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  1. I do not know about the new model Aygo but the old model Aygo were supposed to be parked in N or neutral with hand brake engaged. Because with the old model key ignition system you can not turn off the car and then shift the gear to E or M, unless ofcourse you turn the key to accessory position only and not all the way back.
  2. I am a little surprised that you bought this car without knowing what kind of gear box it had. Besides while doing the pre purchase test drive you should have discovered the head nodding gear change. And that would have raised many questions by itself. Now to answer your question, to park this car properly, Come to a complete stop with your foot on the brake. Then put your gear lever on N or neutral. Pull up your hand brake. Take your foot off the brake. Stop engine by turning the key or pressing the stop knobb (in newer Aygos?). Remove key. Done.
  3. There is a thread started by Aygomalta in 2011 where I have explained in minut detail how to do a diy with photos. You could have saved yourself a lot of time and trouble of taking out the bumper and all questions regarding connections would have been answered. I never start a project without searching the webb and planning.
  4. I am surprised that you had to remove the bumper. I have done it without removing the bumper. There is enough space between the bumper and the horizontal metal beam behind the plastic bumper. That space is easily seen and measured if you remove the two rear number plate lights first and look down the two holes.
  5. These original bulbs seem to last for ever. I would not bother to change to LED. If u had asked about the number plate bulb then I would have said change to led.
  6. You have the fuel (petrol) and fire (spark) in the cylinders and it does not run at all. That is very odd! Are we sure the timing of the fuel and the fire is correct? Just a guess.
  7. Our 2008 Aygo also has a full size spare wheel and a jack.
  8. I would never drive a car without winter/snow tyres on icy road. It is asking for trouble and it just needs one bad slide or braking issue to have a bad accident and loose life. Not worth it when all could have been prevented with proper winter tyres (not just all season or all weather tyres) that cost just a couple of hundred pounds. The winter tyres for Aygo are quite cheap because of the small wheel size and besides the winter tyres will spare the wear and tear on your summer tyres. Worth every penny and if you have some where to store them during summer you can change them by your self. It takes max one hour to change all 4 tyres in Aygo, the pleasure of having a small car. Yes I do have proper winter tyres for our Aygo and I change them myself. Remember the true winter tyres have a different rubber compound that is soft in winter and has a far better grip than the hard rubber of summer tyres. Besides the true winter tyres have sipes for even better grip, braking and acceleration in snow and ice. There are lots of videos in you tube testing cars with and without winter tyres.
  9. Sorry that it did not work the way we wanted it to. At the time of MOT just pull out the DRL fuse and it will not come on during the MOT, so no fears of failing the MOT because of the DRL.
  10. It resembles the post that I made much higher up in the thread and will work with positive switching, but unfortunately Aygo supplied to UK has a negative switching and that has created problem for Sam. Your car with DRL was it an Aygo?
  11. OK Sam, here is the summary of it all. To get it to work, you need a separate relay to feed the orange wire with switched current and many more connections. It can be done as the people in Jaguar forum but it is difficult. If you want I can post you a link but I would just remove the orange wire and not connect it to any thing. That way the DRL will be on as long as the ignition is on and will switch off when you shut the car. I'll post the link any way so that you see how much work is required to feed that orange wire. https://www.jaguarforum.com/showthread.php?t=63301&page=2
  12. Sam I have found a site that might help us out in negatively switched cars. I'll see if I can figure it out first since we are connecting a DRL and not xtra driving lights in your car. Here is the link if you are interested but it needs working out in your car. Wait, don't change wiring as yet! You can remove the orange wire connection so that the DRL is on every time you start the car and shuts off when you shut off the car. As far as the low beam switching is concerned just wait till I have worked it out. http://www.ironman4x4.com/system/resources/W1siZiIsIjIwMTQvMTAvMTYvOGEyYWR3NHZ0OV9kcml2aW5nX2xpZ2h0c19pbS5wZGYiXV0/driving_lights_im.pdf
  13. Thank you Eygo, that is a good news for all aspirants since it makes the installation easier.
  14. The negative terminal is marked as "common" in the bulb and socket photos.
  15. Sorry to hear that it did not work the way we wanted and it may be due to that issue that I mentioned earlier that is called "negative switching" in cars supplied to UK. Most cars have positive switching. Because of negative switching, there is always power to your low beam and high beam wire and you are connected to the low beam side, and therefore the LED light is switched off. But there has to be a way that it is going to work and perhaps we should think logically here. The LED lights are working but not the way we want. We have a few more options like (1) connecting that orange wire to the negative pole of that headlight terminal, which receives power only when the head lights are turned on (low or high beam). (2) If that does not work we can try connecting the orange wire to the side light positive wire as the user manual in your Ring LED suggests. Hopefully that bulb has a positive switching! We don't know. Side light is the small bulb that lies within the big headlight reflector. You can clearly see it from out side. I would try the connection to the negative terminal of the headlight first.