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  1. Hi Roko, Sorry about my late reply. I discussed the AUX-input with a connects2 kit in another thread. (http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99688&st=0&p=929972&hl=yoast&fromsearch=1entry929972). The connects2 kit was £49.99 and fitting it was £20 at Halfords. The main advantage of asking them to order and fit it was that it was all in one hand. One thing you should be aware of is that the CD-Changer input will be used. This means that the CD-Changer will be disconnected. I do not mind, I use an MP3-player (in my Garmin-satnav actually) rather than CD's. The post I refer to has some pictures of the setup. Basically, an Earphone connection is where the signal input is provided. You can plug any source of music in that has a standard earphone connection. When installed you should ask to put a powerlead in as well (either a car-plug, or a USB one seems most versatile). cheers, Yoast
  2. I'd take it back to the dealer for two reasons. a. Keep the car squeaky clean. No grease spots. b. Dealer is probably friendly about it, and on the off chance it is a recurring problem; it was signalled when discovered. just my 2cents cheers
  3. With the demise of our car I was looking for a replacement for the Garmin disc. Was in Lidld yeserday and bought a wee metal plate on double sided tape that has "No Advertising" written on it. Scraped off the lettering and presto. A great metal plat for the suction-cup. Better than all the plastic alternatives available and at £0.79 rather than £££££.
  4. yoast


    We bought another Verso. It feels great to be rolling again. The insurance gave us quite a bit of hassle. I'll not bore you with the details. We will have to addd another Towbar and CONNECTS2 aux-in, but then we have a comparable car. The new one does have Bleuooth, but we did not get that installed in the old one. The SWC is nice, but it is a set that does not do music so we cannot play over Bleutooth (then we could just skip the AUX-in.). Thanks for you kind words and support. Yoast PS if anybody is looking for a spare boot-cover, we have one. We had not put it back in the old Verso when that one got burned.
  5. We bought it. We'll replace the CD-Changer with just a connects2 AUX-input. Feels great to be rolling again
  6. I would agree with the idea of playing video files rather than DVD discs in the car. I used an MP4 Player with 16 GB of SD card storage (2x8GB). It held plenty of Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry, Charlie and Lola as well as Toy-Story 1& II, Stuart Little, Pippi Longstocking etc.. Advantages: You do not race around with expensive discs, but with backup-copies. The units & storage media are much smaller and use less power. Disadvantages: Learning curve of ripping your DVD's. Units can currently be expensive or hard to find. just my 2cents. Yoast
  7. Thanks for your help. If the car has no AUX-in I will have a connects2 fit so I can play the Satnav & mp3 player audio over the six speakers. Unfortunately, that may mean disconnecting the CD-changer. An 8Gb SD card in the Garmin will hold about a 100 CD's as MP3's.
  8. Thanks Mike. I hope the 2007 one will have the same. t hasn,t cause its the pre-facelift that has not wma/mp3 the facelift verso is from June/july-2007 Thanks for the clarity. Should still be a nice car :-)
  9. Thanks Mike. I hope the 2007 one will have the same.
  10. We are considering a Mar 2007 Verso TR (A decent deal came up), because we need to replace our burnt-out Jan 2006 T3. We also looked for Mazda5's and other comparable car, but we found that we like the Verso best. Yhe TR appears to have extra gadgets (Bleutooth, six speakers, tinted glass and aux-in). I have a couple of quesions which I hope you may answer. I have not been able to determine which Owner's Manual is applicable (On the Tech-Docs in AIM http://techdoc.toyota-europe.com/Aim.aspx?menuitem=2). For the Bleutooth and the audio. Can you help? There are Bleutooth UIM, SWC and a Bluetooth-English downloads as well as a THF Universal Phone manual. If you have a comparable Verso TR maybe you cna answer these questions. 1. What is this aux-in like (small headphone jack? RCA connection?) and where is it located? (on dash?). 2. Does the TR come with MP3/WMA disc capability? 3. The description says 6 discs: can the changer read MP3 discs? 4. If there is a changer, is it built into the head-unit or located elsewhere (under the seats?). Thanks for your help. Yoast
  11. thanks. £80 + labour per wheel it is. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the tip (particularly about reversing). Should the discs need replacing, how costly is that, more or less? It may affect the decision or price. Thanks.
  13. We've testdriven a Verso 1.8 T3 today of 2005. We'll also have some test-drives in a Mazda5 tomorrow. It felt great to drive a Verso again. I did notice that the brake-discs were rusted (particularly left front).The full service history did not reveal their replacement before (I expected under warranmty). This leaves the question: How much is it to have the discs replaced? and how do you establish that they need replacing? Do you have any experience with it? Thanks for yoru help. Yoast
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    Thanks for your sympathy. We do hope to get a comparable Verso asap. We may have to go for comparable like Mazda 5 series, Vauxhall Zafira.... if you can call those comparable. We'll probably need to dig in to the savings, just hope the insurance will not be too bad. The value was agreed on insurance (in June). I just hope to get a comparable Verso and stay on the forum :-)
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    The fireservice informed me that this has ben happening in the North part of the city since a couple of months ago. They also indicated they had called the police because it was not accidental/shortcircuit or something. The police think it was just a drunk poured a liquid (probably lighter fluid) down the window and set it alight.
  16. yoast


