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  1. 6?? thats crazy! I do not know which number mine is. I bought that car with 30.000km on the clock and now i have 60.000 and it happend 2 times! i have spoken with someone from tte and he told me that they have forgotten! to remove the pipe u see on my pics. The frustration was that i only got a little fairnes from Toyota first time and i had to pay 600 euros for repair. Just 1 month after warranty.... Its an constructional fault and toyota even do not want to know something about that. :censor:
  2. Hello everybody, here are many CTS-C drivers so i just wanted to know if anyone here had the same problems as i had. History: in 2008 i noticed a knocking noise at the front of my exhaust. After some weeks and many visits at the dealer i got disco light in my dashboard. Converter defective... Reason --> in front of the catalytic converter the guiding plate was broken. Its a smaller pipe which is welded inside. So i got a new exhaust from toyota and now after one year and 15.000km(9320 miles) i realized again the knocking noise. This time i did not go to the toyota dealer, because i already would have same ***** and pay many $$$ for nothin. So i went to an other garage and told them what to do. I have informations that this pipe is just usefull for the CTS not for The CTS-C. It works for the CTS like an fan-type exhaust pipe but its useless for a compressor and also a weakpoint. Now i have cut the part with the pipe inside and replaced it with an empty pipe. Here are two pic's of this installed pipe. Just Mobilephone pic's but u can see the crack along the pipe. Sorry for my bad english!
  3. I installed the TTE CTS-C brake kit after i thought i will die on german highway with 200km/h and the brakes let me alone... stock brake before after update The difference is amazing and i feel safe now. B)
  4. i am really satisfied with Pirelli Pzero Nero 215/45/17. The grip at dry and wet street is very good. Low aquaplaning and high steeringaccuracy. Only bad thing is the durability. I paid in germany for 4 tyres with fitting about 500€ (around 434£)
  5. Hello Corolla Drivers :) I am new in this Forum and i thought i show you my car. you all will know it cause its stock. :D My english is not the best so do not be so hard with a german guy. ;) Here is my 3rd Toyota, a Corolla TS Compressor. Bad camera I updated the brakes with the TTE Kit. Hard to see on this pic. little dirty but engine is clean now Here on a Dynorun. I hope i can share some usefull informations here with some 2zz-ge drivers and others too. :P cya
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