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  1. XMAN

    Air Con Noise

    belt ... dayco part number 5pk1115 .....
  2. thats for a shorter belt to bypass your aircon..
  3. had noisy air con pump the rattle was driving me mad ...dayco partno 5PK1115 £10 cheaper than forking out £800 for a new one ...google it camskill sells it ..SORTED...
  4. XMAN

    Air Con Noise

    did you get a smaller belt ok .. have you a part number .. my air con is a racket too ..
  5. XMAN

    Abs Light On

    if i get the broken bolt out is the abs not working as . the sensor is not tight and flush in the joint ..
  6. XMAN

    Abs Light On

    i thought somone would have replied to my post ..
  7. XMAN

    Abs Light On

    hello i got my front drivers wheel bearing done .. when i picked car up never thought nothing was wrong .as the dreadful drone offf the bearing had left so i was glad . but then i looked down on the dash three lights on abs vsc and traction off . i got home and discovered the garage had sheared the bolt holding the speed sensor in .. and wait for it the sensor was held in place with a couple off turns off insulating tape and just pushed into the joint. is the air gap vital i went to passsenger side and that sensor sits in nice and flush .. i will have to try and get the old bolt extracted .. ps will it need a toyota dealer to put the lights off...
  8. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Toyota-Avensis-2003-...id=p3286.c0.m14
  9. XMAN

    Rear Spoiler

    hello does anyone know where to get rear spoiler for avensis saloon 2004
  10. i use toyota s 5w 30w in my 2.0 d4d the only oil worth using...
  11. :) yes buy the avensis.. i got my 54 reg t spirit this week i brimmed it 170 miles and not even near the 1/4 off tank used ..is the needle stuck.. :)
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