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  1. How much did it cost? Just comparing Sweden to UK prices.
  2. There are umpteen number of threads on this topic Inthe internet (even you tube videos). Have you checked them out?
  3. We had a similar problem in our 2008 Aygo but the car would start after the initial screechy noise. After a few days the battery ran low and the car stopped altogether. Recharged the battery and restarted the car and this time using a voltmeter I checked the voltage across the battery terminals while at rest and while the engine was running and then I realised that the alternator had given up since the voltage did not increase when the car was running. The alternator was changed by a nearby garage for 350 Euros. The old one could not be repaired. These Denso alternators do not seem to last the
  4. Most of the original bulbs in our cars are Philips long life marked as Philips LL. I do not know if they are actually ecovision.
  5. You sure you got your euro to pound conversion right? 14.99 Euro is dead cheap.
  6. Ok. First of all CTek chargers are damm good, the best charger. They charge even if the battery voltage has dropped to 2 volts. At that level of discharge most chargers would give up. I have both the older 3.6 and the newer 5.0. The 3.6 has fewer stages in charging but does a great job of desulfating, charging and maintainance of charge. The 5.0 has few more steps and gimmicks with led lights telling you what stage you are on. It has a deep recondition mode that can be useful in badly discharged lead acid battery. I used it for the first time in my son's Aygo the other day after a bad discharg
  7. I have good experience of Philips ecovision in the H4 format in my Aygo and would suggest Philips H11 ecovision here since it has good output and lasts very long. Ours has been going strong for 4 years now in spite of it being used in a DRL form (always on with the car day or night) as required in this country.
  8. What kind of bulbs do you have? Is it halogen H4, HIR or what?
  9. Hej Edvin, We own a non hybrid Toyota Auris 2016 model with 1.2 lit turbo engine and I thought I could extrapolate some of my thoughts to your hybrid model. On the points of safety and reliability, you could not have picked better (provided that you have the extra safety features like auto brakes/ collision warning, lane departure warning, auto head lights, road sign recognition etc). The collision warning saved my wife the other day so it works. As far as the space is concerned it should be enough since you have the wagon (herrgårdsvagn) variety. The driving dynamics are pleasant but not
  10. Let me just complete the above information after my own experience and communication. After I changed to winter tyre set, I did not reset the tpms and everything seemed to be fine for a few days but later tpms light flashed intermittently. I checked the pressure in all tyres and it was ok. I then reset the tpms as described above by Frostyballs and now no more tpms light. The other thing I found out through a Toyota tech guy (internet) was that if your set of tyres with tpms are programmed then you can rotate the wheels every time when you change from winter to summer and vice versa. So not on
  11. I am convinced that a lot of it has to do with the person driving the car. I and my wife could be driving the same car (in this case Auris 1.2T) on the same stretch and I would get 7,1lit/100km in winter and she can only get 8lit/100km. I am in no hurry to get any where and she is always in a hurry to get some where. We have a son who has to over take every car on the road or he has failed miserably and guess what his fuel consumption is! Having said that there could be some individual differences due to tuning in each car.
  12. the reverse camera activation is usually done through the T connection to reverse light wire in the car. What really surprises me is the active/dynamic guide lines. I wonder how accurate the gyroscope dependent dynamic guide lines are. How does it know the steering position and the turning angle of this particular car? My Mazda CX5 original dynamic lines are very accurate. Where did you buy this set up?
  13. I would check the battery condition (check charge/voltage and even recharge the battery with smart charger) and the battery terminal connections both positive and negative connections (shake and see if it is loose, are they oxidised?) and the battery negative connection to the earth point, usually a bolt on the chassis within the engine room, is that oxidised or loose. I am pretty sure you have done all that but sometimes it helps to recheck. I usually apply vaseline to my cars battery terminals and earth connection bolt just to avoid this problem in future.
  14. This is worse than our non hybrid auris with 1.2turbo engine which gives 5.6 l/100km on the highway and 7 lit/100 km in town.
  15. When our aygo with mmt did that a few years it got progressively worse and finally the mmt actuator got stuck a couple of times on the road and we had to change the actuator under guarantee. Please take it to the dealer if you are under guarantee as Frosty said. The second actuator is still working though.
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