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  1. Hello mate i dont think that model has a DMF,if it has and it's faulty you should be able to feel a viabration through the body shell almost like a missfire that's the normal characteristics. Normally you only replace the flywheel if it has excessive movement in it. You can adjust the clutch master cylinder push rod to alter the clutch bite point if the clutch is not slipping.
  2. Would love to have a pic off your G6R at: http://toyota-corolla-g6r-register.webs.com/


  3. Hello mate it looks to me like part of the alarm system maybe a glass break sensor or a radar sensor.
  4. Hello mate are the side skirts genuine toyota or aftermarket,i know normally with toyota side skirts they screw on at the ends in the wheel arches and the centres are bonded with sickerflex if the vehicle is not fitted with them originally.
  5. Hello mate i dont know about the numbers either but i have fitted a black top to a g6r gearbox and im sure the blocks are the same,i know FENSPORT can supply the g6r gearbox's they might be able to tell you.
  6. What sort off tuning are you looking for mate,are you looking for somewhere to buy tuning parts from or looking for someone to do some mapping. There's TDI in essex for tuning parts and mapping, FENSPORT for tuning parts only,SILVERBACK performance in kent for tuning parts only.
  7. If your car has full service history,is less than seven years old and has done less than 100,000 mile toyota should cover that under an extended warranty because some of those engines suffered with oil birning problems and had to have a modified short block fitted to correct the oil burning.
  8. Hello matey have you checked to see if the EFI fuse has blown in the fuse box in the engine bay also while your in there you could check the opperation of the EFI relay which is in the same fusebox i've seen more of those go wrong than distributors and coils on that engine.
  9. Hello mate they should have a little delay after starting before they go out thats normal,if they come on and stay on whilst driving then you have a fault.
  10. Hello mate if the noise goes away when you depress the clutch pedal it will be the thrust bearing on the clutch that is faulty if you had a dry metalic noise when driving that got louder as you increased your speed then it would be a gearbox bearing
  11. Hello mate you could try running a good engine oil flush through it that might help it does sound like the vvt controler is dticking on the camshaft.
  12. Hello matey i have seen a similar thing recently,but not with those codes.The fuel lift pump in the tank has a gause filter on it you may have to remove the lower case of the pump to access it but its only a couple of clips,i have seen a thick black build up that floats in the tank it looks like mould and it gets draw into the fuel pump gause and blocks it causing cutting out and lack of power also it can flag up fault codes for faulty fuel injectors and faulty EDU (electronic driver unit). You can gain access to the pump under the rear seat there is an inspection panel,if you do find that this is the problem after you have cleaned the pump i would advise to replace the fuel filter also
  13. they normally charge between 1 & 1.5 hours for that engine but if you know what you are doing you can change the belt in about half an hour
  14. If you go on the ae111 owners club there are loads of guys on there selling bits,if not there are some breakers on ebay selling parts for levins
  15. Hello matey the cable adjustment is on the left side of the handbrake below the centre console trim,sometimes you can pry the cover over and get to the adjuster if not you will need to remove the centre console to get to it.
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