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  1. Hi again! My VSC TRC and ABS notification lights both have just come on (as I was driving home). No noticeable change in braking or steering. I'm going to phone the garage tomorrow and book it in, but is there anything you would look at for a possible easy fix? Cheers everyone.
  2. Just noticed I'd hit the 2 and 3 together in the Subject - sorry, This is for a Mk2 - 2005 model I've cleaned it a lot more and the valve seems to be working OK now. Thanks for your help!
  3. Is the clip at the 'spring end'? Maybe we're talking about different models 🙂 I'll clean it some more 😄
  4. Brill thanks Stivino 👍I'll try that
  5. The lower half of the EGR valve assembly has a spring loaded valve. Maybe thats a better name 🙂 It works sometimes, but occasionally sticks, or feels like it needs lubricating.......
  6. Hi Taken my EGR off to clean as was getting fault code P0403 (plus I've only had this a month or so and don't know its history). Anyway, its clean now, but the plunger works OK sometimes, but other times is stiff, or feels like its catching. Is this normal? many thanks 🙂
  7. Haha yes, I'd noticed. Going to buy this https://www.autodoc.co.uk/era-benelux/8148111 if Johns suggestion does not work. many thanks
  8. Cheers John Yes, I'd seen your post, if it ever stops raining I'll clean them today 🙂 Just looking for options 😉 Eurocarparts gave me the answer tho... 10 teeth, clockwise! Thanks for taking the time 👍
  9. Hi Thinking of replacing my starter motor for a larger one (2.2kw from 1.4) ... but looking at specs they all seem different! So, how many teeth? 9, 10, 12? Clockwise or anticlockwise!? Any advice gratefully etc. Many thanks in advance 🙂
  10. Thanks for the reply. Not noticed anything I do to cause it. Also I'vew not noticed anything not working or problematic when the noise happens. Sometimes I think if I add an additional drain (like plugging a USB charger into cigar lighter) it starts, but not always. It also starts when I'm just driving without doing anything. I have changed fan speed and temp settings but they don't make any noticable difference. Difficult to get location exactly, centre left is nearest. Just thought..... I've not noticed it when stationary..... only moving (which is why I'm vague ab
  11. Recently bought an 06 plate corolla colour collection 1.6 petrol. Everything seems to work great, but I'm getting an intermittent noise from somewhere behind the dash. Sounds like a relay (like fast clicking) and does not seem to change when I rev or brake or use fan/aircon/radsio/lights/wipers etc. Just starts and stops - It can be days without a noise, then almost non stop. Any ideas?
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