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  1. hey just 2 let you guys know autostyle seems to have got there act together and sorted out there exports stuff, and they have just re-done the site. autostyle
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    I know of 3 others with runx`s but thats about it but I am not registered with the twincam club had a look at it the other day, was not very impressed <_< but I am really bored now so i might just go ...
  3. ashan


    hey another one from S.A wonder how many of us there are on TOC I dont know if you guys know this but our spec and trim in S.A is much lower than in the UK if you do a direct comp. between the t-sport and the RSI you will see hey man-bling you know about car audio have you ever heard of DLS
  4. I love JL but its really expensive here in S.A and I am getting most of the dls stuff sponsored so I figured why not
  5. hey guys has anyone fitted DLS before, I am about to do a full custom install with the stuff but I have not had any experience with the products from the test reports I have read they look great but it would be nice to get some first hand experience of the stuff thanks :D have a look at the site: dls home page
  6. hey guys About autostyle, I work just around the corner from them so I am always in and out of that place and they are a bit arrogant now that they have made it big, :ffs: I would love to help you guys out but time is not my friend these days but why dont you guys have a look at big boss auto I have not been on this site for a while but I am sure they can help if not I will try and find someone else who is willing to help you guys
  7. hey guys just thought I would let you guys have some info. the parts that you are talking about are all OEM toyota stuff, In S.A that corolla / tazz had a facelift like a year or 2 ago the tail lighs would fit directally onto your cars no problem the front however is another story to have the clear lights you would have to change the bonnet, fenders and front bumper we have done an upgrade on a few "old" spec models to bring them up to date, not a big problem at all. as for the boot spoiler, it should help with the rust, provided that the rubber seal provided with it is fitted on right. your only problem is finding a dealer who is willing to ship it down to you guys oh and dont let them give you a hard time about the price on the last car we did it cost about R9000 for everything I.E bonnet, fenders, front bumper, side skirts, headlights, tail lights everything
  8. HI I know that there is a company here in S.A that make a branch manifold and free flow system that is making quiet a big power increase I will find out the name if you are interested but since you are in Australia I think that you should go TRD they have a ton of stuff that you can use cheers :D
  9. yea it sounds like buckled rim to me too you could try and have someone balance around it that might help a bit, if the tire is not going flat it is not to bad but that is just a temp measure you should be able to get it fixed, if you have a 5th rim as a spare you should use that provided that only one rim is bent
  10. yea, my old car had a full suspension kit but those were coil overs, best mod I ever did booked the car in for end of the month :D
  11. hi guys I was just wondering if any one has fitted or even heard of Koenic springs I want to fit them to my corolla, they are available with a 40 mm drop oh and one other thing, should I fit shortened shocks thanks :D
  12. Well I dont know how its done over in the UK but I know that here take it to a good shop and they will be better than new a bad shop and you will have endless problems mainly with balancing
  13. f :censor: ken stu :ffs: pid came out of the mall this morning and found that someone had broken off one of side mirrors :ffs: I will kill the dumb :censor: if I ever find him
  14. I dont have it off hand but if you have a look in any of the CAR mags or speed `n sound at the back you will find them I will look for it when I get home, dont know when that would be
  15. Advertising director, Pharmaceutical company
  16. great that would be about the same place that mine is coming from keep us posted
  17. I am having the same problem I thought it was my cd changer there must be someone who found out where its coming from
  18. very nice mate good time on the 1/4
  19. Hey man it is the same charger from the celica you can have a look on the TRD site and I think that you can order it direct from them TRD is not avaliable in SA trust me I have been looking for springs for a long time now
  20. thanks jim Good to know, those motors are great a friend of mine has one in the gli twincam with 850cc injectors and a domingos fule management system, that thing goes :censor:
  21. ashan


    thanks guys that is expensive but I think I would have to do it if I want to keep my warranty. well just so you guys know a set fully adjustable of Koni coil overs for the corolla here in S. Africa will cost about R 4000 that is about £ 330 I think I need to start exporting stuff to you guys could make good money <_<
  22. ashan


    I have a runx 140r, well that is what it is called here in S Africa I believe it would be a t2 spec in uk now the thing is that I want to lower the thing 40mm on trd or tte springs but I cant find them can anyone tell me where I can get them and is the suspension setup in Uk and Australia the same as in S.Africa I dont want to bring in the things and find they dont fit. fensport gave me a quote of like £ 262 is that too much seems like allot to me
  23. cool jim I dont know about the torbo but I do know that they were made with a supercharger, you can get them in S.A from Jap Auto Trading they are cheep about R3500 but I could be wrong the only thing is the ecu that costs
  24. thanks man-bing that really helps, I did mine only a couple of months ago the first day I got my car but I cant remember how I did it, just know that it took almost half a day to put back together your way is much easier
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