    I was really fond of our car. We only got it mid-june. Our first toyota. I woke up this morning to some very strange noises. Some kind neighbour had already phoned the fireservice. It turns out some sick person(s) do this kind of thing for fun. I just feel sad. I hope the insurance will be ok. Possibly the briefest membership of this forum. But thanks for your help to everyone.
  17. yoast

    Fuel Economy

    No I'm not saying that every car overreports 10%. Apologies if I caused confusion. With regards to speed: my car (and several others) overreports by about 10%. If speed is overreported it is not impossible that distance is overreported. There are discussions on the accuracy of the Odometer. The general impression I'm getting is that the Odometer is more accurate than the speedometer (though this is strange in itself). I just wanted to indicate that if the distance travelled is off, then the mpg's are impacted in comparable percentages. There are odometer accuracy discussions which are in the order of magnitude of a couple of %. It is a pity the accuracy of the speedometer and odometer is not higher. I think I'll just let the Satnav and Odometer register for a while and compare how much they differ. Yes, I have no other way to measure how far the car has travelled.Are you saying the odometer always reads 10% under so a car with 50,000 miles on the clock has actually only travelled 45,000?
  18. yoast

    Fuel Economy

    Not bad. Did you use the Odometer as the basis for mileage? If the odometer is 10% off the same 271.695652173913 Gallons woul have taken you 11248.2 miles which would be 41.4 MPG. From what I have seen: 10% off is almost exactly correct in my Speedometer.
  19. Hi Honeybear1980 Thanks for your word of caution. I am not sure if the design of your Tom-Tom is different with rgards to the "rubber base". The Garmin came with a metal plate with 2-sided strong adhesive on the back. The front of the plate is used to mount the suction cup (just like you would stick it on the winshield). Pic with metal base-plate and suction cup I have applied pressure to the suction-cup and the GPS and they seem solid to me. In fact it seems as solid as sticking it to the windshield. Since safety should be part of the "best location for Satnav" equation (I regularly have a kid in the middle seat) I am wondering if there are legitimate concerns to move it to some other location, or to fasten it more securely. Is the Tom-Tom just loosely placed on a rubber base? Thanks Again.
  20. Thanks Will, We returned safely. The Thule held out well with 2 bikes + 2 kids bikes. I have atached a picture. The only problem we had was owing to myself (I did not strap the bikes down poperly on one trip. Had to stop to tighten the load. Oops). The boot could still be accessed with the bikes tilted down, that was very handy. We did almost 4000 km. With much more Peage / Motorway than originally thought. The Verso did really well with the havy load. Fuel consumption was somewhere in the region of 35 to 37 mpg. The speedometer/Odometer tended to overreport by 10% consistently(as compared to the Satnav). Thanks for your help. Interesting link. I had no idea you had such shapely legs. B) 41 mpg is what our diesel generally returns in mixed use, so I was pleased to see how little difference the excrescences made. Bonne route!
  21. Hi, I have just done some 2000 miles of holiday driving and I can say that my Garmin consistently reports speed as about 10% lower than what the odo reports. If I pick 110 km/hr the GPS will say 99km/hr. If I go for the 130 km/h speed limit on the French motorways the GPS will say 117km/h On long stretches of motorway I have compared them repeatedly for miles travelled, speed etc.. The GPS was very accurate judging by the wee mileage poles beside the motorway) the odometer was quite a bit off. Odometers do not just have some inherent unreliability (like any tool), they are set up in a way that does not make them very accurate. Whether this is due to poor calibration, safety margins for manufactureres or deliberate overreporting is not clear to me.
  22. Hi Michail, I did not disassemble the dashboard. I am not sure if Halfords did disasseemble that, but they probably did. The power cable was fitted at the same time as the headphone-in connection to the connects2 was fitted (I had it done at Halfords). I just asked if they could pull the Satnav's USB/Power cable through as well. They actually fitted a feed of the cigarette-lighter into the glove compartiment. From thee on they pulled the original Garmin cable to the Satnav. If I want I can power other things from the glove-compartiment as well. If you plan on doing the same: Try to fit the disc & suction cup as close to the centre as possible. I have it as far to the right as possible and have found that it is a bit fidgetty with the wires and putting the lid down. It is easy to reach wether it is in the centre or to the right. I hope this is enough detail. If you want to know more about disassembling the headunit search on fitting a conncets2 they basically advise you to use any of the manuals from the toyota tech website that deals with disssembling the headunit. Good Luck.
