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  1. Hi i've got a set of Corolla Compressor wheels but they didn't come with tyres. Can any Compressor owners tell me what the correct tyre size is for these wheels and the correct tyre pressures. Anyone recommend me a good tyre? Thanks
  2. It's called Butyle and it comes on a roll. You kinda roll it on and stretch it as you stick it to the door then you stick the plastic over it.
  3. I always wondered if these would fit on a Corolla as an alternative to the E12 TTE spoiler as they are slightly bigger. Any more pics of the mounts mate?
  4. Hi chip is doing great thanks it has transformed the car! Got the TTE bumper on now. Car looks much better glad you are enjoying the Merc it looked a nice car!
  5. One thing to consider is that the SR180 can be chipped to over 200 bhp and has nearly 400 pounds of torque so 40 mpg isn't bad considering.
  6. No don't do it it's blasphemy. Dr Toyoda would strike you down lol!
  7. If Toyota are out of the Formula 1 and this section is now obsolete then how about having a section for information on the new Toyota Avensis touring car for British motorsport fans?
  8. They are for sound deadening apparently. Something to do with airflow through the engine bay. I took mine out cos they hold water.
  9. The other obvious thing is weight reduction. I notice you've listed ICE as one of your interests? It depends which you prefer, having a system in it or going faster. I'd love to strip a TSport out to a shell and see how well it goes cos the interiors, electric window, airbags etc weigh a ton!
  10. I just love the back end of those compressors especially in Black. Think it'd be sacrilege to remove the TTE badge though!
  11. Even easier just pour boiling water over the badge and it will peel off. When the badge dries you can re-use it then.
  12. Looks great Bamber! I've just fitted mine last week on my D4D looks awesome in Black!! Are they Compressor wheels sprayed white? I was gonna do this with mine to be original looks like you've beaten me to it.
  13. I work at Burnaston and I remember seeing about 200+ brand new unregistered TTE Compressors lined up in the yard round the back. I'm not sure where they had the Superchargers fitted but I reckon they would have just left the Burnaston production line as normal T-Sports,been modified somewhere in the UK then returned to the yard for registering and shipping. Wish i'd taken a picture now! Edit..Thanks just looked up Merlin thanks Farhanali I didn't know they were assembled there! http://www.merlininternational.co.uk/aboutmerlin.html
  14. is STILL waiting on his TTE front bumper to be sprayed!

  15. Hi Sam do you mean the plastic bit around the foglight? Because on the Petrol SR there is no hole but on the Diesel SR there is a hole in the grille for the intercooler which is situated in front of the passenger side front wheel
  16. When I first started looking for an SR I wanted a Black one but they didn't make them so I ended up just buying a Black T3 which has the kit minus the SR front splitter. It's a shame Toyota didn't do an SR180 version!
  17. My Dads 55 Plate Corolla D4D TSpirit sunroof has failed - The Cable has snapped and broken off a pin inside the sunroof when it jammed. Is anyone on here breaking a Facelift model with a sunroof? I don't need the glass, just the mechanism itself and i'll repair it for him. Thanks, Rob
  18. Nice find I wouldn't mind leathers for mine! If the seats have airbags in and your car doesn't you may find that the wiring for the airbags is tucked under the carpet taped up and you can just un tape it connect them and they work. I think the airbags have yellow plugs.
  19. Great! Do they come with Tyres? If so how much tread is on em.
  20. I've got a D4D and it's the TSport front bumper that blocks the intercooler as it doesn't have a cold air feed, instead there is a foglight. The TTE bumper fits the Diesel as there is a vent which lines up with the Intercooler.
  21. I'm after a set of Corolla TTE Compressor wheels. If anyone has a set of 4 they want rid of let me know thanks.
  22. Yeah thats right mate that's where I originally got the idea to get one, cos we were looking at wether it would fit a Diesel with the intercooler being in from of the N/S wheel. Well it's ordered now and i'm really looking forward to getting it! I have been thinking about fabricating a front mounted intercooler for my D4D and I reckon this bumper would be perfect.
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