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  1. I have stuck my i-phone mount on the dash just to the right of the display, it's pretty smooth there and just the right size for the sucker, they are probably similar sizes these sucker mounts so maybe your will fit there? It also menas there are no tell-tale marks on your windscreen. Jim
  2. Done 1400 ish miles on my 1.33, Get about 240 miles between fills costing £28 to fill it. All town driving and cold engine most of the time. I get around 48-52 around town and over 60 on a run, bit dissapointed as never seem to get the average of 65 as claimed, wonder how they did that? On the back of an AA relay truck? lol But its a lot better than the 16-18mpg I was getting out the jag.
  3. Your right Sally it was very short notice, that's why I asked... If I had loads of time I would have been able to do it earlier myself ;) but unfortunately it was a challenging day in the NHS yesterday. My reply was meant tongue in cheek, maybe I should have put a few smilies with it :D :D :D
  4. Well thanks for all the replies, nice to know this is a very helpful website! I managed to pop out between meetings in work and measure it myself, guess I should have done that instead in the first instance.
  5. I am stuck in the office all day and need to try and find out the inside dimensions of the boot area with the seats folded down. I have to order a dog cage so if there is anyone out there with access to a tape measure and their iQ, could you measure it to, depth, width and height for me? I would really appreciate it as I need to get the cage ordered today as I am not going to be around for the next week or so. Many thanks in anticipation Jim
  6. Reiki.Master1


    I have just got used to turning them off from auto then back to auto while sitting in the car after turning the engine off, that way they go out and you dont have to open the door in the rain, plus they come back on automatically afterwards. No great hardship really, takes a few seconds. Still, a pain, same as the retractable mirrors. If you want all that, you'll need a checklist after you shut down the engine. Are the lights off and position back to auto? Are the mirros retracted and the button back to the off position? Is my wife outside and the door closed? Is the dog still in the car? and so on. This cannot be be the meaning of the best thought-thru car of the world. For the lights, why not a "follow-me-home" option, I wonder if there is a after-market solution for that? Ruud I only turn the lights of from auto when sat in the ferry queue waiting to get to work in the morning, as for the mirrors even in my Jag you had to press a button to get them to retract etc... not such a big deal really, its a matter of seconds to lean forward and press a button lol. Check lists?? Life is far too short for that sort of stuff, there are far more important things to be concerned with in this world other than is my mirror switch in the right position..... you know stuff like have I got enough beers in the fridge, the lads are coming around tonight to watch the footie, has the Missus got enough washing up liquid etc....
  7. Reiki.Master1


    I have just got used to turning them off from auto then back to auto while sitting in the car after turning the engine off, that way they go out and you dont have to open the door in the rain, plus they come back on automatically afterwards. No great hardship really, takes a few seconds.
  8. I went a couple of years ago with my Nissan. We had a great time but there were some tremendously strong winds, tents got ripped apart, trade stands blown over, I think one poor guy even got a tent pole through his windscreen.. I would love to have gone again this year but work commitments just won't allow it. Maybe next year.... :)
  9. Peterborough and Hull?? :( well that's nearly Devon & Cornwall... up for a mini-meet guys? :D
  10. Are there any other iQ owners who frequent this site down here in Torpoint/Plymouth area? I have only ever seen one other iQ on the road since i bought mine. Maybe we could have a South West mini-meet?
  11. How about us trying to organise a bulk purchase, those little boxes seem a great idea. I would have one.
  12. I did think that, but at what point do you stop sitting in the car? 10 mins later or an hour when the battery has died? :D I thought it easier to ask just in the off chance that someone may know.
  13. I have a query regarding the auto headlights and I hope someone here can shed some light on it for me :D Picture the scene..... Quite often I have to pick up my partner from town and we have to get a ferry across the river to where we live. When you switch the engine off the headlights dont go out till the door is open. This being a little ferry where you wait in your car for the 7-8 minute crossing there is no need to open the doors and get out. Can anyone tell me if the headlights would go out after a certain amount of time? I keep meaning to just sit there and wait and test them myself but am a little paranoid that the battery will go flat and we won't get off the ferry, can you imagine how embarrasing that would be? "What seems to be the problem sir?" "Oh I sat here with my lights on and flattened my battery trying to see if the lights would go out on their own". Here come the men in white coats! Regards Jim p.s. Yes, I have read the manual but I either have word blindness or there isn't anything mentioned.
  14. UPDATE: I can actually get my therapy bed in the iQ. take it out of the case and it fits like a glove. Well chuffed with this little car!!
  15. Well here goes... Jim, 40's, worked for the NHS for about 10 years. Building supplies industry before that. Live in Cornwall with my partner of 16 years, one small dog, a manics cat and 3 goldfish. interested? Cars, reading, movies, camping oh and did I mention cars? I practice Reiki Therapy, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and my partner is currently a level 2 Reiki practitioner, we have a small therapy room in the house and do mobile calls to (although now I wont get my folding therapy bed in the iQ). Other than that we live a fairly quiet sheltered life down here in Cornwall so if your passing then say Hi!
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