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  1. yeah there not that common either... there isnt another in my town thats for sure :) theres a million focus's though... :/ yeah you can get the mountune kit for the st.... evo magazine did it and put it up against the new RS... was quicker in a straight line right through the gears and running... :o RS outhandled on track though
  2. yeah they will fit all corolla's 2002 onwards... never been rebalanced just took em off the car and whacked them in the shed. Price is £150 which is taking into consideration that the damaged one could be unsalvagable... if it turns out to be alright then someone has a bargain as they've only covered a few hundred miles
  3. Out of the box i recon the TTE would embarrass a ST But looking tuning wise you can get a Mountune kit on the ST from Ford fitted for £1200 What car did this and in a straight line it out accelerated the new 300bhp Focus RS... obviously it couldnt match the RS cornering wise however
  4. Well i was torn between the two... :/ i loved my tsport and it made me lust after a TTE compressor! Few things that stopped me getting one was the rarity of the car and that supercharger.... was unsure of reliability.. also i was after the leather interior which is rare in itself.. and to find a TTE with leather was like trying to find a needle in a haystack :( Also i needed a car desperately as my run around Saxo VTR gave up the ghost. Sooo i settled on a Focus ST3 in Performance Blue Focus ST3 Have i made the right choice :o and anyone owned one... how do the two cars compare?
  5. Jase88

    Compressor Tte

    anyone getting rid of theres?? got 9.5k here if anyone has the right one :)
  6. no way jose!! not a chance... maybe off the line as you have to wait for lift but other than that the corolla will mince it... honestly i've had a run against a 230bhp hybrid fabia vrs and theres not a bean in it with the tsport... corolla compressor would beat even a hybrid fabia... a mapped fabia with 170 ish bhp has no chance in hell after 70mph the fabia is gutless
  7. thread updated with pics of damage :)
  8. sorry i dont have the car any more so couldnt comment... but for the limited time i had them on the bite was miles better even from cold :) only really did a few hundred with them on and cant really remember but a vast improvement from OE spec
  9. Never fitted as ebc brakes sent me two sets... these are the RED STUFF ones.... retailed at £60 delivered yours for £45 delivered payment by paypal please
  10. there just budgets.... called diamond backs but as far as budgets go there not actually too bad... all tires have at least 5mm on them
  11. yes i still have them.. damage is only really aesthetic... i have no camera however
  12. i had an 04 cooper s works a go and i pulled away up until law breaking speeds.... top end after around 120 it gained.... on a track of course :)
  13. yeah standard 150 you'd have ate him... i ate on in my mapped fabia vrs and the tsport is miles quicker than even that.... remember doesnt take much to mod a diesel.... fmic and bolt on hybrid turbo and remap and that thing will be well over 200 ponies.... my buddy has a 230bhp fabia vrs and the tsport just sticks with it
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