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  1. Seriously though, never had a problem with it. I always remember the fiat punto suffered from that all the time. I remember it being a big issue and remember the phrase watchdog (on the BBC) used as their headline for that problem... You cant get any spirit into your punto! I loved that headline as it was very clever . (incase you dont remember the fiat ads, it said "spirito de punto" love it. The "fix" people found was to insert the pump upside down and it worked for most affected cars. Perhaps try that. I believe the real problem was a thin tube that went to the tank and the pump was too quick for it.
  2. And what about the fuel pump??????:P :P :P :P :P sorry, could not resit that one! :P :P
  3. 2 RPM gauges would be much more useful. I would like a second one. The basic one is not visable (in the line of sight) when pushing the car really hard. I dont like taking my eyes off the road to watch the rev gauge when going hard. Its those couple of seconds in 2nd or 3rd at the top end of the rev range when you want maximum but dont want to hit the limiter and you want to time it right. For 99% of the time in normal driving you dont need 2 though... I love those alloys though! Shame you didnt climate control and those others things with a 20k car but im sure its the last thing on your mind when going round the corners! Luv it.
  4. I use mine every week when shopping. I just use it as i go into aldi 1st to get fruit, veg etc and then go to morrisons. It keeps the sun off (well only when sunny of course) You can still see the bag from the drivers window but i dont mind that so much as if you have the cover on, there must be something to hide/steal or you would not be using it! As you can see its fruit/veg i would hope (touching wood) that nobody would want to steal it. It is pretty useless really though. Oh and it does sometimes pop off at one corner as it is a stretch fit but it is taught and not saggy. At least it matches the seats...
  5. that car was the renault clio. I had one of those at the time. To be fair, the catch was really flimsy and made of plastic but if you lubed it, it was fine.
  6. I could never imagine toyota making a car with a brake problem! Imagine if they did, they would have to get Mr toyota to apologise to everybody and insist it will never happen again. Confidence would be shaken in the company. It would be even worse if it was to happen to their most advanced car like the Prius it would be all over the news! ;) Oh wait a minute... :P Bad week for Mr T.
  7. i have a cube from july as well. No noise from suspension at all. 2000 miles done so far only though. What sort of milage do you other drivers have that have the noise?
  8. eco9rat

    Mpg Display

    just wondering, if they make a note of the milage in the book and the car is reset, doesnt that mean you just wait until the last month of your warrenty, get it it changed for the working unit, have the milage set at zero, get the book filled in, get your 1st MOT done showing zero or maybe a few thousand miles, accidently lose the book and sell the car as basically new just saying "i only drive to the shops once a week in it, sorry, i lost the book, im really careless like that!" and sell it with a fake milage that the MOT confirms is true????? Just adjust this a few thousand miles to make it look realistic and jobs a good'un. I MUST SAY THIS OF COURSE IS ILLEGAL OBVIUOSLY but am thinking about people buying second hand iq cars in the future. I know there would be obvious signs a 30k milage car would have of wear if it said 1k on the computer but think in say 5 years when a car that should have done 10k per year (so 50k should be on display but it says 20k and was kept in a nice condition i dont think i could tell them apart. I think toyota needs to be re-setting the milage on the new unit to stop this. Its easy enough on the correct computer im sure. Even all above board and legal, when you sell a car i would be put off buying one that hade more milage than the gauge shows. Will this have a knock on effect on the iq value? I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR I AM NOT ENDORSING THIS, DO NOT DO THIS AND GENERALLY WISH NOBODY TO EVER DO THIS AND DONT WANT ANYBODY TO TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY i just wanted to raise an issue that may be arrising.
  9. I have never had that. It always resets as soon as you refuel. see what others say
  10. thats.....thats....erm.... different...
  11. maybe i missed something but my doors dont lock automatically. You have to press the door lock button next to the window opening buttons to lock ot from inside. It would be better if they did lock when you starty driving, like my clio used to.
  12. Well, i wondered that as well. I presume just the re-enforcing thing but its hard to tell. The roll bar looks nice though!
  13. They do take a while to warm up. This is because the engine does not use much fuel in running so not much heat from petrol at any one time to warm up. Its the price you pay for fuel economy im afraid.
  14. yeah, all come with one. should have come in a bag. yes you have to take popers off and then popper the cover on.
  15. I saw those too. Thought price seemed ok but then the shipping was huge. Add to that VAT (which will have gone up by time they get here) and its far too much money for me. When these things get cheaper i will definately get some (mainly for engine bling of course) . I would however not get the rear strut brace unless for racing as it looks like you cant get to the rear storage bin which is really handy and then you cant get to parts below it etc so not practical. If it turns out it sits higher than it looks then maybay i would.
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