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  1. Hi 1.4 engine with manual gearbox, serviced within recommended time span using Toyota parts by an independent garage, whom I know, trust and have used for many years.
  2. Hi there, and thanks for you response. They are looking in gearbox failure and I may not get any feedback until next week at least. I am not being unreasonable with my annoyance after such a low milage, I shall see what the garage thinks has caused this fault and post it online.
  3. Can anyone else confirm, or deny, that there is a problem with the gearbox in this model and year of car? As a careful owner of this car, and looking after it, this morning I was in a position of a dangerous driving condition which was later confirmed by garage as a gearbox failure. Having only done 67,000 miles with a diesel powered car I find this quite unacceptable. Looking at some internet posts there appears to be others who have had a similar issue. I am not going to let this one go with the manufacturer and want some answers. So, has anyone got some ideas or similar complaints as I intend to take this further.
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