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  1. Thanks, i joined years ago when i had my 53 reg yaris and to my surprise my login still worked :)
  2. I've driven an mid engined rear real drive car before, an MGF, possibly the most unreliable car ever!! Anyway, just bought an MR2 SMT, having never driven a semi auto i just wondered if there was anything i should be on the look out for. I've been reading around for a couple of days and have already taken on board the advice on pre cats and tyres, thanks for all the info. Also wondering what exhausts and induction kits people recommend, thought i'd start small Peter
  3. Hey, I've been away for a few years (since i sold my yaris) go an MR2 now though so i should be around a bit more! anyway, i'm from Wrexham in north wales
  4. I'm just a basic sales cnsultant for the carphone warehouse. Just starting a degree with open university in Computer systems and comunication though :bookworm:
  5. not sure about them, think the yaris looks better on multi spokes
  6. Have to agree too, although my T3 isn't very standard any more ;)
  7. I've got my car lowered onto 17's and don't really have a problem unless i go like an idiot at a speed bump
  8. after weeks of nagging of my girlfriend about my driving and how she gets chucked about i've decided i need to invest in some bucket seats to shut her up! they need to tilt cause its a 3 door. Any suggestions? and body got and pics? Thanks Peter
  9. sorry if everyone's heard it, only just found it.
  10. burberry song take a couple of mins to download, really funny!
  11. the induction kit is a, Greddy Airinx B Type you can find a pic of it here can't wait to get it!
  12. pic's wil be coming shortly, just need to give my car a good wash first!! I've definetly been bitten, I think lexus lights are next!
  13. At last i've got my first mod's on my car!! I got a mongoose cat back exhaust first which sounds really nice, not too loud but makes a nice purr! Then i got some fox 3 evo's, 17's in titanium! and i've decked it with some g-maxx lowering springs! I've also bought an induction kit from envy performance so that should be here within the next couple of weeks!!! :D
  14. I managed to get my dealer to give me my first service free (including parts) that are included in a normal service, I'll only have to pay if something else needs change :D
  15. I've got a 1.3 T3. And the engine upgrade from a 1.0L to a 1.3 was only £300 more from my local dealer
  16. If it fits the 1.3 then count me in.
  17. i live about 10 miles away from demon tweeks and I had the day off today so i thought i'd go down and have a look. I went to the counter because I wanted to see if they had any induction kits for the Yaris. The bloke replies yeah pipercross do one so I specifically told him it was for a 1.3 and he said yeah it'll fit no problem so off I go now. Get home, fit it and guess what couldn't close the bonnet. Get back speak to a women tell her what happened she basically calls me a liar :ffs: :censor: and because the book says it fits then it must do. I suggest that it may fit the pre facelift 1.3 Yaris and I finally get a refund. I explained i still wanted a filter if they could get one and now I have to ring her tomorrow. I then went to halfords who were a lot more helpful. But still no kit :(
  18. You've probably all seen this but just in case RS Turbo
  19. I'll be there in my Yaris 1.3. I'll even drag my mate Mark down if i can stop him cleaning his avensis :D
  20. The big day is nearly upon us. 10 a.m in the morning i go to pick up my brand new yaris, I can't wait, only 11 hours to go :D :D :D
  21. I got a bank loan for my matiz an paid for it on my switch card.
  22. I'm trading my matiz in for a yaris T3 1.3 mine's silver, Hopefully It'll come tomorrow, I'm really excited. The insurance is not a lot of difference. I paid £8,900 for mine then had the £1000 off aswell. :D
  23. searching for bodykits for my new yaris when it arrives next week and I came across this site, Through Goggle of course.
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