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  1. with a 3-way front it's more difficult to use the internal amplifier's crossover :-D In my opinion you can switch off the internal amplifier il you don't need it. You can enable it just if you have people behind you, but all professionists says that the rear speakers aren't necessary because when you go to a concert the audio comes from front. I left my original speakers in the rear, connected to the radio, but the internal amplifier is off to increase audio quality. You can try it searching in the setup the "power ic" feature.
  2. I saw that you have a 5 channel amplifier. Have you a 2-way front? In this case I suppose that you are using a channel for sub, 2 for tweeters and 2 for woofers, so you chan change the gaing and the cut point of the filters. I'm planning to ask ti my friends to realyze specific crossover, when I'll have sufficient money... At the moment I used the Imprint Sound to change the temporal retards. Also the sound changed a lot. The eq-system has 80 frequency if I can remember right
  3. P.S. I'm not sure about what I do... I should bring the car to some "friends" that make this things as work. But 1000 euros are just a bit too much for me at the moment... So I bought the noise reduction system that they uses usually. I searched a way for the mask. I spent a lot of time, but at the end I payed less then 70 euros. It's not perfect, but it works fine. The hand made fiberglass mask costs over 200 euros... I also have the 2 woofer's support made with wood, but I haven't time at the moment to adapt them. I don't know how much I'll pay for the specific crossover, but I think that at the end I'll save over 500 euros...
  4. Actually I'm ill. Tomorrow I'll take a look if the weather will be fine... But I don't know what can I make because a lot of pieces are hidden, like the amplifier. It is under my seat but the Verso has a "secret box" under the feet of the rear passengers. So the box hide the amplifier. The crossover are very big. I hide the left one between the steering and the fuses, fixing it with "velcro" (I don't know if it has the same name...). Instead the right-one is hidden behind the drawer
  5. I had just some problems to find a mask. At the end I combined an original Toyota mask and a phonocar mask. There isn't any mask for 2002 Corolla Verso... :( :( :( :( :( I saw your photos. It's like my old Corolla E12 HB. This system was installed on this car before my Verso Here the list of the full system. Some things are from 2 cars ago, but if they works.... Radio: Alpine 9887R with Imprint kit (and internal amplifier off) Front speakers: - tw: ciare CT250 - mi: ciare CM510 - wf: Tec SPL carbon 165 mm - crossover: ciare CF301 (if I remember right... I'm waiting some money to replace them with specific crossover) Rear speskers: not connected Amplifier: Phoenix Gold Octane-R 4x100. 2 ch for front and 2 bridged channel or sub Sub: Focal Polyglass 21v2 with bass reflex box Front doors noise reduction system: - external plate: Dynamat Dynapad (? I'm not sure it's dynapad...) - Internal plate: Dynamat Dynaplate with Dynamat extreme between the dynaplate and internal plate (I had a sheet from the old car)
  6. Show us some pics of the end result, might just help to see what you have done. I've always found pics tell much more than words Unfortunatly I made just some photos because I had to made the works outside, and it was very cold and I had just a bit of time before the sunshine came... It was not so easy to put my hand in a place where neither a japanese hand can arrive.... The second day I had a problem with the right windows (I didn't know that if you disconnect it , you loose the "link" between the windows and the driver console... in my old corolla you just loose the "auto" function if I can remember) anche the imprint sound system (I made an error in the connection)... I can see from your avatar that you made a work like mine, but with a 2 DIN radio. Am I right? A part of the "noise reduction system": The speakers The position of the left crossover The radio, and in the background the right mid-speaker
  7. I replaced the original tweeter and woofer with Ciare and Tec components. The "special part" of the system are the mid-speakers. I don't thin anyone use the can holder under the windscreen. I used a drill so I make a hole in the bottom of the holders, than I put the Ciare Planet mid (you can see the right one in the photo)
  8. I DID IT!!!!!! First of all I bought the original Toyota mask for the original Toyota Navigator TNS. Second I found on Phonocar catalogue the mask to replace on Yaris 07 the TNS (there's a version for 1 DIN and another for 2 DIN radio) and the cables adapter. Then I removed the original radio. It's simple . You pull the air system around the radio and the air conditioning panel. Then you'll find 4 10mm bolts. Unmount the radio from it's support and use it to mount the new radio. I saw that the phonocar mask can't be fixed correctly because it' made for yaris. Fix the radio with the bolts and then fix the phonocar mask by pressure. At the end, mount the air conditioning panel and the TNS mask. At the end, I replaced all front speakers. I put a fono-absorbent in the internal part of the external plate of front doors and then I closed all holes of the internal plate. I used the cans holders to hold the mid speakers. I put the amplifier under the driver's seat and the sub back I hope that my explanation is simple and clear. My english is not so good...
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    New stereo with mid speaker in background
  14. Nope, sorry... This is for the 2007 R1... Probably I found a solution, but I was waiting to check it before. Fo the E12 there's a facial by Toyota for the original navi. I heard by the toyota mechanic that there's an adapter to install a 1-DIN radio in a full map navi slot. It is available in switzerland (6 km far from me), but I don't know if it si the same I have on my Corolla or is another. When the navy's mask will arrive I'll check it and I'll tell you. Bye Fabio
  15. Hi. Does anybody knows if there's any difference (dimension and appearance) between Corolla's full map navi and yaris navi(for example)? Do you know if tu install it on a E12 Corolla I need just to unmount the radio and mount the navi without any adapter? I'm planning a thing (not to replace the original radio with the navi) and I'm studying the situation...
  16. Does anyone know the dimension of the Verso 07 radio? I found just this fascia, and it could be a base for a customized fascia for my E12 Verso...
  17. I was thinking.... 5.25 is approx 13 cm. In my Corolla (hatchback) front loud speaker is 16.5 cm, instead back speakers are 14 cm...
  18. No no.... I've an Alpine 9887 + ampli, sub, and speakers (ciare and tec). I've nothing original about the stereo in my car. Also the cables are all new. The provlemi is the fascia for the Verso... I think that at the end I'll ask to some expert to make a fascia "hand made"
  19. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... it could work... The corolla facia has a wave form, instead the Verso facia is a "cylinder" part. Do tou know if other verso like Avensis has a similar radio?
  20. Thanks. I saw the facia, but it seems to be just for the R1... Is the R1 Verso from 2002? I've the E12 Verso and I don't know if it fits
  21. Hi!. Does anyone replace the original hi-fi system on a E12 Verso? I'm planning to move my system from my old hatchback to my new verso and every idea is welcome...
  22. Hi from Italy. In a days I'll receive a Verso E12. I'd like to move my actual stereo system from my Corolla E12 Hatchback to the Verso. Does anybody already replaced the original Verso stereo system? Are the loud speakers the same size of hatchback one (6.5")? I know that the stereo adapter mask is not the same. The hatchback has a wave form, instead the Verso is rounded. Is there somebody that produce specific mask for 2002 Verso? I've found just hatchback one.... I can search somebody that can realize it, but I think I'll spend more... Thanks Fabio
  23. Hi. Does anyone replaced the original radio with a traditional 1 or 2 din radio? Where did you find the mask? Thanks
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