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  1. harvey


    golf arches on the AE86 will try to get other pics without as many reflections
  2. No the MR2 has a glass roof wheras the AE82 is a sliding steel panel. It is the same sunroof panel as the RA61 celica 1982-85 and the 2.8 Supra 82-85
  3. harvey


    Where do you look? I tried everywhere and the only option was new quarter panels from toyota!
  4. harvey


    will try and get pics tomorrow, got arches from hadrian car panels
  5. I have used a mk 2 granada sill on my 1000, looks fine although it was about 18 inches too long :D I have the p/n of wings bonnet and front panel which was still available from toyota 3 years ago pm me for more info.
  6. harvey


    Mk 2 golf arches are better than the escort ones, I have fitted both and the golf is the better profile.
  7. Crofty We went for a conventional solid flywheel as the fix for the brothers hi-lux,that was over 40k ago and its been fine with no obvious difference in the way it drives,vibration and so on, also its a lot cheaper option!
  8. If your lucky it will be the release brg,but if the noise is more than engine noise it could be a more serious matter of the dual mass flywheel internals breaking up. I experienced this in my brothers Hilux 2.8 after about 160000 miles on a vehicle which had been worked hard with a lot of heavy towing. Good luck with the diagnosis and keep us informed.
  9. harvey

    St182 Ecu Wanted

    ECU p/n 89661-2B220 wanted for jap import ST183 convertible with 4WS. Same one as fitted to most manual GTR's
  10. There is a few still around in The Toyota Enthusiasts Club, including my wifes that I have been promising to restore for quite a few years now. cheers Harvey
  11. yes guys your right mr2 mk1 wont fit even though there RWD as they use AE82 corolla FWD hubs. To recap any front engine 4 stud RWD wheels will fit.
  12. Any RWD 4 stud toyota wheels ie supra 2.8i,corolla 1.6 gt coupe and any RWD celica variant wheels fit.
  13. I had the same problem on a N plate with 120k,ran fine when cold then dropped a cylinder when warm, I replaced one injector and no problems since. As previous post when warm check resistance on suspect injector to comfirm the fault. cheers Harvey
  14. managed to get MK2 golf arches which look a lot nearer than the escort arches, will know better after an afternoon with the angle grinder and mig welder
  15. This has probably been discussed many times before,but what is the nearest wheelarches available aftermarket for the AE86. Some say mk3 escort but is there any others that match the profile even better? thanks Harvey
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