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  1. He might have more power than me. . . but I get further to a gallon
  2. You should do but I didn't (In theory Officer!!) I hate putting those stickers on the lights! Actually didn't do any night driving as it was bright until late so if I needed any lights I just put the sides on. Had a set of the stickers handy though in case of a spot check. Took everything else though (Triangle/luminous vest etc). . . . .Thought I'd need a trailer!! :D
  3. Taxed the car just the other day. . . .£20 First time I've laughed while handing over the dosh!
  4. Almost 130 miles on first bar recently
  5. Hello - sorry took so long but didn't notice the post! Just got back from a quick run to Belgium/Luxembourg etc - covered 1300 miles in 5 days. Car performed really well, comfortably travelling at motorway speeds and a whole lot of fun in the twisty, hilly (very!) bits! No problems to report at all. There were 3 of us + luggage and we all arrived comfortable and hassle free. First day we covered about 350 miles so seats did the job. Fuel consumption was excellent. When I did the maths we worked out at just over 58mpg for the whole trip so very happy with that. What really impressed me though is the performance at high (relatively! ) speed. The engine never feels like it's racing; always feels quite relaxed. Obviously you have to work it a bit harder through the gears on hilly bits but it's a small price to pay. It's a bit noisier (road noise) than my old car (Vectra 1.8)but you soon get used to it. . .just have the MP3 player a bit louder :) Overall then very pleased. . . .2nd trip to the Continent, both great!. Also got 'Club Toyota' (I guess you still get that with a new Aygo??) with the car and you get all the breakdown cover you need - I know you shouldn't need it but the peace of mind is a bonus. Hope this helps, Cheers
  6. I really didn't push mine until 1000 miles. Now done about 8500 and runs great. On a recent trip to Belgium covered 1300 miles in 5 days and got almost 60mpg, really chuffed.
  7. Hi all, A while back my exhaust began rattling from the backbox - not terribly loud but enough to be annoying. So went over to see Mr. T. and don't you just know it the darn thing wouldn't rattle at all while I was there. Anyway I booked it in for a week or so later and of course not a rattle for days. . .zilch. . . began to think I was going mad. 2 days ago the dreaded rattle raised its ugly head again and Mr. T. got it this time. Long and short is they replaced the backbox under warranty, gave me copious amounts of coffee and a complimentary car-wash. So have to say well done Toyota at Kings Lynn, I was very pleased with the service. Has anyone else had this problem? Car had only covered 5000ish fairly gentle miles. Cheers.
  8. Another 5 door black in East Anglia :P . . . . . . .yours is looking a bit cleaner than mine at the moment! I hope you get on as well with yours as I have with mine - 3500 miles so far and getting 55 - 60mpg. I have a rev counter and am pleased to have it - handy for checking revs at motorway speeds etc (pass the anorak ) I downsized from a Vectra 1.8 but have to say that the Aygo is quite happy with 4 people inside - surprising amount of leg/head room. My passengers have all been pleasantly surprised. Ok the boot is the compromise but in reality I am managing pretty easily. Of course when the road tax drops through the letter box next year that'll be another big bonus :D Cheers.
  9. Just baffling - mine (5 door black) was ordered in May, delivered at the end of June. Having read all of the 'leaking' posts on here I have checked my footwells/spare wheel-well/ back seats/ door & window seals etc several times after rain the last being yesterday when I drove through a downpour for a while. No problems and dry as a bone. I see that some of the people suffering have Aygo's newer than mine (Kerrie). I just can't see how this can happen. Apart from the fact that it seems to be a common problem going back for a long time and should now be history, how can some get out ok and others not? Aren't they all put together at the same place? (please correct me if I'm wrong). Surely someone somewhere checks the seals where they are made for quality and again when they are fitted. (or is this wishful thinking?) It's really sad because so far overall I'm really pleased with mine; it's good to drive, very versatile and 'cheap-as-chips' to run. Just very disappointing that the same problem with leaks keep rearing up. I hope all of you get the problem sorted out with no further hassle.
