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  1. Happy Birthday turniphead!

  2. You can live in the IQ......plenty of room. ......or, Sweet-dentist has a caravan you can share by the looks of things.....
  3. All that money spent, and you still have to change those !Removed! orange indicator bulbs!!
  4. Go on, get yourself a supercharger...........you know you want one..... Love the mirrors btw.
  5. Can't wait for the next recall.....:D
  6. Mine does that, Sir.........******.
  7. turniphead

    Aux Cable

    I have an i-pod classic 160Gb linked with a 30cm good quality cable. Works fine for me. Plenty loud enough.
  8. I recently replaced my front tyres with Khumo rubber. Totally eliminated the aquaplaning problems....The Bridgestones are !Removed! dangerous, Mine would slide all over if I hit a puddle even at 40ish MPH.
  9. turniphead


    I parked next to a grey IQ in Waitrose car park in Crowborough today. It was an IQ3 with cream leather seats.
  10. I'm down to 36.7 :( I have been giving it some stick for the last couple of days though.
  11. I've never had any problems like that. Have you tried changing the battery in your key?
  12. There's one main reason that I buy Toyota, that's the fact that they never go wrong. If the reliability record goes, then there's no point in paying the premium. I was quite happy buying Renaults before I got my Yaris, but I've had more trouble from the IQ in a year than I had from my Clio in three. :(
  13. Crap fuel economy. (friend's two litre Mondeo does better!) Crap fuel gauge. Poor interior build and materials. Rattles caused by above. Crap interior light. Very little thought gone into design, eg; rear seat belt stowage, no space for oddments, laughable glove bag, luggage cover etc. .....as you can see, mostly interior related..... apart from that I'm happy enough. Wouldn't buy another though.....or another Toyota.....especially as the climate control is buggering me about already. My previous Yaris gave me no grief at all in over four years, now I'm considering moving next door to my dealer to save on fuel bills!
  14. That's about the same as I get out of my 1.0 CVT. That's mainly on twisty-turney, hilly country roads, with most journeys under ten miles. Did you modify the wheel? I am sooooo jealous on those IQ owner who can drive up to 350miles and getting a 60+mpg figure on a manual one... The difference in official mpg figure between CVT and manual are not as large as the actual figure... I am quite regret to get the CVT version now :( Bog standard wheels, tyre pressures 33psi all round.
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