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  1. id b interested depending on dates n location it would be nice to meet you guys as u have helped when needed also to see how my car compares to all yours
  2. Are you saying that you have never lost the car and caused any damage, be it in poor conditions or not, im pretty sure im not the only person to have done this in this weather, so i dont know why you are commenting like this yeh the only reason i didnt stick on the spare is becuase the tyre is pretty low i think its just legal and i wanted the snow to melt first mate but i will certainly try that after, also toyota gave it the all clear when they drove it, thats another reason why i didnt get it done
  3. well today i went to see toyota so find out what my probs are they drove it and found that i had to punctures and they said the vibrations are becuase of that, so i changed those two tyres but i have still got the vibrations i think its just a case of getting the front balanced also, they found some fault codes and cleared them but i was just wondering if you guys knew what they were C1203 and C1208 ?????? well i think im almost there to fixing these probs oh when i got the tyres i put 205/50/16 on the back but front are still 195/55/16 will this be a prob i didnt wanna change the front as they are still pretty good
  4. im gonna try the wheel balancing tomorrow hopefully that will be the end of the probs, it makes sense being that as it did have a big hit on the wheel and bumper, i know the trc n vsc light was on a few weeks ago but that could have been my rear tyre was on 8psi i thought it looked low but never had a chance to sort it thanks for all your input guys it was really nice of you guys to help me out on this one dont worry about hijacking the thread im sorry to hear about your car, did u manage to get it out ok, hope you didnt do any damage. i may try my spare but the prob with that is the tyre on it is pretty low on the minimum limit so on the ice may not be the very best but lets see if it cures things on another topic what would help this car handle better my mates civic is always loosing me on the bends and i catch up on the straights
  5. will do when i had it all checked they said the rear was slightly out but on the rolla u couldnt adjust them which i thought was bit odd is that try cos i think they are a few mm out. also on pick up since then the car just isnt sounding healthy not overly but i am puttin the difference in engine tone to the cold or am i wrong in this but tomoz i am gonna be doing some experimenting
  6. yeh i have a feeling there maybe something wrong and would need a good looking over but i am just worried its not gonna be cheap it never is i tend to get all my work done from toyota but i just dont know, i could try my spare wheel on there and give it a try i have the day off so i think i am gonna spend my morning trying that option out, or does anyone know of any good garage near the hertfordshire side of things, damn that snowww i hate u lol thanks for the reply guys
  7. hey guys well i seem to be having some bad luck with my tsport well on thursday when there was loads of snow i some how lost it and went into a kerb pretty badly lets says my front passanger alloys is pretty badly kerbed also i broke my bumper a little :( well i thought it was just the wheels i went to get the alignment or tracking whateva it is well it said i was out by -10.1mm and then +4.7mm i thought that was pretty bad so its all adjusted to the correct tollerance well now everytime i get to about 70mph+ the car just does not feel right there are soo many vibrations which i know should not be there, i know my car pretty well i spend a lot of time in there so i know how it should feel n sound whateva i am doing, im sure u guys know what i mean on this but the vibrations seem really funny there are some odd sounds coming from it, also it sounds like my exhaust is sounds louder and more vibrations there to, when i got someone to look they didnt think anythin was bent under there oh also the trc and vsc light keeps coming on every now and then il turn the car off and on and its clear then every now and then it will be back i think il have to say goodbye to the rolla next year some point when i can afford it but i know i havent given you guys much to go on but any ideas thanks ppl Nahim
  8. ok guys this will sound stupid to some but there is always talk of cleaning the MAF sensor now im no expert but i am just wondering how this would be done what would be best way to clean, also where i would look for this sensor lol i have messed about which is prob not the best idea, but as im off tomorrow i thought i would play around with the car and try this, there is me thinking things are going wrong with the car cant get any worse lol i may regret my experiments but lets see some advice would be great pics on what to do would be even better thanks guys Nahim
  9. i know i am fairly harsh on my brakes just cant afford to change them yet. i just havent had them that long tho. oh i have called toyota they want me to bring the car in so they can look up the fault and charge me £55 i think, what to do what to do lets just say im not friends with my car at the mo and it will not be getting a clean for a while lol thanks for your help guys
  10. No just a K&N panel filter so i dont think it should be too much of a problem well i didnt think, could there be anything else that may set off this problem, oh to add another prob that i have noticed on one of my brake disc i have noticed there are hair line cracks on them this may be a bit of a prob i think in terms of safety. do you think they are gonna need changing they are very small cracks next to my drilled holes Thanks for your replies
  11. Hey guys i know some other people have had this problem well when i was driving earlier all of a sudden my trc off and vsc light turned on and i dont know why this is. well it seems to have gone off after turning the engine off for a few mins but i dont know if i have a problem with the car and its worth taking to the garage :( also on another note my MPG is pretty low at the mo my average is about 25mpg dont know if thats normal for you guys. well i am hoping you guys can help thanks in advance Nahim