  10. Over the last 75 litres I've been averaging just a fraction under 59mpg. Quite a bit of motorway driving, but some town work too so overall very pleased. :)
  11. Sorry to hear about your problems - I have owned mine since the end of June and have had no problems so far. If I had a problem like this I would be pretty fed up if I went back to the dealership only to be told 'go to the servicing dept and they'll sort it out'. It doesn't matter if this involves only 10 more steps in the same building, in my opinion you shouldn't have to do anything THEY should bend over backwards to put it right at the absolute minimum amount of effort for you. I agree with reece - Why is this still going on? I appreciate that it's probably only a small minority of owners that have suffered this but it isn't good enough. I hope that it gets put right asap and you get to enjoy the car as I am mine - it has so many good points. . . .which makes the leaking even more disappointing. And finally, having just re-read your post. . . .Toyota should be phoning you back not the other way round.
  12. Everytime I choose a parking space at the local super-market I always leave an empty bay either side. . . . .but everytime I come back I'm 'boxed' by vehicles that seem to get ridiculously close. Last time it was a 15 year old Transit that had backed in and was only about 18 inches of the passenger side :censor: .. . .I wouldn't mind so much but there were empty bays all over the place so I guess the Aygo must be 'magnetic'!!! Luckily though no scuffs. . . .yet! Force-field a good idea. . . . . . do they sell them at 'Halfords'? :D
  13. I like the look of my 'facelifted' Aygo . . . . but it was seeing the previous one last year that that got me thinking about buying one in the first place. . . so you could say I like both. Better get off the fence before I get splinters! Gonna go with 'new' one
  14. I've owned my Aygo since the end of June and I still notice a bit of that 'new car' smell when I get in it. . . although the smell has faded considerably now :(
  15. Just got back from a few days in France. Myself and a couple of friends covered 600+ miles in 3 days and came out at about 57mpg. Everyone very impressed with the space and the comfort ( I find the driver's seat is very comfortable over a long distance :) ) Glad you're all enjoying yours. . . . . .mine's now an old '09' :P. . . . . . just over 2 months old and 1700 miles; so far so good :)
  16. Put 3 gallons in last time and hit the beep again having covered approx. 56 mpg. This time I've been doing more town driving and not as much open road so I'm still very pleased with this result. Also the car has passed 1000 miles now after 'running the engine in' carefully and as I have a long motorway run to do next week-end I'll be interested to see the mpg figure then. Overall, so far I'm very pleased :D
  17. I just drive to the 'beep', fill up, make a note of the litres I put in and wait until I hit the 'beep' again. Divide mileage by litres used (then a quick conversion to gallons) and that'll do it ;) A motorway trip should hopefully enable you to get good mpg!! Happy driving :D
  18. Hello Viper, I've recently changed from a 4 cylinder 1.8 litre to a 5 door black and yes, its a bit noisier and a bit more 'revy' but you get used to it pretty quick. I had a rev counter fitted but that's because I like to know how hard the engine is working at certain speeds and I've always had one in my previous cars. I think that if you think you're over-reving then you probably are a bit. But hey, you'll soon get used to it. Enjoy it. . and don't drag that clutch! ;) Cheers.
  19. Yeah, a good idea - perhaps a bit early to be looking so far ahead but have really noticed the difference re:petrol. 1e sounds right (same for me). Cheers.
  20. Yes, perhaps I should by another one and save a load more!!!!
  21. Refund took about 3 weeks as I recall. It had 5 months tax left to run.
  22. Got to the dreaded 'beep' a while back and put in 31 litres. Reached the 'beep' today at 410 miles and calculated that comes back to 60mpg :bookworm: . Have to say very pleased with that :) If I compare it to how many mpg I got driving my previous car steadily I reckon that's around £40 - £45 saving on petrol since I got the car (end of June). I suppose my fuel economy will vary a bit but as a rough estimate I am looking to save £400 ish a year on fuel. . . add that to the tax which is another £200 ish cheaper ( + £77.00 refund from DVLA) and the insurance and I'm looking at spending £650 - £700 less over the next year to roll along Her Majesty's highway!! :D As long as I have no problems, that =
  23. Throw the petrol tank away. . . . . . . you'll hardly need it
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