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  1. i just done a trip to newcastle from here its 296 miles,and it cost me £60,and i took the dump valve off on the way there to see if that makes any differance,it didnt i had to do another £60 on the way back,,,,,, on the way back i was doing about 70/80 mph so was not hakking it to much, only thing is i drove it up a few months ago and got there on just over half a tank,needs to be set up on the rollers i think......
  2. ermmmmmmmmmmm ooppsi sorry
  3. i have a gt4 st 185,i have just drove up to newcastle and back and it cost me £60 each way,i put £40 in when i left and had to put another £20 in to get me there. so i did the same onthe way back and got 156km out of £20,that was driving at 70/80 mph. that seems a lot to me so what do u lot get for £20, also i have a cold start sensor from a different celica in at the moment as i could'nt get one from a gt 4 before i went,and i have been told that it could make the car run on choke all the time????????? i would have thought a cold start sensor is mostley the same in a ll the celicas,i am probably wrong tho..............
  4. no i forgot everything................ it was a nightmare,having to take the other side off to see how it went together.......
  5. i pay 450 tpft,with all the mods listed and i did have 5 points,they have gone now tho, try egg insurance they are good also liverpool victoria......
  6. wooooooooo hooooooooooooo all done what a pig.... the thing does go together but it is a nightmare,it was easyer when i had the other one to look at,they do go in but you have to put 1 in then move it round ect ect.... all done now,next job is the other side wheel baiering,i hope it's not as bad as that.. cheers for all the help........
  7. well still cant get the thing in the right way,i can get the whole thing back together and in the knucle but there is no movement in it,so when i put it back on the car it sits to high to get the suspention on,so i have took the other side off to look at,and that side slides up and down very freeley on the knucle so there must only be 1 way it all goes togethre i am gonna do the rest tomorrow, cheers for the help i will post up some pics if i ever get it sorted!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. its the end on the gearbox side,it just all fell out when i took it off???????? i am sure we have had it appart before when we done the clutch,but it seems realy hard to get together now cheers ivan...........
  9. i had to change the gaytor on my driveshaft,so i took the whole thing out to make it easy for myself.. when it was out the 6 ballbairing's and the cage thing came off so did the big knuckle thing on the end,i done the gaytor and went to put it all back together again and it took me ages to do it,i just could'nt work out what way they went in ,i got it done then put it all back together,then fitted the hub and everything else back on the car took it out of the garage very slowley and up the lane a bit then all the balls fell out into the gaytor???????????also if you have any pics it would be great......... can someone please tell me how to put it back together as i need to do it by tomorrow night as i am going to newcastle for newyear........
  10. right final times are as follows......... peasepottage meet 6.00pm leave 6.30pm... toddington m1 meet at 6.15pm leave 6.45pm... north circular(a 406) the bp garage at the wood lane turn off,opposite the seat dealers meet at 6.00pm leave at 6.30pm..... toddington and the north circ will be going to thurrock services, and peasepottage will goto clacketts lane(anti clockwise)....... hope you all have a good night.........
  11. here is the flyer http://www.cruise-south.co.uk/vb/attachmen...entid=267&stc=1
  12. cheers for changing it and its a cruise,but there will be no peds there.,............ and it's organised by people who have been cruising/organising for 10+ yrs
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