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  1. They don't all do that sir........crap answer.
  2. macabeus


    No problems here exept after a night/nights standing stil foor a few miles.
  3. macabeus

    Iq Made

    So no fear for bad quality and or assembly (or oil leakage)
  4. Yes i had it installed on delivery.............looks way better and is does cover up the back shocks............makes the car "complete" from behind.
  5. Nope that's not true...................the rust comes back after you park your car (happens within hours and purely surfacerust) Maybe your brakes are mailfunctioning and don't work at front or rearside? then and you must go to your dealer and have them fix it.
  6. Yep absolutely normal........looks worse then it is.............brake once and al the rust is gone.
  7. IF this would be true then return it as it is so horrible faulthy as it can be. :!Removed!:
  8. Well why not try it with your's ? On the picture: to bad about the daylight led's.......otherwise nice picture.
  9. Not in every coutry.......in The Netherlands it's much more expensive then regular fuel. :censor:
  10. Why tint an already tinted glas (or plastic) ;)
  11. Nothing plastic about those glass windows. (would definityly be scratched after a winter ice)
  12. 95 that is. 98 has no effect whatsoever.
  13. In the Netherlands that is.
  14. and why doesn't the rear wipe have intermittent?????? Good question...................it has by the way
  15. Yes your dealer can inform you (and sell them also ;) )
  16. Have them take it in and have them arrange alternative transport for as long as it takes to have it sorted out and fixed.
  17. Try some 185's (This winter?) and feel the difference with the originals..............
  18. Why not try one size wider? Your car will be a much "better" car what handling concerns.
  19. A CVT should be smoother then a conventional automatic transmission. Make a testdrive and see for yourself
  20. Have the dealer check the computer for errorcodes.
  21. macabeus

    Iq2 Fanbelt

    Yep that's the one
  22. macabeus

    Iq2 Fanbelt

    Maybe a marter had bitten in it?
  23. -glove bag is usefull enough. -figures come from an official test and you can never make it in real life (as well as all other carmanufactures) -Have it checked out because something is definitely wrong. -Have it checked out because something is wrong. -User error........it's an very good one in fact. -Have it installed then -Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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