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  1. Thumb rule is that every -10 degrees drop the tyre pressures by 0.1. I've usually put 0.5 over the recommended pressures. And we Finns know about winter driving ;)
  2. It will go out after some time and a few starts without problems. If the problem reappears i would take the car in for checking the fault codes.
  3. No roof rails with Skyview, if you select it roof rails will be dropped out. That was the case with pre-facelift also and it hasn't changed in the facelift. Your salesman is talking rubbish.
  4. You mean when the car is moving? Oh but it does work. You need to keep it pulled and after a second or two it starts to break. This is a safety feature that is in ALL cars with electronic handbrake. It's there if the normal brakes have a problem, you then at least have some brakes available. Try it, works. You can even do handbrake turns on slippery surfaces ;)
  5. Pull the light switch towards you after you've shut the engine. That activates the follow-me home function. Each pull adds an additional 30secs up to 2 minutes.
  6. You'll also need the receiver antennas near both front doors and the boot door for the key to be identified by the system. Also new door handles, most likely a wiring loom and in worst case an upgraded "comfort" module. Probably is possible but is not very cost-wise to do unless you get the parts practically for free. Lot of labor to install the parts as you need to strip down doors and the roof paneling. Also most of the dashboard needs to be dismantled to get access to computer module.
  7. My previous T27 Avensis had electronic handbrake as standard and during the three year ownership I had zero problems with it. Toyota has refined their electronic handbrake quite well I think. Rav4 had a normal handbrake. And so has the the new Verso.
  8. Hmmm...Interesting. I thought the finish was very good especially compared to the previous tractor design cabin ;). Also the drivers seat was excellent. Very good support for the feet. But I,'m just 176cm tall so might be that for longer people it's not that good. My previous T27 Avensis had a far worse drivers seat. But there's still some quite rude elements in the cabin that makes this stand out as a SUV. I had a look at the new Verso in the showroom and boy that car had some nice interior design. The new nappa leather steering wheel felt good under your hands :)
  9. Yes, the 2.2 D4D 150ps manual with Premium trim level is around 46k euros. Of course on top of that you need some sort of engine heater, winter tyres and alloys for them + most people buy towball also as we Finns like to drive around with a carriage. So that is around 1700 - 3000 euros more. Total will be close to 50 000 euros. In the premium there's pretty much everything you would ever imagine. Full leather, electric seat adjustment with memory for the driver, satnav with local audio guidance, auto dim mirror + rain sensors, HID lights, keyless system, power tailgate, 18" alloys, rearview camera + parking sensors to the rear. Plus on the premium you can choose an optional safety pack which includes lane depature warning, automatic main beam and blind spot monitor. Only thing missing is the panoramic roof, but that's a very small minus. The car taxes here are terrible (not as bad as in Denmark though). But using the car is pretty cheap. There's an annual road tax of around 150 euros for gasoline cars and for the diesels you need to pay an extra diesel tax of about 500 euros on top the road tax per year. Insurance with full coverage is around 500 euros per year. Leaving stuff out from your cars is pretty lame in my opinion. Why leave out HID lights for example? I just can't understand the reason for that.
  10. It seems they're really stripping stuff out from the UK market. Here in Finland the car is loaded with most of the goodies as standard. Got around to test drive the new Rav4 two days ago. The car was 2.0 petrol automatic, Active with Business pack (HID headlights, power tailgate and electrically folding mirrors). Car also has full Toyota Touch 6.1 with satnav as standard. And yes, the car has LED lamps in the rear and nice LED DRLs on the front lamp cluster. They should not be any different in the UK market either??? What comes to the car itself. Well, I'm sold. I did not like the car initially, I mean the looks. But now when I saw the car in nature, it's a good looker. Especially in white it was really good looking car. Interior design has jumped from the previous tractor design enormously. Every material in the car is well thought and very well finished. Lot of soft touch materials. And the leg room on the back seat is HUGE. It's on the same field as in the Skoda Superb. Also the luggage are is big. Now this car is something that can be thought as a family SUV. And for the first time Toyota has managed to make a drivers seat with enough support for the feet. The seat was comfortable and had stuffing in all the right places. Also the height adjustment is big now so I would guess 99% will get a suitable driving position with ease. On the road the biggest thing noticeable was how quiet the car was. There was virtually no tyre noise and engine sound was well insulated. Only in tight accelerations you could hear the engine, but it was still quite subtle. Steering response has also improved and now there is response. You can feel where the front wheels are pointing pretty well. On the previous models there was basically no response or feel at all. Or the feel was quite artificial. What I did not like was the size of the back window. It is SMALL. Also the lack of panoramic roof is quite poor business decision. Yes, I know. Not many people would choose it, but still there are some who would like to have it. The children love it. I'll definitely have another spin with that car, but with a diesel manual as that would be the car of my choice. I was quite impressed with the car, so will definitely have a closer look in due time.
  11. My previous 2009 T27 Avensis with the standard 6disc audio unit did not play BT audio. There was no capability in it for that. Normal phone bluetooth functions worked fine though. I'm pretty sure that the Avensis did not have that feature in the standard 6disc player ever. Verso got it later on. Rav4 and Avensis got the feature after they were updated with Toyota Touch system.
