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  1. i agree. my Aygo has been in twice for water leaks and today i found water sitting over the bottom seal . i checked behind the driver seat and surpise surprise it all wet and because of all the recall work the dealer cant get it in for 3 weeks!!!!!
  2. some complete wan*er has decided to steal the driver wing mirror and casing from my Aygo blue. does anyone know if you can buy this parts individually or if i will need to buy and whole new unit and also if the casing will need to be painted
  3. The Sarga continues. I called the dealer on friday who confirmed that have found the further leak and repaired it. they also confirmed that my carpets/mats had been fully dried out. i then arranged i would collect my car on saturday morning. when i got in my car i felt behind the driver seat the it was soaking wet. i was fuming. did they think i wouldnt check! why bother lying. i went back to reception and conveyed my dissatisfaction and told the receptionist that i woulod not be taking back my car until it was dry or carpets replaced, so i still have the loan car and will await further contact from them.
  4. car went into Mr T yesterday for the 2nd leak to be checked out. they called me this afternoon to say they have found the 2nd leak. the part is not coming in until 16 dec and they asked me to pick my car up until then. i advised that i would not be collecting my car as is it currently not roadworthy and further rain would cause further damage to the car.they advised i only had use of the courtesy car for 2 days so he would need to speak with the service manager and he would call me back. 3 hours later he called back and advised the matter had been referred to Toyota UK and he would call me back tomorrow but icould keep the loan car in the mean time. there is no way that i would take back my car when i cant keep until out of the rain, which we all know is terrible at the minute. and the fact he didnt argue with me makes me think i have a valid case what do you think ps. really enjoying driving the Auris, the MMT is making the drive to my new job in heavy traffic easy!
  5. dreaded going out to my car today, however i was surprised that the rear driver side footwell doesnt seem to have go any wetter. HOWEVER a new leak has started on the passenger door but is now in the front footwell, the rear passenger footwell has only just dried out, starting to get very annoyed. roll on fridays's apptoinment, Mr T needs to sort this out or they wont get their courtesy car back!
  6. after finding water in the seal, i though i would wait and see what happened. after the bad rain this weekend the driver side rear footwell is now drenched (it was the passenger rear footwell last time) car is booked in on friday. i will insist on new car this time and if the accessory mats dont dry ok, they can replace them as well. if they dont fix it i will be rejecting the car. i really dont need this hassle ( on one does) i start a new job on monday which i cant get to if i dont have a car. i scrapped a crappy VW polo for this!
  7. i had both door seaL replaced on thursday, gret all sorted no problem. i wen tout to my car today and found water on the inside of the driver door and all in the seal, i mean FFS who hard is it to do a water test after you have replaced the faulty part. will have to ring Mr T again tomorrow. not happy
  8. i took the car in a 8am and the dealer rang at 11.30 to say they needed to replace both door seals and would be fixed by tommorrow. good service, i was just suprised that as it is such a common issue why dont they have the parts in stock! New carpets? didnt think to ask, should i have new carpets?
  9. i took the car in a 8am and the dealer rang at 11.30 to say they needed to replace both door seals and would be fixed by tommorrow. good service, i was just suprised that as it is such a common issue why dont they have the parts in stock!
  10. Should have bought a Yaris... :( thanks your a big help !!! Sorry! :( I’ve lost count of the number of threads about leaking Aygo’s, they seem to appear every other day and its not the older ones either. A brand new 2009 car that STILL leaks is unforgivable. Do the C1’s and 107’s have the same issues or is it just the Aygo? i have an appointment for tomorrow. i used to work for a car manufacturer, so dont worry i know my warranty rights. i agree its not acceptable that is is still happening
  11. Should have bought a Yaris... :( thanks your a big help !!!
  12. i opened the passenger door of my 59 plate Aygo today and the seal was wet, so i checked the floor and found the rear footwell to be soaked, i checked the drivers side and the rear footwell was damp. i called the local dealer and they will take it in tomorrow for a look. just looking for any advice cheers Kerrie
  13. interested in getting better sound and wondered if anyone had experience of the toyota accessory sub for the Aygo and also the cost to purchase and fit cheers Kerrie
  14. sorry, you misunderstand, i dont mean the interior new car smell, this is a smell that come when i have been driving a while, a wax/plastic smell
  15. i have a smell from my new aygo, silicon, plastic smell, which i understand is normall. how long should this smell last?
  16. i have only had my car a week and have had 2 bars of petrol this whole time. today the 1st bar went and the last bar started flashing. what i want to know is approx how many more miles can i do on the flashing bar. if im nowhere near a petrol station i would like reassurance that i will make it
  17. i have just come home from collecting my 59 aygo and i love it. it is so nippy and light
  18. i am. off to brighton for bank holiday weekend and collecting Aygo on the way back on 01/09, i cant wait. i havent driving my crappy polo for weeks and it keeps breaking down. fingers crossed it starts ok on sanday when i drop it to the dealer or i will have to call the AA man AGAIN!
  19. dealer just emailed me a list of 40 reg numbers, so had a good choice
  20. dealer will be emailing me a list of choices today, i think it will just be the last 3 digits that will differ. still looking forward to it, 1 week and 6 days to go :D
  21. i am hoping to pick up my Aygo on 1 sept, after a very long 12 week wait. when should i expect to hear from the dealer about choosing my registration number?
  22. i ordered my car on 6 june and i called the dealer after 4 weeks as they had not called me. he now updates me once a week. However cars is now not due until 25 august so i wont pick up until 1 sept :(
  23. i ordered by Aygo Blue on 06 June and was given an eta of 15 August. As i hadnt heard from the dealer and its been 4 weeks, i gave them a call for an update and the earliest the car will be with them is 23 August. i was just wondering if anyone elses delivery times has been pshed back and also should i delay collection until 01 September for the new reg? ;)
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