  23. That sounds great Will. Thank you very much. We're leaving on Saturday. Scotland - nightride to Dover and then France. My kids are small So I'll gain some more calories. The Trailgator I'll use (and a front seat for the smallest) will limit our range. More purely recreational than touring. Since the seat will take up too much space I'll just strap it on the carrier. The trailgator itself does not take up much space. I'll probably carry the children's bike at the front of the carrier with its own strap and lock. Much easier to lift off. We do not have a roofbox. I may live to regret that. I did check with Norauto and Toyota france that we can order one there, should we really need one. I just hope everything will go as well as it did for you. Speaking of the towball height. I remember that the Halfords staff, fitting the carrier, stressed not to fit it too low, otherwise the rear might hit speed-bumps or curbs. Has that happened to anyone? 41 mpg is terrific. Is that a diesel? I get the impression that with cruise control and careful driving (preferably 50 to 55 mph we can get 37 to 39 mpg on our petrol one. But w have only owned the car for a couple of weeks.). Our nightly dash for Dover will probably reduce our average for the holidays. In France I would prefer to take Route Nationale's and small roads. Thanks again, Yoast
  24. Tire size is not the only factor. http://www.newsnet5.com/money/14535385/detail.html mentions investigation in the US & it lists factors affecting accuracy: - Tire pressures - affect the effective tire circumference and therefore the mileage. - Tire wear - same reason as for 1. - Tire make / model - coefficient of friction (or grip) changes and this could affect the displayed mileage in certain situations if the slip changes significantly. - Road surface - dry v. wet or sandy surfaces could affect slip and thereby affect odometer mileage. - Ambient /road surface temperature - tire pressure changes and affects tire circumference, etc. - Vehicle loading - same reason as in 5. - Different wheel / tire sizes offered on a model - same reason as for 1. - Tolerance stacking and wear of components involved in odometer mileage computation. btw. I do not think the test of driving 1 mile in this article is accurate enough. Test on at least a 100 miles of fairly straight freeway. Test by taking a 100 mile distance as accurately as possible and marking the 2 points as accurately as possible (as waypoints). Drive and then compare odometer and GPS performance. GPS's will have factors affecting their accuracy as well. Starting and ending positions should be very accurate. In between it becomes less clear. http://ttraz.wordpress.com/gps-measuring-a...how-much-trust/ In cars, however, the travelling is much more in straight lines. Particularly on the type of travelling where it becomes interesting to know exactly how far you've driven. I would easily bet on them being more accurate than an odometer on a trip on the order of 400 miles a day. A GPS that logs its trackpoints could be used to plot the actual track and estimate the distance travelled in Google earth or Ozi-explorer. I just rely on it to be accurate on average. As technology progresses these algorithms may be improved as well. cheers
  25. yoast

    Glovebox Dvd

    You say you can only listen to the unit over headphones. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but you can have a connects2 kit fitted. This will use the CD-Changer input to allow you to use an AUX input. http://www.incarexpress.co.uk/view_product...artno=CTVTYX002 In practical terms: you'll have a wee wire with a small headphone plug sitting in your glove compartment, you can plug it into any headphone output. Your DVD-player can easily be used to play music over the car-stereo and the sound of the movies can be played over the stereo as well (if you do not want to hear it in front you can turn the front loudspeakers down) This connect2 will allow you to play sound over the head-unit. You can still use volume control on the wheel and switch inputs (FM,AM,CD, CD-Changer). I had mine fitted at Halfords, they even had one unit in stock. The connect2 kits sell for about £33.95 but halfords will try to charge more. Fitting should be possible for £20. Hope this helps.
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