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  1. It seems to depend where u buy your tsport. Here in Finland it comes with Bridgestone Potenza 040. These r quite nice set. I'd like 2 have those in 17" but they r !Removed! expensive! - P
  2. Kurtsi You must have those 19" wheels cos i'm going to have 18" for my Yaris TS, must have fitted 'cause these 17" doesn't look that big!
  3. 56k modem no way!! Surfin' from my work and we had 10M line in/out! So that is not possible!
  4. Help! Why can't I see pics of bodykits etc... in www.takakaira.com?!?! Only white box and nothing more!! - Pete -
  5. here's few nice bodykits: Boostertuning Carcept - Pete -
  6. That's quite easy to do it yourself, why bother buying one! Alarmsystem(u already have), old mobile with speed dial and few other components. Most alarmsystems have relay contacts that makes closing contact when alarm is "doing it" with relay u can operate mobiles speeddial that phones right to u! No delays!? and bonus thing is that if u answer the phone u can actually listen what's happening in ur car! My mate have this kind of system in his car and it's working really nice! Good thing is that it's been in real use just ones. worked really well! I post more information when my mate finds his "documention" - Pete -
  7. one more time! 17" fit nice if u keep attention to width (no more than 7") and have ET between 38-42! If ur car is lowered then u have to mod ur arches so u can have passengers with u! - Pete -
  8. 17" fit nice if u keep attention to width (no more than 7") and have ET between 38-42! If ur car is lowered then u have to mod ur arches so u can have passengers with u! - Pete -
  9. HI! I also have 205/40/17 rubbers and the wheels are 17x7" ET40. it have been lowered 40mm. now I have tested srubbing with people in my car and if there's more than 1 passengers they'll scrubb almost every bump! so arches need some modding! Three in the backseat and there' s no way to drive an inch! - Pete -
  10. My system: Original Yaris cd player 4" DLS slimline component system 6 1/2" Impact NDW 6252 mids 12" SPL Dynamics V-12S subwoofer Signat ROC2 4x60W amplifier - Pete -
  11. but there r no room decent speakers if u don't put there some adapters because window is too close to speaker. with adapter u can put there 6 1/2" speakers and it would give u much more midbass than with 5 1/4" . my choice was Impact NDW6525. it needs only 40mm deep space to fit and it's not too expensive. - Pete -
  12. Thanks! In fact they rub only when driven over heavy bumps with too much speed! In normal use hardly never. And that's when I have one passenger. with more passengers it will rub much worst! Wheels cost a little bit over 1000 euros with tyres! I think I made a good deal?! - Pete -
  13. I slightly doubt that performancealloys.com gives you the right answer?! How you're going to fit 18x9" wheels in Yaris?! IMHO 7,5" is the width limit that you can have and even with them you have to have serious archjob?! If somebody have some new information to give I'm very keen to hear it! - pete -
  14. This was right topic to show my own T Sport and my new wheels. Ta-daa!
  15. Hi all! I had an accident while ago so I got new arches and they r not rolled because i switched my wheels! They r TSW Reflex and size is 7x17" tyres 205/40/17. It's been lowered almost 45mm and there r no scrubbing because I changed ET35 -> ET40! Only scrubbs are when I drive fast over the bumps. These new ones r a little bit inner than old ones. Best choice of ET might be 42-45. And no wider wheels than 7 inches or they won't fit! - Pete -
  16. Hi! I just installed new set of 7x17" TSW Reflex wheels with 205/40/17 tyres and there's light scrubb when I drive over a bump! Old ones were scrubbing all the time and it wasn't even lowered then. Now it's lowered almost 45mm. These new wheels are ET40 and old ones was ET35 so these new ones are a little bit inner than the old ones. Maybe ET42-45 could be the best choice. - Pete -
  17. And winner figure are: :D Corolla T Sport 1285-1295kg Yaris T Sport 3-door 1025kg, 5-door 1045kg - Xtreme
  18. What is that stage 3 at the bottom of that page?! [clip] Toyota Yaris model NCP15 (1.5 litre) Stage 1: HKS PowerFlow induction system. This kit removes the restrictive factory airbox to improve breathing ability. £155.00 Stage 2: HKS Exhaust system (Hiper 'Ti') using titanium tailpipe for unique coloration. Fits 'cat-back' and is road legal, manufactured from a mixture of stainless and aluminized steel to retain durability while still keeping within acceptable noise levels. £335.00 Stage 3: Blitz supercharger system: This kit comes complete with everything you need to convert the car to forced induction! All clamps, fixings, gaskets and belts are included. £2,700.00 [/clip]
  19. Don't envy too much! In that pic in my avatar car has lowered a little bit too much. In every day driving it's 10-15mm higher than it's in that pic! :( IMO also the multi-spoke wheels fits Yaris quite nice! :D
  20. suspension and wheels r installed by myself and so is the archjob!Only adjusting of wheel angles r made by professional! So installing those gadgets cost nothin'! Wheels were about 1200 euros with michelin tyres and trd suspension set was real bargain, it've been ordered by some f***er who didn't pay for it so I buy it for 1000 euros. arches r rolled using a special tool. The paint is heated up to avoid cracking then the rolling tool is attached to the hub and a wheel on the arm folds the metal back.It looks like a original arch from the outside. That's the only pic i have right now! I have a digicamera, but now my car has lousy wintertyres with original tsport wheels! But when summer gets here there will be few pics to show you!
  21. Wheels r from Kosei's and model is Sniper Arches r rolled away because there were heavy scrubbage when there r more than one person at the back seat! But now it's handling really nice and looks awesome! But hey! That's only my opinion!
  22. Hi Guys! You can also fit 205/40/17 tire and wheel combination in ur Yaris T Sport as I did! I also got it lowered about 35-45mm! Looks nice and handles great.
  23. I want to upgrade my T Sport's suspension!! I need new shocks and springs. What brand I should choose! thanx - Pete -
  24. Nice Choice! Hope U like it! Wellcome here!
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