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  1. I had a GDW one fitted recently. I have added some pics in my post on detachable towbars for a verso, so you can judge for yourself. I do not know the exact cost. We included fitting the towbar in the general negotiations about buying the second hand T3. It was not cheap, the salesman tried to get an extra £100 of us after he had inquired about the price.
  2. I would bet on the Satnav as being the most accurate any second. Your odometer is one of the better ones, but will not match the accuracy of a GPS (Unless your GPS is defective, of course). cheers.
  3. Since I do not like the factory fitted sat-navs (too far behind, too inflexible & too expensive) I bought a Garmin Nuvi (with full European Maps, £74 on Amazon.). Rather than stick it to the front-window or on top of the dashboard I fitted it inside the glove-compartiment on top of the dashboard. Since the Garmin comes with an SD slot that accepts SDHC cards I added an 8gb card with mp3-audiobooks (Roald Dahl etc. for the kids) and music for myself and the kids (less than £10 from amazon with free super-saver delivery). Halfords fitted the Connects2 unit that uses the CD-Changer port of the Headunit to allow music through AUX (one of those headphone plugs that will fit any MP3 player). This allows me to play the sound from the Garmin over the car-stereo. The headphone-plug sits in the top-compartiment and can be plugged in the satnav. Halfords also fitted the power for the satnav to the cigarette-lighter. It ends in the top-compartment. Invisible when the compartment is closed. Great. Here are some pics. 1. The USB-power and the audio cable come in form the left. 2. The audio cable can be unplugged from the satnav and simply be plugged into any audiosource. An mp3 player or ipod can just lie in the compartment beside the satnav and be used. 3. The headunit displays CDCH which means the audi-cable is used as input. The advantages are: 1. When you start driving, you open the compartment and leave it open, click the satnav in its holder, punch in postcode if you need to go somewhere. and drive off. 2. The lid of the compartment shields it from glare etc.. The steering wheels still controls the volume and allows you to switch to radio or CD. 3. The location of the satnav (just above the radio) allows it to be operated easliy. 4. If you want to listen to an mp3-player, a phone that someone brought or whatever you can just plug in the wee headset-plug. 5. Unlike with factory-installed satnavs this one can easily be updated etc. It can also be used in the house to feed info from Google-maps, databases with speedtraps etc. 6. You can leave the car at a location outside a major city (Paris, for example) use the satnav to find your way around and find you car back at the big car-park. 7. Since the power for the SAT-Nav is through USB you can easily power other appliances (mp3-players, phones etc.). 8. An extension lead for headphones can easily be used to play audio from anywhere in the car over the car stereo. 9. A couple of old 2Gb SD cards can easily be brought along to listen to all kinds of music (one 2 Gb stick will hold about 30 to 40 albums). Disadvantages: a. The top compartment is just not high enough to hold the satnav on its holder when closed. So you have to lift it off. b. You cannot control the player from the steering wheel. With an IPOD and ICE you can supposedly skip tracks etc. Not with this. (it is within easy reach though. ) c. Sometimes there is a small amount of electric buzzing audible. This is because of the car-powering the appliance. d. A satnav that does Bluetooth as well can easily be the centre of all audio in the car. but I do not have that at this moment. The connects2 will allow 1 and only 1 input source where the CD-Changer used to be. e. I wonder if he SD card etc. might get too hot in the sun. Still, it should be better under the lid of the compartment than stuck to the glass. What are your experiences? Does anybody have a better location for a portable satnav (for not to much money I could have the cables relocated)?
  4. Well. Unless you have a tooth that needs pulling ...... One clear illustration & discussion is at :http://www.motabars.co.uk/breakaway.html I came across this dialogue about the same problem: http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?p=275252 in this the answerer states: "If this prep is not provided, then it is acceptable to loop it around the ball. if you check out bailey caravan website, www.bailey-caravans.co.uk you can download an operators handbook which gives the requirements for breakaway fixings. All the leading caravan producers say the same so bailey is not biased." Otherwise just google on "breakaway fixings" or "breakaway cables" Good Luck. Interesting to know. From your pictures the GDW is definitly much lower - looks to be about the ideal height. The Westfalia is maybe a neater thing (the electrics fold away out of sight & so very little is visible when its not in use). I'll post some pictures if anyone is interested.... Meantime I am stuck with it now I think so I need to figure out what I can do about the safety cable thing.
