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  1. Drifting to the right will depend on what side of the road you drive on, and the tracking.
  2. Why useless??? You get a car on finance, say £12000, over 4 years, totsl amount payable £15000, car gets written off within 6 months, insurance pays out book price of car, £11000, you still have £4000 to pay, which is where GAP insurance comes into effect, something I'm missing??
  3. I pressume you mean rear arches?? best bet is to use vauxhall astra arches, use the o/s/f for the n/s/r and vice versa.
  4. It's possible, but would be one of a kind, as the numbers were so low, there were never stocks of supras.
  5. ZERO as UK specs only went to '97
  6. A cork headgasket?? wtf?? :D If your only planning on around 300bhp then stick with the stock HG and torque to 65-70 llbs/ft If you go with a MHG then you will need the block pulled and skimmed along with the head, and torque to 85-90 llbs/ft
  7. nws25

    87 Supra

    Sounds like it may have a diff from an auto in it.
  8. nws25


    Front and rear engine mounts??? it only has 2, one at each side. You can get at the bottom end as you say, but you also have to remove the front subframe aswell. You will be much quicker and simpler to remove the complete engine.
  9. There a bit old now to read reviews, anything specific you'd like to know??
  10. Reconise these mate?? :D Should look rather nice when finished....
  11. nws25

    Mkii Supra 1985

    To jog your memory Which is this one
  12. nws25

    Mkii Supra 1985

    After they had finished street racing and the cops arrived, when they were all speeding away there is a white mkii, you get 2 good looks at it, it does look like a mkiii but its a kitted mkii.
  13. nws25

    Mkii Supra 1985

    I forgot today, but I'll get on it. Don't you remember the mkii on the first Fast and Furious?? that had a off the shelf kit.
  14. nws25

    Mkii Supra 1985

    There's off the shelf stuff available iirc, i'll do some digging.
  15. nws25

    Idle Surge?

    Sometimes the way lol
  16. You just need lower springs, I take it your in the states??
  17. Don't buy a cheap one, your regret it. Save up and buy a road angel, snooper s6r neo or another one which I cant remember :doh:
  18. I think you need a brighter red to carry it off, but it does look good though
  19. What?? a Volvo accelerating hard?? :D
  20. It is since peter andre made it one! :D Please don't quote Peter Andre in public, people will think you drive an Alfa aswell Charlie, Ed seems to be one of them strange people in life who prefer looks over power, but least he's improving over the 7M-GE :D
  21. LMFAO, thats just like my old computer
  22. Is that a word?? Not sure if your doomed for Alfahood my son, but something defo happens to your style and taste hormones...........Just planning my Volvo for a couple of years time I think Ed's made a mistake by going for the TVR engine, but best of luck to him.
  23. My morals are very flexible. It depends what she looks like and how desperate I am feeling :P Never a truer word spoken
  24. That's getting old for you Charlie, as the years go by I'm turning !Removed!, hence the Alfa :D But I'd love to see a !Removed! great blower sticking out the mkiii bonnet ala Mad Max Is the LS400 V8 the same as the Soarer V8?? cause wasnt that a 4 something or other??
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