  12. Yes it has. I've seen it and touched it in person :)
  13. Seems so. I called our local Toyota dealer out of interest and this feature is only on Prius+ it seems. Normal Prius does not have this feature anymore it seems. I wonder why.
  14. Interesting. In Finnish Toyota Prius/Prius+ brochures it states that the navigation arrows on the HUD are visible on the Premium (the best) trim level. Others will only have the HUD with speed and some other info but no nav arrows.
  15. Same thing was already on later model T27 pre-facelift. Had one as a courtesy car. Yes, it did have an effect on wind noise. It was much more subtle than on my car which did not have that black triangle thingy.
  16. When DPF burn cycle is activated it should show a constant fuel increase. It should not spike like that. The D-CAT system has an extra injector that injects fuel into the exhaust system at suitable intervals. That could cause the spikes. I'm just guessing here but I'd still presume that it should show up as a longer spike and in more reduced intervals. It should not do it like that. I would say that a tuning box most likely won't solve this problem as it is more likely a problem with the fifth injector or a bug in the ECU software itself. I would take the car to Toyota dealership especially if it is still under warranty. People with D-CAT engines can probably help you more.
  17. Pay attention to the DPF burn cycles. If you see increased amount of DPF burn cycles then you'll know that the box is most likely overfueling the engine. If not then no problem. And of course the setting you have the box on affects this. Higher setting = more fueling. There is a point with a stock boost where the extra fuel is not been burnt anymore as no more air is getting in. This is bad as the unburned fuel is flowing directly to DPF. But with rail pressure and boost controlled box, it might turn out that the DPF burn interval is increased. That is what I've noticed with the TMC box. Compared to stock the DPF burn intervals are pretty much doubled. And my driving is 95% urban. I had Kingos box on my previous car (´09 2.0 D4D DPF Avensis) and it gave a very FIERCE power increase. It is not adjustable but it works and it works reliably. The power increase was very very smooth and there was a lot of it. From the outside Kingos box and the TMC box are pretty much identical. TMC is adjustable, Kingos is not (at least the T180 box was not). And what is the most important factor at least for me, is that they both are 100% weather proof and use standardized automotive connectors. I've also tried a Pro-Bitz box on my current car. I had it installed for 5000kms and it also worked. For £99 piggyback box it was a bargain. Was also good but I wanted to make sure that the DPF is not having too much strain and went on to TMC. The Pro-Bitz box is also weatherproof and their support works flawlessly. I had to change the box as it broke down after a 1000kms or so. They replaced the box without any hiccups. I would recommend this over Racechip anyway if the price is what matters.
  18. And you're getting this value from brim to brim or from trip computer? You do know that fooling the rail sensor with a piggyback box changes the reading to not reliable. My car shows 7.5l/100km but when doing the math from brim to brim it is more like 8.5l/100km. It is less than without the box but the trip computer is not to be trusted anymore.
  19. For the new 2.0 D4D there is a remap available. By respectable tuners so it's not a fake. Copy from website of one of the tuners : Toyota 2010- Stock Tuned 2.0 D4D DPF 93 kW/126 Hp 310 Nm 114 kW/155 Hp 385 Nm Price is more expensive than normal cars. About double the price. As what comes to tuning boxes. You get what you pay for. Tunit box is a little bit differently priced than Racechip. :) And I can say from a very very bad experience that Racechip is a waste of money. Their product sucked and their customer support sucked even more. I'm still skeptical about boxes that just change the fueling. They do tend, no matter how cheap or pricey they are, to overfuel the engine. More expensive boxes do it less as their calculation algorithms are a lot better usually, but cheap boxes are basically having a constant correction factor that changes the fueling. So from idle to high revs, same correction. If the box controls boost pressure also, that at least makes sure that the air/fuel ratio is been kept correct at all times. So basically overfueling should not happen. Very good meter of quality on these boxes is how they're been built. If the box is having PC serial connectors that do not have any kind of weather protection, that tells that the corners have been cut at some point. Good quality boxes only use automotive standard connections and cabling that are 100% weather proof and the box itself usually weights like a ton.
  20. From experience, Racechip sucks. Does not work with Piezo injector Toyotas and you can kiss your DPF goodbye after longer use. Racechip only increases rail pressure with constant correction factor. So from idle to rev limit it's the same increase. Not good. As the boost is not increased like with Kingos chip, it will overfuel the engine and eventually it will clog the DPF and D-CAT system.
  21. So so ? Money doesn`t grow on trees ya know, the kits aren`t free and I haven`t won the lottery ! Yes, quite true. And sorry, I did not mean to be rude, just ha ha funny :)
  22. So? The Hilux also likes the extra power I'd presume :)
  23. So have you made up your mind about the box? I've now had the tmc box bolted on for a few weeks and still very very happy with it. I'm using the box on setting 8 out of 9. I did drive the car with setting 9 for some time but it was too spiky. With 8 the power delivery is incredibly smooth and there is A LOT of it. I can recommend this box but again I also can recommend the Parts-kings box. With the box on my car now feels something that it should've felt like from the factory.
  24. Piece of crap. Had one in my 2.0 d4d piezo injector Avensis and it only produced a very slight increase in power. What it was good at was enabling the limp home mode. It was constant with this chip. I cannot recommend it.
  25. Have you checked all the fuses that they're ok? Sounds like you have a short to ground somewhere. Check your wiring harnesses under the bonnet.
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