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  1. I had two new door seals fitted a couple of weeks ago the additional body one ones. They seem fine no leaks at the minute there just two rubber strips that the dealer stick on fingers crossed it stops it.
  2. Well theres me in Chorley, i have a Platinum that doesnt leak anymore :D
  3. I know what you mean i mean the clutch is fully depressed but its had to get the gear engaged. Also some times its hard to put it into second.
  4. Narrow tires are better in the snow!
  5. Whats wrong with the standard system? i listen to old school hiphop and the bass sounds good. And i found that changing over alloys ruins the ride. But its personal choice after all.
  6. Ha i would have been happy with any car that i got bought! i Liked the style of the Aygo over the french and the Toyota has the better resale value. Also on the bad weather comment my Aygo made it to work every day when my bosses clk and xk8 coudnt get off the carpark! and pop's 5 series got stuck in the snow too.
  7. Made the mistake of showing that the wife and the blue's not good enough now! But the last picture with the phones not even the Aygo?
  8. Our 59 plate Blue looks ok thanks Jan! Anyone heard from Mr T yet?
  9. Is the carpet located on the lug? as i said Mr T told me that the recall was because of the carpet. But you could always try double sided tap or maybe some velcro?
  10. Well the french have called in there recall too which must put Toyota in a bad spot. But hey whats uncontrolable pedals got todo with it with it when your honda can catch fire right? But to make it better i found this quote "We understand that the current situation is creating concerns and we deeply regret it," said Tadashi Arashima, the chief executive of Toyota Motor Europe.
  11. Wifes Blue does this but my Platinum doesnt dont see how it could be a Blue problem
  12. Heard that Mr T was recalling in this country so rang the dealer apparently its todo with the carpet creeping forward if its not sat on the lug properly. But i dont know that seems abit trivial for a recall.
  13. Yep boths our aygos leaked one was from the door seal and the other came in from the back of the speaker. But mines leaking yet again but it only seems to do it when i travel after its rained.
  14. Thought that was quite a common problem mines coming off already. Just the long list of stuff thats going to be sorted on the next service.
  15. well i have a platinum and the mrs has the blue i kinda wish i had the bluetooth. Its a really good set up didnt expect it to be as good as it is really.
  16. Well i get around 319 from really ful to the beep dont know how good that is but ive only had it 3months the wifes pretty much the same with the mmt.
  17. Well i had my leaks fixed on both cars and both get ice'd up on the inside. Tried to cool the inside of my car by having the window down for the last part of my trip but made no difference. The Mrs has aircon but no such luxury in mine.
  18. Two Aygos two leaks platinum new door seal and the blues having a membrain fixed behind the door speaker. How would the water get down the door to the speaker?
  19. Safe wading depth for an Aygo?!?! they leak anyway!
  20. The council will only pay out if they know that there is a hole in the road. If its not on the list then they wont pay out or thats what lcc is like but its worth ago.
  21. So i was reversing this morning noticed little silvery trails over the rear sets. On closer inspection i noticed that it was leaking over the nearside passanger window, on the plastic cover over the window so it must leak some where over the middle of the roof any ideas?
  22. Who has it who has not? This only applys to those of us who are have there car on finance :)
  23. Thats gutting for the pair of you, Every experience i have had with the police has had the same outcome well i am sorry sir theres not much we can do about it. The whole systems a joke!
  24. Think i will stick to the aygo designed in japan made in the czech republic! wondered why there was woodshavings in the back :)
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