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  1. I bought some 11 quid a pair cheapy things from TowSure in Halesowen, and the coverage is still brilliant. I think the height makes all the difference. And being above the driver's eyes, there are no shadows or unlit areas either, which makes all the difference. Plus, they shine downwards, which means they are less likely to dazzle oncoming drivers than front mounted lamps.
  2. I did it on mine this summer, and it can be a bit of a nightmare! I wanted to be able to switch the lamps on with the high beam, and also on their own. The feeds to the headlight bulbs seem to be earth switched on the 4.1, which was a !Removed! nightmare! I ended up fitting a separate foot switch on my foot rest so I could control high beam with my free left foot. I also have 2 switches on the dash, 1 for on with high beam, and one for on all the time. I wired the lamps to a relay from the battery. The relays are mounted in a box on the rack. She switch feed for these go back to the dash switches and another relay wired to the foot switch. To get the foot switch to operate the normal high beam, I just sent the output from this switch to a relay that cross connected the low and high beam wires. That way, if the headlights are not on, the foot switch can just operate the roof lights. PS 4 lights on the roof gives amazing coverage at night!
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    Oil Filter

    Regarding the cabin noise, I noticed this when I got my Rav 4.1. This was especially apparent when I got back in my old car and was convinced the engine had stopped it was so quiet. I fixed this by buying some cheapy engine bay sound proofing from Ebay. It has a sticky backing, a foam middle bit, and a foil surface. I cut it into smaller pieces to make a patchwork round all the gubbins on the bulkhead. It doesn't look very elegant but it does the job! I also found that the majority of the noise was coming through where the steering comes through from the cabin. Either the seal there is not very good, or mine is simply missing, but I put 3 layers of the sound proofing round this area, making sure it wouldn't foul anything, just to make sure. Now it's a really nice quiet car to drive. It seems like a much more expensive ride now!
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    Try these... Bronco Tyres
  5. Maybe it was just a year thing then, because mine is the same year.
  6. On every 4.1 I've ever seen, the spare wheel is to the left hand side of the door, and the number plate is square. On mine, the spare wheel is central and the number plate is proper number plate shaped. How come???
  7. How would they fit on a 4.1? They don't have rear bumpers!
  8. Sorry for my English, if any Yes the same was deemed by me. Cheers Your English is very good Better than our Ukranian!!!
  9. I'm sure you could get a wheel mount off a different model.
  10. You could always bolt it to the rear door.
  11. Where do I get me some of those??? And how much are they???
  12. I've noticed people have been less assertive towards me since I fitted my big steel silver obvious A-bars! Pedestrians don't jump in front of me any more. Funny that.
  13. Go down the breakers and get a set of steelies off a 4.1!
  14. They look great! I don't suppose anyone in the world has any for sale???
  15. Forget the spoiler! Where did you get the arches??? They are awesome!
  16. I suspect now that the regulator has just plain broken. Your voltage is now way too low for a running engine. It should be around 12 volts when not running and 14ish when running. Either that, or there's a loose wire somewhere. Either way, you're not charging the battery and it will eventually go flat. I doubt you've used it enough since fitting a new battery for it to have gone flat on it's own, but I wouldn't plan any long drives in the dark until it's fixed.
  17. Sounds to me like the alternator is toast. I bought a bike a few years ago that had no generator! I couldn't tell at the time because the owner had charged the battery and it was a kick start, but over the course of a week things stopped working. Check the battery voltage when it is charging. It should be around 12v when the engine is not running, and between 13.5 and 14v with the engine running but with nothing electrical switched on. Also rev the engine and check to see if the voltage spikes above these. If the regulator is playing up the voltage could peak to around 70-80 volts. This can blow fuses of anything that happens to be on at the time. If it was from a dealer, take it back. If it was a private sale, oops!
  18. Or you could just buy a complete set of wheels and tyres!
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    Cruise control... I have an aftermarket cruise on my 4.1 auto. I've fitted it previously to 2 other cars. Things to watch with an auto with cruise... On a manual car, after slowing down, pressing resume is usually done after accelerating normally through the gears into fifth, and then resuming your previous speed. In an auto, this is not necessary, as pressing resume will work at any speed because the cruise will not disconnect when changing gear. However, the cruise will see that you are well below the set speed and nail the throttle, sending you off like a bat out of hell. Make sure you don't accidentally press resume if you're driving down a town high street after a blast on the motorway! Changing down gears... My 4.1 will let you change down into 2 or L when going way too fast. What does is wait until you've slowed down to a sensible speed for the gearbox and engine before changing down. The difference is that it won't then change back up out of these gears when you speed up again. To my knowledge, changing down won't give you any more engine brake than if you do nothing and drive normally.
  20. Ooh, now there's a plan!
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