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  1. We had the exact same problem a few months ago. We could not unlock our car on our driveway. My girlfriend called out the AA as I was at work. He opened it with the key, drove it 200 metres up the road, and tried arming and dis-arming it. It worked fine. Drove it back to our driveway and the fob wouldn't work again. AA bloke said must be interference from a new mast or something. The problem has since disappeared and not done it again.
  2. Hi all, I need a new aerial and aerial base for our Rav4 4.3 (2006). Basically, somebody forget to unscrew the mast before taking it through a car wash. :o Can I just buy a universal one that's not amplified or does the Rav4 come with an amplified aerial? Thanks.
  3. Hi there, Sounds like an identical problem that we have just had fixed on our 2006 XT4. Toyota put it down to the water in Sainsburys diesel. They fitted a new fuel filter (which was probably due anyway) and cleaned out the EGR valve (which I had only done 4 months ago). Total cost - £199. All fixed though and running great. Hope you get it sorted.
  4. Thanks for your responses. The fuel had been bought from a supermarket so I guess this could contribute to it. Toyota have come back after inspecting the car saying it's got a partially blocked fuel filter and the EGR valve needs cleaning. It DIDN'T come up with any fault codes on their reader, apart from low fuel pressure readings. I'm happy to let them change the fuel filter (about £90 all in) as this probably needs doing around now anyway, but I'm a bit hesitant to pay them another £100 just to remove and clean the EGR valve. I only did it 6 or 7 months ago in the summer. Can they really cl
  5. Hi all, As the title suggests, our Rav4 D4D (4.3 XT5) has developed a fault since the temperatures have plummeted here in the UK. After the engine has warmed up for about 10 minutes, the car struggles through the rev range, kangarooing as you try and increase the revs. It has happened all day today and has now got to the point where it is un-driveable. It gets worse under load - ie. when going up hill. No lights come up on the dash and it's not the wheels spinning or traction control kicking in. Anyone have any ideas before we give it to Mr Toyota? Someone suggested water in the fuel tank. Doe
  6. We had the AA out this morning due to another problem but that it is all sorted now. While the guy was here he asked for the spare key and checked both fob batteries - they were both showing as good voltage. The spare key was just not arming or dis-arming the remote central locking or alarm so he said it just needs re-programming. I can find lots of info on the web for older Rav's but not our model. If it's anything like other cars it will be a sequence of about 10 steps, opening then shutting doors, turning on/off the igntion etc etc.
  7. Hi, Our spare key fob has stopped working for some reason. There is still life in the battery, but it just won't lock or unlock the doors remotely. I have tried searching the web but can't seem to find any instructions on how to reprogramme the key for this model of Rav4. Does anyone know if it can be done, or do I have to take it to a dealer? Many thanks.
  8. It's not that bad at all really but quotes are about £200 for repair. I just thought if I could get a new one for around that price and fit it myself.
  9. Hi All, Can anyone recommend anywhere (other than direct from Toyota) that can supply me with a new rear bumper for a 2006 XT4?? I can't seem to find anywhere else that does them. (The girlfriend had a small arguement with a parked Audi S3, only 2 weeks after I'd fitted new reversing sensors!!)
  10. Thanks!! After 20 mins of looking for my multi meter, I discovered it was the red/blue wire (on the passenger side). To be honest, most of the ones on e-bay are the same, just with additional bits like visual aids etc. I went for a basic 4 sensor system which beeps and it works great. The colour match for our dark grey Rav was spot on! All for around £18.
  11. Hi all, I started fitting a set of reversing sensors off of e-bay today. All went well til it got too dark to connect the wiring up. Does anyone know what colour the reversing light +ve feed is? Or if not, does anyone have a wiring diagram they can send me a link to? It's a 2006 XT4. (I have tried searching previous threads but no one has mentioned what colour the wire is!) :) Many thanks
  12. I hope so too as our car has just developed a slow puncture and so needs changing at the weekend.
  13. Big Kev, Do you still have a filter for a 2006 2.2 D4D? If so, can you PM or something as I'm very interested :D Thanks.
  14. Really??? I've just tried to find these but the cheapest and only one I can see on there is £80. Can you do us a link to them? Cheers. :)
  15. Thanks a lot guys, just what I was after. Reckon I'll fit it myself, that way I only have myself to blame if it goes !Removed! up. The instruction booklet seems quite good.
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