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  1. Have you see this one ? http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1593001.htm
  2. I would back that comment up from mchunkers, get a decent discount and go for a minter, it's not always about price, save a few hundred maybe but it could cost you later, condition and history is everything. You know they run on 98+ octane I take it ? Can be a bit of a pain, don't know what it's like in N Ireland for getting super, Tesco 99 is by far the best I find.
  3. Think it is but i'm never going to admit to having a german part on my car, shhhhhhh
  4. That's a shame.........lol Looks like we don't get individual numbers then like on a Type R, was just wondering, thanks for the reply.
  5. 2006 Compressor - Purchased July 2009
  6. imattersuk

    TTE Compressor

    Corolla TTE Compressor 2006
  7. Why is it a shame ? Evo's have 4 doors and it looks a damn site better than one of those, no shopping trolley handle on the back for a start :D Stunning car modified very well indeed.
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