they had called the police because it was not accidental/shortcircuit or something. The police think it was just a drunk poured a liquid (probably lighter fluid) down the window and set it alight.
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