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  1. Wrong. I have fitted / replaced several on Subaru WRC cars. You'll never hear a World Rally Car going pssshhht because they don't run piston valves on the whole. They run a valve system that flutters. Let's not forget that many rally cars also run antilag to keep the turbo spinning. Antilag does a great job but beats the living daylights out of turbos and manifolds. Some may well not use BOVs but I say some not all. These people have budgets that far out weigh the average road going person. If they have no good then why were they ever produced? Why did they run on cars at Le Mans this year? Performance + Longevity. Rally cars can can change bits every few stages if needs be. Road going cars are not subjected to the same extremes and BOVs add to turbine shaft life by reducing stress. The real arguement is whether you can fit a VTA or recirculating BOV. This is largely dependant on whether your ECU uses a Lamda probe or AirFlow Meter to monitor fuel points and quantities.
  2. dosenöffner


    Think he might be in NZ. ;)
  3. PMSL "I swerved several times before finally hitting him." "I pulled out of my drive and was hit by the bus. I feel the bus was to blame as he was early." "I pulled into my drive and hit a tree, only to find it was not my drive nor my tree."
  4. Standard Landrover fix was to fit a louder stereo.
  5. There is a yellow ST205 GT4 parked across the road. They asked to use my STi2 about a year and a half ago but aI blew the motor a few weeks before they wanted it. :( I work next store.
  6. Could be to do with your internet security settings. Work allowed it before and now they don't (the site they are on that is). BenHurBrakes.com
  7. I actually saw the Elise on Barry Boys on the M1 up near Notts / Milton Keynes way the other week.
  8. And you'll see me parked outside Sunhill nick. :P
  9. Clicky to the picture incase they don't allow direct linking of images. http://community.webshots.com/s/image7/5/3...22HfdXSo_ph.jpg I don't much like them. Best left for chariot racing I think.
  10. I saw a Subaru bonnet scoop on an MR2 the other day. Um.... the engine's in the back buddy, His icecream would still be cool when he got home though.
  11. Fix Or Repair Daily Loads Of Trouble Usually Serious BMW Clitoris - Every :censor:'s got one (formally the Ford Cortina).
  12. From various tests I have carried out on a dyno a Max Power sticker is good for 50hp. Not having checked a Bailey sticker I can on hazard a guess at seeing an increase in the region of 85 - 100hp depending on colour / text size and placement on the car. Placement is more critical than the other points as incorrect placement may upset the cars balance and the geometry would need to be reset.
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