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  1. That connector with those wires looks really hacked up. Multiple injuries! How did that happen? Best place to look for that connector would be the car breakers yard as some one suggested above.
  2. Great. We are waiting eagerly for the photos. Yes it is always reassuring to have a back up camera. It is like having a second opinion before you start reversing. The down side is that once you have camera in your car, you feel rather insecure on any other car that does not have one.
  3. Here are some links to videos for you that may be of help. The identification of reverse light wire and the accessory power supply for the front screen through the fuse box in the dash using a fuse tap or a piggy back fuse. Finally an overview of rear reversing camera types and connections to be made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r45aVGDTWU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDjZNUvErgQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGzN1RHRlP0
  4. Ok I will try with one caveat in mind and that is the negative ground switching for lights in UK supplied Aygo that you encountered earlier. I am hoping that the rear backup lights are not negative wire switched. Yes I have wired a reversing camera to my daughter's Hyundai accent with a Sony after market stereo screen. What is your after market screen? Is it integrated with the stereo or is it a separate small screen that comes with the after market camera (easier)? Is the camera connected to the screen by wire or is it wireless? First the connections. You need the rear backup light posit
  5. The brake light is perhaps 7443? It is probably has a wedge shaped end with a push fit of the bulb end in to the holder with two contact plates on either side of the holder. I wonder if your contact plates in the holder have become too wide apart or you are not pushing the bulb all the way in, in to the holder or the third scenario, that the wires have come loose from their connection in the holder. The widened holder contact plates can be pinched in slightly so you have a tight fit. Start by first making sure that the bulb is pushed all the way in. If all of these fail, check the fuse for the
  6. I know this is an old topic but how does the parking sensor display show the left and right side? Will there be reversing of image by the mirror so that the left side shown in the mirror is actually the right side?
  7. We never noticed drop in power or vibration with ac on in our aygo mmt.
  8. Thank you Gerg for the photos and the DIY description. This is going to be very helpful. I have never removed the bumper to mount parking sensors in my earlier cars (rav4, aygo etc) and having seen your photos I am going to try without removing the plastic bumper. Waiting for the weather to get a little bit more warmer here in the northern hemisphere to work outside.
  9. yes, it is a rip off. Toyota Sweden is allowing its dealers set any price they like for their service. In UK toyota has a fixed price service. Other manufacturers like Mazda Sweden have better control over the service charges and it is less than half of what Toyota dealers charge. This may force me to do my own service here (as I have done previously on our Aygo). As far as your comment on the reliability of Toyota engines are concerned I agree with you. I would add Honda and lately Mazda to that list. Our experience with German cars, VW and BMW has been terrible. Never again a German car!
  10. Did you have to remove the bumper to drill holes and mount the sensors or did you drill holes with the bumper attached to the car and just fished out the wires through the hole you mentioned? Finally got the link to work. Used a different device/ tablet.
  11. This high Toyota service cost for hybrid model (we were quoted 500 euro per yearly service here in Sweden) put us off from buying a hybrid auris. We bought a used 1.2 Turbo auris which can be serviced by any other garage cheaply. I even did the first oil change after buying by myself. We are happy with the car except for slightly higher fuel consumption than expected.
  12. Thank you very much Gerg. You were spot on. The reverse light bulb (on the right side in my case) is a halogen bulb. The left side white light is a led but that is probably a fog light or something. So I am going to tap the reverse light positive signal on the right side in my case. Let us hope that the canbus light control does not play up. Thanks again. Your link does not work, by the way.
  13. I plan to do it but has any one done it before? The 2016 models have led reversing lights and the canbus light module that may interfere. Any one?
  14. Blue coloured bulbs are very poor light source. Any other clear halogen bulb is better than those
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