  12. Hi guys has anyone had a problem getting there car into gear, i will admit i gave the car a right thrashing the night before and today i have been driving all day in traffic but this eve i went to pull away and then the car wouldnt get into gear and a had to pull over, and before anyone asks the clutch was fully down i double checked lol well after stopping it for a few mins it started to go back into gear again and its been okish but the car feels funny its not that smooth getting into gear not long ago must be at least 15000 miles ago i had the oil changed for it and it was nice and smooth again, could this need changing again??? but then my clutch is getting pretty stiff now and slightly noisey iv noticed people say something like the clutch master cylinder or whatever it is? but i really dont want things to go wrong after deciding to keep this car well any advice would be great thanks Nahim
  13. Hello everyone im now back i dont know if you guys remember i bought a BMW well thats all gone now i am a lil sad but now back with the T Sport, well i dont know if this has been mentioned before or you guys have the same prob my car seems to drink oil every 5k it goes down to mimimum i spoke to toyota and they say its normal, also i have just noticed my clutch is pretty squeeky i guess thats pretty common how do you over coome this oooh and before i forget my car the revs kept dropping the other day and felt like it was gonna stall is it just me well its nice to be back
  14. it was just a power flow exhaust that was built for this car so it should sell to fellow t sport owners might like it, i payed like £200 for it about 3 months ago, well i am the second owner of my car, it just doesnt wanna leave me
  15. Thanks guys i will do my best to pad this but thanks for your advice, i will do what you guys have said and just make the car back to standard put the original exhaust back on and take out the HID'S, yeh you are right you did see drilled and grooved brakes on there i just forgot to mention it, i think i am gonna sell my other car now and see what goes first its a shame because i havent had my other long and i did like it as it was sooo good on fuel economy, well i would just like to say thanks again Nahim
  16. im sorry but mine is also black, yeh i know its a bad time of year to sell, but have a look and see what you think, i just wanna sell this but i am having loads of difficulties selling. well here is the link to my add http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/adv...4&logcode=p so what do you guys think, i didnt think it was too over priced but let me know what i can change to help it sell thanks Nahim
  17. Some more info might help... Age... Mileage... Asking Price.... Where Advertised?? 05 plate, 32k full service history tax and mot, its on autotrader at the mo for 6400 but the bugger wont shift well it will but it wont sell any advice guys would be a big help
  18. Hi guys me again, well lets say the T Sport hasnt sold after soooo many attempts so much spent on it i am getting so annoyed, i am struggling owning 2 cars, soo its coming to a point the car that was meant to replace my t sport is gonna have to go, so guys what am i doing wrong why wont my cars sell or why do i have such a lack of interest in the car, i thought this would have gone pretty well or at least had some enquiries on this so guys i am hoping you can give me some advice, things are getting tough i am even thinking of going to webuyanycar.com and sell it for peanuts
  19. Hi guys me again well i have been putting off selling my TS for a while now and now i need to really get rid as much as i dont want to, but where do u guys think it would be best to advertise any ideas
  20. thanks for ur replies, i just have a very hard time to make up my mind, i love both cars and i did want something different as i have had rollas for 3 years now (2 different ones) but today i have been thinking of sellin the bmw and making the profit and not sell my ts at a loss, but the longer i keep the ts the greater the loss will be on it and the millage will shoot up, then the money i would have saved running the bmw i would lose when it came to service as i service my cars usually 2-3 times a year at the dealer, i know all u guys would say sell the bmw as u love it like i also do i just dont know
  21. my car is black just like yours, i have had it since last oct and i have had a new corolla 2 years before that same shape on a 56 plate, the only reason for this sale is i bought a bmw 320 saloon really cheap n its a good car but now way near as fun to drive as the rolla but i just dont know if i sell the bmw i can make a quick profit like 2k at least mate i just dont know what to do, Sell the beemer mate, you know that you want the CTS..... ;) yeh i know that makes sense but i have had the new one for a week and i am starting to love it but then its not as fast as cts but its really nice to drive, i just want them both but i just cant do it one has to go plus we dont have enough room on my drive we got 5 cars now n only 4 drivers lol
  22. my car is black just like yours, i have had it since last oct and i have had a new corolla 2 years before that same shape on a 56 plate, the only reason for this sale is i bought a bmw 320 saloon really cheap n its a good car but now way near as fun to drive as the rolla but i just dont know if i sell the bmw i can make a quick profit like 2k at least mate i just dont know what to do,
  23. Hi guys i think i am gonna be selling my TS i just dont know how much i should advertise this bad boy the car is in good condition i have added a few bits recently like 6K HID's new Backbox like 3 weeks old Sub n amp fitted in orig unit all new tyres less than 1k on it 6month Tax 11month MOT full mr t service plus one more paid at my local dealership have 5 stamps in my book car has done 30k on a 2005 05 plate help me guys i wanna change it well i dont really but i just got another car really good price its borin but it is bit better on few things lol hope u guys can help Many thanks Nahim
  24. The best my car has done was about a 400miles trip there n back at 45mpg I recently did Wales n back on 37 mpg and now driving it hard n in town about 31 on avaerage. They aren't to bad but I'm still doin 1.5 tanks a week pricey lol
  25. 100% agree with you about 3.5k - 6k is perfect i think since i have had this exhaust my car had been revved a lot more than usual, the stock back box dont sound half as good as an after market one, speaking of which i think my stock one is still in my mates civic and its been there for 2 weeks at least he hasnt said anything lol nevermind
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