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  1. Hello Suki!! Nice to "hear" You!! I have only one car and it's this blue Corolla G6 now. However it has 1.6 4a-fe it's still not so powerfull. I hope that my dream come true and make a swap. Any information about: how to buy it (frontcut) from Japan, AU, NZ (or where looking information) would be very helpfull. Thanks for good words. Sorry for my english if I made some mistakes :P
  2. new Supersport springs instead of TTE was waiting for my rolla . They are more comfortable but still nice drop: -40mm front, -30mm rear. Also wheels - AEZ Luna - were waiting. It lasted when new model of Toyo: T1-R landed in official importer. That's how it look with this wheels: I have some plans with my new car. I hope they come true. The biggest dream is to converse 4a-gze engine to this car. We will see if it happened. That was my short story about what was going on with me and my bolids since May or April 2004. I hope You liked it!! Cheers! , Kamyk
  3. Hello!! It's year when I changed my white Starlet Ep91 for Corolla E11. My Starlet is still alive, but not so pretty when I owned it. Last photos: my interior transplanted from Prelude 3 gen: It was great car, which took part of my live, but I had to change it for Corolla: nothing special, with 4e-fe so slower than Starlet with this engine: I liked that car very much: Toyota :). But winter started and I had bad rear winter tires. I wanted to change, but bad luck was faster. It was reason than my rolla was looking like this: Destruction. End off rolla. I was ok. It was the most important. I was looking for another new car. My one of the favourite was Honda Prelude 3 gen.: It took me few months and I found my new car: Toyota Corolla G6 with full packet of TTE. It was marvelous with pretty colour Cool Water, full equiped ( air con, 4 air bags, full electric), low millage, but little damaged: It wasn't big problem because I had all parts from my old, crashed Corolla: In two weeks time it was ready to drive:
  4. I was very suprised too, because It it firs black Starlet in my country which I saw. But 5 door isn't so pretty like 3d <_< Probably this car was imported from Germany. That's my new car: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pictures made on amateur rally competition ;) That is why car is a little bit dirty ;) Till now I've made almost all quite profi caraudio and painted every black parts of the car (bumpers, rear original spoiler, handles). I've bought sport springs (Supersport: -40mm front, -30mm rear) and will put them on the car with the process of making harder shock-absorbers, cause original are very soft. I looking for some alloys 15' or 16' too. FIRTHY, this spoiler was made by the specialist. I show him a photo of Suki's car with rear TTE spoiler and he did the most similar, as he could. But I wanted not having this hole in the center. I think without it it's better....
  5. it wasn't so easy but this job was worth doing this, cause they are very comfy and sporty. Driving on every curve was marvelous.... I think I will try to do something like this in my Corolla....
  6. Here are the newest photos of Spoiler which was made for my Starlet... Do you think it is similar to tte?? For the price of 50 pounds?? ;) The olny one in my country ... first photo second third
  7. Why I sold my Starlet?? Because I have opportunity to changeStarlet 96' for Corolla 97' without giving money extra. It was great deal, and the only one reason... But: Starlet is small Star. Will be my Star forever :D
  8. Sorry, these are photos: alloys repainted: http://www.forum.corollaclub.org/album_pic.php?pic_id=262 nice photo of my speaker in boot: http://www.forum.corollaclub.org/album_pic.php?pic_id=404 worse photo, but all boot: http://www.forum.corollaclub.org/album_pic.php?pic_id=405 last photo on 15'alloys, last year, Autumn: http://www.forum.corollaclub.org/album_pic.php?pic_id=415 rear spoiler made by specialist from boats (payed 45 pounds ;) ) http://www.forum.corollaclub.org/album_pic.php?pic_id=416 http://www.forum.corollaclub.org/album_pic.php?pic_id=417 http://www.forum.corollaclub.org/album_pic.php?pic_id=418 interior, 2 last photos These seats were marvelous with electric heating system (from Honda Prelude 89') http://www.forum.corollaclub.org/album_pic.php?pic_id=419 http://www.forum.corollaclub.org/album_pic.php?pic_id=420 I hope You can see them!!!! I sold my Starlet/ change it for Corolla E11 hatch ( slower). It was great occasion. But love to Starlet will stay in my heart and I will visit this forum as it was since first time I visited it. I know Starlet the same as Corolla, (the same engine, a lot of components the same or similar). Kisses for Suki and cheers for everyone!!!!!
  9. Hello. I wasn't on forum for long time, cause I was very busy. It's true. I sold my little white Starlet :( . But before I did this I was finishing few projects. You can see rear spoiler very smilar to TTE which I order. I repainted my alloys. They were ready to fit tires. I bought all white indicators. Earlier I've made all lights inside in red LEDs and tachos in red bulbs from Corolla G6. This are photos of my Starlet: http://www.forum.corollaclub.org/album_per....php?user_id=10
  10. trottle body from 4e-fe with 86HP from Corolla E11 ;) i think you was thinking about this ;) Did You do something in this way??
  11. I think it won't do anything special . My friend put a turbocharger to 4e-fe getting 140KM and 200Nm. He put pistons from Paseo (thank to them got lower compresion ratio), IC from another car, he add second fuel pump, but injectors stayed the same, ECU was reprogrammable on rolling, new exhaust system. So if in such a engine with this power injectors could stayed, so let's think... This operation costed him 1700 pounds, and he choose this than 4e-fte conversion because of lack of parts of this engine in our country...
  12. some time ago I measured distance between seats brackets in Corolla e11 and Starlet, and they are different. The difference is not so big but it is, about 1 cm on front brackets. On rear it's smaller. I don't remember exactly. IMO it will need some work to put seats from Corolla, but: is it worth doing this?? If changing seats in Starlet for those, I said YES, because original seats in Starlet are like a chair. But in Seo I thought, that seats are better, and probaby they are very similar to this from Corolla. The best way to be sure is to check it... :)
  13. putting wheels with ET 40, it's not a problem, because it's small difference. I have alloys with ET25 and it caused me some problems. But it looks better, and helps on turnings. I hope I will not have more problems when I will give shorter springs... <_<
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