  5. I just got a GDW detachable towbar. Unladen the centre of the ball sits 420 mm from the ground. A bit high, but two inches lower than the 470 mentioned by yourself and the 500 mentioned by zwart. The GDW does have a metal ring to attach a safety cable. I posted some pictures in my update to "Is It Possible To Fit A Detachable Tow Bar On A 2006 Corolla Verso?" post. Hope this helps,
  6. Update: I got a Thule 9403 one at Halfords. It carries three bikes. Recommended weight 45 Kg. With the carrier weight of an estimated 10 that ads up to the Verso's max 60kg on the towbar. The two bikes furthest from the car can stay on the carrier while opening the boot. This is possible because the carrier "tilts". The bike closest to the car has to be removed for the boot to be able to be opened. A word of warning: upon reading the "fun with towbars" posting I realise that not all towballs are fitted at the same height. If your towball is higher or sits closer to the car it may not work in your case. Please let us know if yours does or does not allow access to the boot. I read many reviews praising the carrier for its stability etc. I see no reason to deviate from this. At £110,- (without lock, license plate etc. ) it will allow you to bring two bikes and still have acces to the boot. (see my word of warning above) If you want to bring more than two bikes you'll have to lift one off to gain access to the boot. The price difference with Will-de-beest's Atera one was too big. I also could have this one assembled at Halfords etc.. avoiding hassle. Hope someone may benfit from this knowledge. Thanks to you all for your info. Particularly Will. PS I have attached 2 pics. 1 with the carrier mounted.and one with it tilted. You'll just have to take my word that I had full access to th boot with it tilted with two bikes on the outer two stands.
  7. I had one fitted. It is a GDW one. There is no hole in the bumper. I'll include some pics as attachments. Hope this helps. Thanks to everybody for their contributions. PS I also have an update on the bike-carrier. See there.
  8. Great to hear about your positive experiences. Thanks for the tips & advice.
  9. Thank you very much for your help. We intend to take two grown-ups bikes and one children's bike. So the weight should not be much of a problem. regards. Yes. Well, possibly your dealer doesn't know how to fit a detachable bar, but mine (Listers of Stratford-upon-Avon) does, and put one on our 08 Verso last week. We use it to carry a four-bike Atera support-type rack (see other thread for some more comments on that), which is pretty close to the bar's 60kg weight limit but seems very solid and secure. Given that your car is at or close to the end of its warranty, you may prefer to go independent. The Toyota-branded accessory is in fact a Brinkmatic Classic by Brink (part of the Thule group), and there seem to be plenty of specialists who could do it for you. Make sure you check what electrical connectors and adaptors you need for your bike carrier. Hope that helps. }:---)
  10. I am considering getting a Bike Carrier fitted on the Tow Bar. I hope it will be able to get access to the boot without having to take off the bikes etc.. Is that possible? I am currently considering the Thule and Halfords ones (http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/categorydisplay_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_categoryId_165515_langId_-1). They both claim to be able to be tilted to provide access to the boot. But does that actually work? If you know of other brands or have helpfull suggestions about using them I'd be grateful if you would share them. Thanks
  11. Thanks for that. I started following up on this. Brink and PCT (at least) supply detachable ones for the Verso. Thanks. Yes, I think you are, If I look on the Dutch Toyota website I see 3 detachable towbars, depending on the plug type. V1100-10016 with a 7 pin plug V1100-10014 with a 13 pin plug V1100-10035 with a 13 pin WeSt plug. They are about €200 more expensive than the fixed ones though. Have a look at this >> Detachable_towing_hitch_PZ408_E8553_00_AIM_000_021_2_1_.pdf Hope this helps, Andy.
  12. I am a newbie and not technically experienced. I wanted a detachable towbar (fit bikes in weekend/holidays). I'd prefer not to have a towbar all the time. The dealer has said that he would put one on, but subsequently came back that they only do non-detachable ones on this model. Am I being tolled a wee fib? Thanks
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