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  1. Best person to talk to about this swap is Tim (Sera Beetle) as he did an auto to manual swap in his sera with his new engine! Hope that helps!
  2. Hi mate and welcome. As for the question to the US spec lights, is there a difference??!? If it is that they are just red then a simple solution would be to get some light tint spray to save the hassle. As for the rear strut, i havent got a clue to be honest, i dont know how many cabrio's we've got on here to help to find out what sort of space there is in the back!
  3. I love the car and love the pics!! Great shots mate!! Love it!
  4. ok ok, thats true!!! :P Although they only changed the front bumper as the skirts and rear pods are completely different!
  5. If your talking about mine scutch0 i dont think mine will go on as its a gen 2 kit but i do believe that x-racing also do a gen 1 kit which is pretty much the same!!! Cheers, Matt
  6. me old tricks!!! lol Got another shoot soon too!!!
  7. There you go mate!!! Theres a couple of the ladies! Cant wrap them up but can always bring back some memories!!
  8. Yeah soz will get onto it now!!! Sorry fella!
  9. think it might be about his ickle engine prob!! lol
  10. they all came with that mad interior and best option is a retrim. They dont cost that much but you pay for what you get so research into the best places to get it done! You can put other seats in the Paseo as DazH has done but i think that to do this you need lots of power tools, a helpful friend, lots of time and a lot and i mean a lot of patience!!
  11. lol, cheers Riko that means a lot coming from you as i know how anti style before power you are!! Yes i know that maltese one as that was the reason i decided to kit my Paseo and that was the reason i got decals too!! lol Still got that feature, that has got to be my fav issue of max and for that feature only!!! lol
  12. Yes Riko you love the thought of a kitted Paseo as much as the thought of losing ones manhood!! lol
  13. I've seen loads and a few modded ones too!!! well mine, Oli's and Wellers and a few with booster kits!! lol Seen a galliano too only seen a few of them tho! Weirdest thing is tho that most people dont recognise mine as a seo anymore as i get some really weird looks when i speak to the Paseo owners in my area!
  14. Right the white one is a Veilside style MR2 kit cut and made to fit owned by a bloke called Weller who bought it of a garage after another TOC member modded it like that. The green one has the same kit as me mate! Thats the X-Racing 'xxx' kit however i think that they are now calling it the millenium 2 kit?!? Hopw that helps, if you want any pics of that green one let me know as i can supply pics of mine as i dont have many of the green and i also have a few of the white one aswell! lol
  15. Yup as i thought all booster tuning kit. Front and rear lips, skirt, and thats even got the high rise and top window spoiler! Go to www.boostertuning.com and they are all the bits on that pic! Hope that helps! Matt
  16. hmmmm shall i come to get shown up in mine!!! lol
  17. cant see pic but if its only front and rear spoiler and skirts i'd assume that it'd be the booster tuning kit as i dont know of any other front and rear lips that you can get!!
  18. They are the 17 inch toora T940 rims in silver!!! Ripspeed also do their own version of these! They look lovely and i like those TSW rims too i think they look hot but if you aint got a kit go for 17's honestly mate they will look big enough and slide straight on! 15in sub will be ok but dont forget the boots are small in the Paseo and fitting a 15 in will not go in in a premade box. The 12inch boxes only just fit and that look big in the boot! what about a dual 12inch sub idea if your wanting big bass??
  19. to be honest mate the more important thing when looking at new alloys is lowering the car! Either way your gona need to lower it on 17's and !7's + or you will be driving a Paseo 4x4!! lol 17's on a Paseo looks big enough without much of a kit as it looks better and wont kill the performance too much. 18's would look huge without a kit on a seo. There is a bloke from team-paseo.nl called Ronnie who has a Paseo on 18's and they look huge.Look how high that sits and dont forget thats lowered and its got skirts on!!! Oli has 18's on his insane blue Paseo and they look huge. 19's although i am planning on them myself, they will make the car handle worse than a bath tub on coasters!! It will require major arch work and bodywork to get it to turn!! I would never have thought about it unless the car is going to be used for show purposes as you wont be able to use it on a daily basis with them on! Simple as! Too much strain on the cars components! Sorry if this seems a bit harsh but unfortunatly its the truth and dont forget chomes in the UK takes a look of looking after as they pit so easily!! They will need daily car to last and i mean daily care!!!! My mate is tribute to that after putting chromes on his wide arch corsa! If you need any advise on fitting 18's(or 19's) let me know and i'll speak to oli!!! Here was mine when it was pretty much stock lowered 40mm on 17's Mine kitted with 17's Oli's blue paseo and Ronnie's Silver Paseo
  20. haha, Well i hope mine will look awesome alongside Oli's!! Its got an induction kit and Nitrous i think thats it under the bonnet tho! Most mods to the car are show related and that is the way im gona go too!
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